10 TERRIBLE Anabol Side Effects in Men [For Bodybuilders]

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Below you will find important information about the most common Anabol side effects.

Anabol, also commonly called Dianabol or Dbol, is a C17 alpha alkylated anabolic androgenic steroid (AAS).

Anabolic steroids have have comparable effects to the testosterone found in the human body.

Anabol has been dubbed a steroid for men.

Although women may be able to take Anabol 5mg tablets for a brief period of timewithout developing masculine characteristics, most prefer other steroids such as Anavar.

Anabolic (promotes muscle growth) steroids have androgenic (“a male sex hormone that is produced in the testes and responsible for typical male sexual characteristics”).

They also have virilizing (the abnormal development of male sexual characteristics in a female) properties, which include development and preservation of masculine distinctiveness.

Anabol Side Effects

Anabol side effects can be both external and internal.

Some of the side effects are mild like headaches and others more severe.

The most notable side effects of Anabol tablets occur on the skin.

The pores become larger in size and this makes the skin rough and often times, leathery.

This is a result of the process of virilization and when this occurs, the result is irreversible.

Acne can also be a problem; an individual who already has acne can expect it to get worse. While an individual who does not have acne can expect there is a good possibly, it may suddenly develop.

Side Effects For Men

When you use any anabolic / androgenic steroid your chances of developing cardiovascular problems increases.

The use of Anabol tablets (or Anabol/Dianabol in any form) can increase an individuals cholesterol level, which causes the arterial walls to become thick and could eventually create a life-threatening event.

Unlike some of the other Anabol side effects, this one is reversible. When the individual completes the steroid cycle their cholesterol level will return to normal.

Other cardiovascular side effects may include a heart attack, stroke and heart failure.

Liver Damage

Liver problems are another serious side effects of Anabol/Dianabol use including cysts, tumor and cancer. The liver has a difficult time metabolizing Anabol steroids, which causes damage to the cells.

When the liver becomes damaged, it cannot play its functional role helping to release the toxins in the body.

The liver can eventually become poisoned by the Anabol tablets and consequently a usual medical phenomenon called “peliosis hepatitis”, can occur – during this event a blood-filled cavity forms.

This rare medical condition can be life threatening.

Dianabol will also cause testosterone suppression. For this reason, it is recommended to stack with a form of testosterone such as testosterone enanthate or propionate.

Other stacks such as with Nandrolone Decanoate may help improve results depending on your goals, but could come with even more risk of side effects.

Dianabol Side Effects After One Cycle

Feminization is a long-term side effect that can occur in men only. Extreme levels of testosterone can frequently be transformed into the feminine sex hormone estrogen, which can result in various female characteristics.

For example, some men may have an increased predisposition to the development of gynecomastia, the development of breasts.

These changes usually happen after one cycle of steroids has been completed and the men have a low androgen level that simply over shadowed by the estrogen.

A type of estrogen called estradiol, also has a hindering effect on the gonad cycle, causing a lower than usual production of the hormone testosterone, which effects the men’s sperm count.

By supplementing the steroid cycle with an anti-estrogen, men can better battle the feminization side effects.

Anabol & Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia as briefly explained above in the feminization side effects section – is the unusual enlargement of one or sometimes both of a man’s breasts.

This is usually the result of a hormonal imbalance, which can be brought on by the use of Anabol steroids.

Gynecomastia is certainly one of the least favorites of the Anabol side effects pictures. If the condition is caught early enough, gynecomastia can be prevented by counterbalancing the hormones with the use of anti-estrogens.

However, if men do develop gynecomastia surgery is the only known way to remove the breasts.

Women who take Anabol have to be concerned with masculinization as virilization can result in the supposition of masculine characteristics.

There are a good number of irreversible Anabol side effects that come with masculinization some of which include the following:

Body hair, deeper voice, increased libido, an increase in facial hair, baldness, thinning of the hair, menstrual irregularities, increased acne, anxiety, depression, and development or increase in aggressive behavior.

Women usually don’t take Dianabol for these reasons, almost always preferring to take Anavar instead.

