2-FDCK experience & questions

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I have many years of cannabis use and alcohol abuse. Psychedelics handful of times a year.

Never tried dissos before.

Last year I stopped drinking alcohol, I’m not going back to it.

I got a gram of 2-FDCK and 3 meo PCP.

I’ve had two experiences with the 2-FDCK.

First time was 30mg. Mellow. I was watching a movie and drawing. Relaxed. When I would get out of bed it was a little wobble, light in the feet. Feel asleep an hour after, woke up fine.

The next time was 50mg. After the burning and drip subsided, I’d get up and walk around a little. Ok this time, this is how I feel when I’m drunk, except a little clearer, my belly is not full of beer. The next day I was tired in the morning, not sick like hung over, just a little tired.

It feels like when I used to drink and watch movies. Is this what the feeling typically is? Like I spent hundreds of nights drunk watching movies, so if it’s the same experience, I’be been here many times before and I’m not really interested.

What’s 100mg like? Is holing just like being black out drunk or something?

I have not snorted a lot of things. Is it better to really rip it up there and try to get it in your lungs or just lightly up into your nose so it drips down. Probably a stupid question ha.


I dont have 2f-dck experience, but I do with Ketamine. Low doses do feel not all that different than a clean drunk, I love the chem at this level. Its very functional and recreational. However the more you increase the dose the less drunk feeling it is, and more disassociating it is. You start to feel a seperation of your mind and body, this is where walking and moving about starts to become more difficult and you get into the robo walk. As you dissociate more the psychedelic effects start to ramp up too. Increase the dose more, and moving becomes harder, till you cant and dissociation hits a peak as do the psychedelic effects do and you are holing. THIS NO LONGER FEELS LIKE DRUNK.

Personally I loved to take it to the edge of the hole and when I gave in off I went, but I could try to fend it off and skate between 2 worlds. Doing this I often found myself in whatever I was watching. Hanging with Peter Griffin in Quahog was tons of fun, I did that a lot

well it would be a fine line where you take just slightly less than was needed to hole, if you get it right you can kind of allow yourself to drift away into an almost pseudo hole a kinda fuzzy area that is both in the world and kinda not.

I can recall lying in bed beside my wife she had already passed out and family guy was played on the tv in the bedroom alot at that time, and I would go from beside my wife into the cartoon for a min or two then come back to my bed beside my wife again.

I dont think I got more than about 2-3 of these before it starts to wear off and then you’re just in bed. So, hit up a small bump and back you go. Again pretty fine line, you can totally just take a but much and then you’re gone a little longer.

Damn I miss ketamine. its been years since I’ve seen it.

I have heard people say its not as easy to hole on 2f-dck so I don’t know if this is possible, I would assume so maybe just takes more, but since I haven;t tried it yet cant say for sure.

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