3 meo pcp question

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On the higher oral doses. When things get weird, are you aware that things are weird because you are on the drug. Or is it like benzo foggy where you might have forgotten you’ve taken anything at all.

Is it possible to keep your composure together on it in public say 10 mg? Walking problems like with k?

How long does the experience generally last from ingestion. I’ve read the wiki and erwoid reports. Looking for new tips and advice.

I’ve taken up to 40 mg or so in a session. I’ve always been aware that I took a drug. In fact, I would say that I am relatively sober-minded on it. At doses above 30 mg though, I start to have ridiculous amounts of overconfidence, and I have to check myself.

I wouldn’t really want to be in public on it, but 10 mg would be manageable. You might not pass as sober in a conversation, but you can definitely pass as slightly drunk. Walking would also be comparable to a slight drunkeness.

It’s about 5-6 hours, in my experience. I only ever do it with close friends indoors. Video games are really immersive on it.

I’ve never blacked out on 3-MeO-PCP, and I once plugged 80 mg of some decent stuff because that seemed like a good idea. I got way too stimulated and high and I was slightly worried about myself, but I still felt good and had perfect mental clarity.

Ive had a limited experience with 3hopcp, but I had a blackout experience after doing a large amount because my previous tests of small advisable dosages didnt seem to work. I woke up like after benzos and didnt know what happened or that time had passed. That was 3ho though not 3meo

I’ve been hospitalized from that shit and I’ll tell you, even when I was completely manic, I knew I took some pcp.

But then again, I’m always aware I took benzos. When I am too barred out I just don’t realize I’m so fucked up, but I always remember what I took unless I actually black out.

I cant blame the 3meo entirely. The dose initially that got me manic wasn’t crazy, I took 15mg initially and another 15mg an hour or so later. IDK why I guess because I had a day off work lol

That caused me to go manic. But my memory was there. I ended up in the hospital because in my manic state, I started doing more drugs. I drank a little bit, mixed with benzos and I ended up in a blacked out manic state which led to me doing every drug in my possession and landed me in the hospital. I remember being a few beers in and then it all cuts off. By the time I got hospitalized though I had 7 different drugs in my system. I only remember taking 3 of them lol

I just mean from the 30mg that got me manic, I remember that. I blacked out for other reasons, but blacking out while manic is a big recipe for disaster.

Thanks man, I appreciate the kind words. It’s a learning game and the stakes are high when you’re playing with drugs.

I can tell you for certain though, my mind was in a dark place. Normally I know to cope with things in a healthy manner, but I had my dad die, dog die, lost my job and my girl, got rear ended and my car wasn’t drivable anymore all happen in about a week. I got so overwhelmed I didn’t know how to cope with that much shit at one time, my world completely fell apart in the blink of an eye. That’s the true catalyst, I just used the drugs to I guess attempt to kill myself. I know I wanted to die sober so the pcp, fent, coke that all just amplified that feeling.

Life’s back and on track though, no more doom and gloom. Luckily I don’t think I even really damaged my brain so there is a silver lining there.

A man of genius makes no mistakes; his errors are volitional and are the portals of discovery. -james Joyce

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