These Anabol side effects are generally brought on by the use of steroids with androgenic characteristics in high doses for a long period of time.

Everyone is different, some people may experience mild side effects, and others may experience severe side effects. The most important thing to remember is that these side effects are irreversible.

Psychological Side Effects

Probably the most unpleasant Anabol side effects are psychological.

When men use anabolic / androgenic steroids such as Anabol or Dianabol for a long period of time and at high doses they can develop exceptionally aggressive behavior this behavior is commonly called ‘roid rage’.

Some athletes regard this behavior as a positive effect because it increases their ability to train more intensely, and for a longer period.

However, research has proved that it is dangerous and can be damaging.

This type of behavior “roid rage” can result in men losing control over their behavior and becoming violent and destructive. These men often lose their families, friends and jobs.

The best defence is to try to prevent this potentially damaging behavior is to beware that it exists and know that it can happen to anyone who is taking Anabol tablets.

Men need to limit the amount and length of time that they consume androgenic compounds.

Another negative Dianabol side effect is depression. Many times, when men have been using Anabol and have achieved tremendous gains, they automatically assume they gains will remain once they stop taking the product.

They expect to keep the results they worked so hard to achieve unfortunately, that is often not the case.

When these men realize that everything they worked so hard for is ‘gone’ reality strikes and their performance level returns to their natural ability before they started using the Anabol steroids. This can lead to depression.

Another thing men need to be careful of when coming off steroids is the rebound testosterone and the high amount of estrogen in the body can increase this feeling in the men as well.

Of course not all effects are negative, as before and after pictures show most people get the results and gains they want.

After reading about Anabol side effects, if you still have questions you can join some Anabol reviews forums and share your concerns and experiences with the other members.

Forums may also be able to help you find the most afford place to buy the drug. Wikipedia has a lot of more scientific information about Dianabol Methandienone.

Does Anabol Cause Hair Loss?

One side effect that can occur when you take an Anabol steroid cycle is hair loss or premature male pattern balding.

Anabol exhibits androgenic effects by activating receptors for the hormone testosterone. It can artificially increase levels of this sex hormone and it is known that elevated testosterone can result in hair loss in some men.

This testosterone can be converted to dihydro testosterone (DHT) with the help of the enzyme 5alpha reductase by reducing the C4 – 5 double bond of testosterone. This can occur in several tissues including the skin, hair follicles, prostate gland, seminal vesicles and liver.

DHT is very potent and when it binds to androgen receptors in hair follicles, they start getting smaller and thinner. There is shortened growth (anagen) phase of the hair with longer resting (telogen) phase.

The hair becomes shorter and with time, the growth may cease. The already grown hair tends to fall off. This mainly occurs in the crown and hair line causing male pattern baldness.

Does Anabol cause you to go bald permanently? This varies among individuals. If the person is already genetically at risk of developing balding, then the hair is most likely not to grow back on its own.

Similarly, high concentrations of steroids, higher doses and long duration of use may aggravate the problem. However if there are no genetic risks, if the use of Anabol is entirely removed, the hair can grow back.

Hair loss or balding is a common side effect, but not everyone will experience this reaction. While it affects some people, it may not in another.

This is due to various reasons such as increased number of androgen receptors at the site of the hair follicle, higher androgen receptor sensitivity, and increased production of DHT, etc.

These are mainly determined by the genetics of the person using this steroid. The age and environment may also play a part. If there is a family history of balding, they are particularly at risk.

There are several ways that one can prevent hair loss while taking anabolic steroids. The drug Finasteride can inhibit the 5alpha reductase enzyme thereby reducing the formation of DHT.

Studies have established the optimum dose to be 1mg per day. The safety and efficacy of the drug has been tested by large, multi centre studies. Propecia (finasteride 1mg) is widely marketed due to this reason.

Apart from that, Dutasteride also reduces DHT levels and its efficacy is higher than finasteride. However it is only available as a prescription drug. Minoxidil can also be applied directly on scalp to stop the hair loss and to stimulate the growth of hair.

Other side effects are the following:


Virilization in females

Testosterone supression

Increased bad LDL cholesterol

Decreased good HDL cholesterol

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