13 Injectable Genotropin Side Effects Bodybuilders Face

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Any form of growth hormone can trigger adverse reactions, the same applies to Genotropin side effects.

Side effects are associated with just about any drug.

Some are mild while others can be life-threatening.

Before using, know how Genotropin growth hormone will affect your body or the potential risk you incur by using a growth hormone for non-medical purposes.

Genotropin Side Effects

Genotropin side effects range from mild to severe. Every person can react differently.

One potential side effect of Genotropin and other brands of growth hormone is its potential to decrease insulin sensitivity.

This is especially likely at higher than recommended dosages.

For some, this can trigger impairment and tolerance to glucose and morph into diabetes mellitus.

Patients have complained of intracranial hypertension, which presents with a number of symptoms including headaches, nausea, changes in vision, and sometimes vomiting.

Fluid retention is another concern. Fluid retention is caused by fluids that become trapped inside the cells or surrounding cell structures. This can result in nerve pain, muscle pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Effects on the Immune System

Other issues associated with any growth hormone, including Genotropin side effects, can influence the immune system, especially in regard to the development of antibodies.

Antibodies are released by the immune system when a foreign substance is identified.

Unfortunately, increasing amounts of modified growth hormone products (a 192-amino acid chain sequence) are being sold on the black market today.

The modified form of growth hormone causes the body to recognize it as a foreign substance. It will fight it and render it useless.

Unfortunately, one of the lingering after-effects is that the body may also inadvertently identify its own antibodies as foreign substances.

This results in long-term immune system malfunction and increased risk of permanent inability to fight off infections.

Bodybuilders & Growth Hormone Products

Growth hormone was developed back in the 1940s. Genoptopin is a reputable brand owned by Pfizer.

Ever since then, bodybuilders and athletes looking for better, faster, and more effective results when it comes to muscular growth and development, performance, or appearance have turned to such drugs.

Growth hormone does exactly what its name implies; it makes just about every cell in the body grow.

Genotropin is only one type of brand-name growth hormone product used today in medical scenarios to treat growth hormone deficiencies.

Genotropin was originally approved in the US in 2002 and is mainly indicated as a treatment for pediatric or adult-onset growth hormone deficiencies.

Bodybuilders turning to growth hormone products expect the same benefits that it provides to patients with growth hormone deficiencies, such as:

Accelerated development and growth of muscle mass

Increased protein synthesis

Improved bone strength

Faster recovery

Wound healing

Growth hormone also influences a number of other processes in the body including but not limited to digestion, metabolism, cardiovascular, and brain functions.

Genotropin is manufactured through the use of recombinant DNA technology.

Synthetic growth hormone typically takes one piece of DNA from a human growth hormone gene and combines it with another strand of DNA from a form of bacteria such as E. coli.

Buying Genotropin Growth Hormone

Medical practitioners around the world strongly discourage use of any growth hormone or anabolic androgenic steroid product for nonmedical purposes.

Therefore, bodybuilders wishing to use growth hormone products like Genotropin without a prescription must obtain it from the black market.

Regardless of where it comes from, the likelihood of developing Genotropin side effects are probable.

Purchasing growth hormone from the black-market will also increase risks. Because of its popularity, human growth hormone (HGH) is one of the most counterfeited products floating around the black market today.

Most of it is fake. Some of it is dangerous.

Genotropin Side Effects Bodybuilders

Dosage recommendations for use of growth hormone by bodybuilders who don’t need it will not be suggested by any reputable physician.

Especially since the doses that bodybuilders take are notoriously higher than medical recommendations.

These high doses inevitably increase the risk of any of the side effects mentioned above.

In medical treatment scenarios, Genotropin dosage is determined on a weight basis or a non-weight basis.

The age of the patient, their height versus weight and body composition, and the condition being treated are all taken into consideration before a dosage is recommended. Even after that, patients are carefully watched for side effects.

The average starting dose for adult patients (non-weight based) is approximately 0.2 mg daily and up to 0.3 mg daily.

Starting dosage is gradually increased by 1/10 of a milligram daily over a month or two depending on treatment goals and patient response.

Bodybuilders often take two times, three times, and as much is four times greater than recommended in the treatment scenarios. They also take growth hormone for longer periods of time.

This practice drastically increases the risk of mild to severe side effects and for some, life-threatening adverse reactions.

Before turning to growth hormone products like Genotropin, know the benefits as well as adverse reactions. Genotropin side effects are not only likely, but probable, especially with unsupervised use.

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