1P LSD + weed vs. Ald-52 + weed

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Hi guys

So I‘ve done up to 125ug 1P and 150ug of Ald-52 multiple times now.

Pretty much on all trips, i lit up and noticed a huge difference with these substances, especially in combination with bud.

Ald+weed = just made me trip harder and headspace got a little intensified. Not feeling high from the weed though.

1p+weed= very intesified visuals and headspace combined with red eyes, munchies and classical weed high feeling.

Anyone experienced something similar?

It was the same weed and same vendor.

1P+ Weed made me and my 4 friends telepathic. It basically launched us into another dimension

I have a trip report about this, but its a little bit muddled. I never knew 150ugs and two joints could do this.

200ug ALD was one of the most intense trips Ive ever had. I hadnt yet to try real LSD at the time, and after I did, I perceived a difference. I didnt have the preconceived notion that these would be subjectively different, it was exactly the opposite. Ive done LSD more times than I could count and ALD Ive only done 4 times, those expierences stand out to me and feel to have a compelling difference. ALD to me feels gentle than LSD, the come up can be quite intense, I feel like theres more of a head fuck, more pyschedelic euphoria, theres this clean feeling that I cant describe, and in my subjective expirence was much more potent by ug. I dunno maybe the subjective differences are just in my head. If people are saying theres a difference between the effects of the molecule maybe its just a group hallucination. It just feels different maaan

Never tried 1p-lsd but i can agree with what you said about ald-52. I took 100ug to start then another 100ug about 4 hours later, smoking the whole time, and I was blown away. Didn’t really feel too weed-high though

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