2f-dck, K, and mxe reduce my Kratom tolerance

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My kratom tolerance wasn’t really high, I use several dose of around 2-2.5 g of red borneo and green motan, mostly red borneo though which is a strong opiate like strain.

I used 2f dck and actual k with mxe for about 3 weeks at work with my kratom, which I wasn’t feeling while dissociated.

I am now currently taking a disso break will order some more 2f dck next week, but now when I take even 2g of red borneo I feel goooooood, like a fucking kratom virgin.

It is so amazing for me to learn that I won’t have to take kratom breaks anymore because they are just unbearable and not even a third as useful.

I’ve noticed that small amounts of dxm also work to reverse tolerance when it comes to Kratom use. I was able to cut my typical daily dose in half by taking a small amount of dxm. Dxm dose was low enough to not feel any trip like effects or even hit 1st plateau.

Aw man, that’s a hell of a bummer. Dxm has always been ridiculously easy to obtain in the states for me even when I was young. I’ve always appreciated that chem, it’s a shame that its Rx there.

That’s totally understandable, I’ve met quite a few people that have a similar POV as you.

Personally, I really enjoy the disso state it produces with each plateau bringing its own unique qualities. But it’s also extremely rare that’d end up puking. Maybe I’ve just done a lot in the past that my body got sorta used to dealing with the syrup better idk. But I do enjoy the trip and afterglow effects. The only thing that sucks for me is the sounds made while your body digests the syrup, it’s so loud it’s hella annoying.

Ya see I wouldn’t be able to do that, tried a couple times but it was rough getting all of them down for doses I was going for. Found it easier to just down 4,8, or even up to 12oz of the liquid type of syrup (not the super thick syrup you can barely get out) within a couple minutes then forget about it until the effects kicked in.

How does it compare to stronger dissos in terms of experience in your opinion? I’ve tried many dissos but I never lifted off on DXM. I took a 6 month break because most of my favorite dissos dried up so tolerance shouldn’t be much of an issue. Thanks in advance!

I can only compare dxm against a few other dissos that I’ve come across such as Mxe, 2fdck, Ket, and Nitrous.

Anyways, I find DXM to be pretty interesting as far as the possible experiences it can offer. It’ll largely depend on the dosage taken, Low doses tend to produce for me a more mild level of intoxication where I find it to be pretty fun if I’m at a social event but I don’t get much of a disso effect there. It’s more like being pretty stoned or crossfaded. The higher a dose is while still maintaining within the first 2 plateaus the more the effect intensifies. I get pretty strong music appreciation, sedation, CEV – dream like images, euphoria, and mild tactile enhancement.

At the end of the 2nd plateau and more prevalent from the 3rd and up, is when I start reaching the disso like effects, with higher amounts intensifying the degree of disassociation and the level of CEVs I experience but it’s got some psychedelic qualities to it. At this point dxm is no longer social for me since Im basically all up in my mind. If I do end up socializing I tend to find myself getting into odd situations where I’m discussing personal matters pretty openly. So I prefer laying down with some headphones on and enjoying CEVs with some good tunes at this point. The only major reason I’d be up and about would be to smoke some bud since it catapults me into deeper realms and increases the disso and psychedelic properties. It’s quite common for me to have a blurred double vision, some strobe like effects, and some definite flanging effect in my vision. It’s like a stop motion film where my vision isn’t fluid and more so just skipping frames abruptly. This usually doesn’t last for an extended amount of time though. There’s also a strong sense that gravity has been turned off, and your on the moon kinda bouncing around.

At a 3rd and 4th plateau My mind will get completely disassociated where it feels like my body and mind have separated and there’s a barrier or veil between the two this resembles mxe 2fdck and ketamine to me. Philosophical ideas flow through my mind and I’m able to reach different perspectives on what existence and reality mean to me similar to lsd. This can be a bit uncomfortable if not prepared or aren’t open to the experience. CEVs will display scenes, images, settings that are similar to dissos where your kinda flying around the environment and appreciating the sights.

I could go on but I think you’ll be able to get an idea of its effects, taking large doses that hit a 3rd or 4th plateau are the kind that hit the disso experience much like the traditional disso chems. Hope that helps you understand a little of the overall experience

Thanks for all the info!! I miss the old days of easy to find cheap MXE, DCK, and O-PCE. At the same time, I’m glad there’s something out there for me that won’t dry up anytime soon. All 3 of those worked amazing for my depression and I’m sure DXM will have a similar impact. Dissos are so special for me. Hope you’re having an excellent Monday!

Man, I could really use some kratom tolerance break. Just wish I could enjoy DXM… Unfortunately I’ve always disliked every disso I’ve ever tried. How small are the doses, is it below the dissociative threshold? I. e. in your opinion, would it be possible to reduce kratom tolerance without experiencing any dissociative effects from DXM? I understand what you mean by below the first plateu, just that ideally I’d prefer not to feel any of it at all. Even below. I seem to be highly sensitive to dissos.

Oh yeah most definitely man, ideally your going to wanna stick to therapeutic doses so anywhere around 30-60mg of dxm should do the trick. It helps to reverse the tolerance while also making the analgesic effect a little more prominent.

Dissociative afterglows definitely potentiate Kratom, I’m not sure if it’s actually lowering tolerance though. I kind of doubt it as it goes back to the way it was as soon as I’m no longer afterglowing.


Take a look at this study, they talk about morphine specifically but basically the same applies to to Kratom.

“Administration of dextromethorphan at 30 mg/kg s.c. t.i.d., but not saline, resulted in a reversal of morphine tolerance with the almost complete return of the morphine ED50 value to the control (opioid naive) value. These results demonstrate that dextromethorphan, an NMDA receptor antagonist can modulate morphine (mu-receptor)-mediated tolerance.”

I have stopped using disso for more than a week now and it is still going strong. The afterglow doesn’t last that long, in fact personally I never felt anything ressembling an afterglow.

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