1g of NEP in 24 hours

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Will I survive? Just finished my last line 20 mins ago and am feeling HIGHLY strange but no tachycardia or irregularity that I can sense… although copiously been indulging in helpful pill aids throughout the NEP binge

I must say I had a fling with my psycho ex Tina for a week straight prior with a one day break from that tired old coooch

I have to say I enjoy this compound. It’s completely unlike any stim I’ve ever tried and would not pass it down the muddy Miss

This was meant more like, if anyone is planning to do a gram of NEP in one go (ehich probably isn‘t the best idea to start with), it would be better to only snort one line – if your sinuses are alright – for the initial rush and then ingest the rest.

Pretty sure rectal can fuck up your intestines too, while your stomach is pretty much the most chemically resistent thing in your body.

That’s the the thing man, it wasn’t my PLAN to empty the cookie jar… just did them of the chocolate chip. They all ended up being chocolate chip. What do ya know, 2 gallons of milk and a day later feeling like I got myfill for sure brother

This stuff was nothing compared to 3-fpm though

Not only can you hear your septum slowly disintegrate and smell your nose hair vaporizing, you realize that most of the buzz seems to only be created by the endorphin rush when extremely caustic particles absorb through your passages.

This is a slight tickle compared to the internal branding you get by 3fpm. Definitely not for me

Although I do see your point 100%, the damn shame of it is… nasal is my face ROA by far of most chems

If by ‘a fucking blast’ you mean the guy who dumps a Union Pacific Train sized line and hoarks all your drugs up his nose, sure.

I’m guessing this in the extreme territory? Maybe I have an ungodly tolerance or the ish is bunk. I really have none-existent peripheral issues which is interesting.

First time with NEP and I’m pretty sure I’ll bump into it a couple blocks down the road

You can do huge amounts of NEP with no tolerance and still be ok, it sort of plateaus out after 200mg.

Edit: I was hotrailing within 48 hours of receipt of package. First RC dopaminergic cath id ever taken so my tolerance was nil. Other batches replicated the same results.

Thanks for the reassurance my man. In my opinion it’s the only Roa worth a damn. I see all these reports of these low-level IMO dosages and I’m scratching my head vigorously as to how they feel anything off of that is beyond me

I think the confused out of it aspect is more due to the benzo influence… I will say cold extremities were an issue, other than that nothing incredible and nothing over the top in terms of cardiovascular stress

I mean I’ve done a G of amphetamine in 2 days, some people don’t die as easily as others I guess (I’m probably lucky though.)

I did 4g of NEP in 5-6 days

5g A-PVP in 10 days (zero sleep, psychotic)

It doesn’t share much tolerance with meth so that is a lot for 24h buddy, how are you not psychotic? I’m kinda baffled, are you a heavy weight? Cause 1g lasts daaays for me.

You got that confused/unmotivated feeling going on? Typical of Cathinone overdose in my experience, it will go away.

What pills have you been taking?

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