3 UNBELIEVABLE Deer Antler Spray Before and After Pictures

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One of the most important visuals many individuals like to see on any weight loss or fitness journey is the before and after.

These are powerful images that can inspire, motivate and even help some people decide which type of program or supplement they want to use to achieve similar results.

Deer Antler Spray before and after results are no different.

Just be aware how easy it is these days to photo shop an image.

Not to mention that many images used in before and after claims are of people who don’t take the product – they’re stock images from databanks.

Deer Antler Spray Before and After Images

Though there are countless supplements on the market, deer antler velvet is one of the more unique and interesting options.

The velvet, harvested from elk, moose, deer and caribou, is found as a coating on antlers of the animals when they turn into adults.

During a humane process, the antlers are removed and the velvet is harvested, then transformed into capsules, spray or other forms of the supplement, some even buy powder forms.

While it might seem like a relatively new form of fitness supplement, it has actually been around for thousands of years as a form of ancient medicine used throughout for minor medical issues and ailments.

What does the velvet have to do with fitness or medical conditions? There are a number of nutrients the velvet including zinc, magnesium, calcium and even the growth hormone, IGF-1, which is responsible in the human body for ensuring growth during adolescence.

Recently, deer antler spray has seen its way into the news as professional athletes use it to gain a competitive edge in sports.

Best Deer Antler Spray Dosage Reviews

As with any other supplement, the type and brand you take can make a different to your results.

The quality of velvet is also important – when shopping for a product, be sure to look for sprays that use the highest quality.

This might be noted on product labels as using the antler tips and middle segments – there are also quality manufactures around the world that specialize in the humane growth and harvesting of deer antler velvet so always ensure you are not supporting companies that harm animals in any way.

In order to see before and after results, take the product as directed.

For most products, the standard dosage is done by spraying the liquid into the mouth and then holding the spray before swallowing for about 20 seconds. Doing so increases the absorption rate for increased benefit.

According to some nutritionists, stomach acid could diminish the effect of deer antler velvet, which is why holding the liquid in the mouth before swallowing is recommended.

Each product requires a different number of sprays, though the average is five sprays twice a day.

Different brands (such as Deer Antler Plus) might suggest fewer sprays or only once a day – it is important to read the product instructions as taking too much of any supplement could lead to complications or severe side effects.

Too much of IGF-1, the active ingredient in the spray, could lead to damage on the tendons and connective tissues, leading to breakage if too much of the hormone is in the body.

If you have any questions, talk to your doctor or nutritionist about the right amount of the supplement to achieve your Deer Antler Spray before and after desired results.

Where to Buy The Best Deer Antler Spray On The Market

While it was mentioned earlier about choosing the right products – sprays in particular – that was of the highest quality, it is also important to read product labels to determine what other ingredients are in the supplement.

There could be a number of other herbal supplements, as well as ingredients such as tribulus and niacin.

Though these are described as adding more benefit to the supplement, it could also indicate that the quality is not very high.

If you are interested in adding more supplements to the deer antler spray – this is known as ‘stacking’ – then it is recommended to use those supplements in addition to the spray, not as a combined product.

This also ensures that each of the supplements you consume are as high quality and potent as possible.

Benefits of the Best Deer Antler Velvet Spray

There have been a vast number of benefits reported from using the spray – which often shows up in results.

Reduced acne, increased red blood cell production, lowered blood pressure and a host of other benefits have been noted by users.

As an ancient medicine, deer antler spray has helped with a variety of health factors including fertility, toxin removal and joint inflammation.

As with many supplements and traditional medicines, there is little in the way of science to back up claims that reviews make.

If you are interested in trying the supplement for your own Deer Antler Spray before and after results, be sure to do so with caution and always purchase the best product possible.

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