1P-LSD 1 day after 4-aco-dmt

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Hey so I just got some goods in the mail yesterday and was planning on taking 2 tabs of 1p tonight for a total of 200ug but I got excited to try 4 aco that I tried like 20 mg last night. I had an enjoyable trip but I know there’s cross tolerance between that and LSD. Does anyone know to what extent the tolerance would be? I was planning on taking 2 tabs but if I need to take more that’s fine (I have 50 tabs so I’m not worried about wasting 1 or 2).

I took 300 mcg of ald-52 the day after doing 4 aco DMT and I tripped but it definitely wasn’t fulfilling. Pretty much just visuals with no “magic”

The visuals were like intense and mundane at the same time. Idk how to explain it. Its like you get the visuals but not the mind state that makes you entranced by them. I feel like headspace is the first thing tolerance goes for, then visuals

Edit: that’s also the only time I took so much ald-52 so I can’t compare. But I definitely tripped way harder, with no tolerance, off 100ug buy I was also on 3meopcp, which launches psyches into the stratosphere..

I think it depends on which specific psych the tolerance is generated by and its binding affinities to different receptors. Psilacetin is a less visual psych with an intense headspace, so the 1p lsd was able to still produce more visuals but you had a higher tolerance to its head fucky effects

The tolerance would be pretty extreme, you’d probably need ~200-300% of a normal dose to feel normal effects. And even that will be different as your mind just went through a lot from a previous trip, so the “magic” may be missing.

Physically you’ll be fine but I’d take a long break afterwards to allow your tolerance to fully reset. Don’t make it a habit and you’ll be good.

Personally I would wait, but a few years ago I would go back to back days on occasion as I was abusing psychedelics

Yeah I haven’t tripped in like 4 1/2 months, got a little too excited cause I never tried shrooms before and just wanted to see what it was like. Honestly I didn’t trip too hard, some noticeable visuals and some headspace but it wasn’t intense at all. And yeah after tonight I’ll take another smaller break (probably 2 weeks) before taking anything else again. I just really missed tripping haha

So here’s the thing, you will likely have tolerance and need 2-3x the dose, but there’s also the chance you won’t experience a ton of tolerance (happens to some people, especially more psych naive brains). In that case you will just have taken 2-3x your dose but you will feel it all.

I’ve had 4acodmt gimp my second day trip on both molly and lsd.

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