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How is it compare to 4-AcO-DMT? Is it wort trying? Big difference between shrooms? Any possible bad effects? Shoud I try that?

Seems a lot fuller than 4-aco-dmt. It was underwhelming yet enjoyable to me.

Dull is what I meant to type. Not full. Not as many visuals, strange headspace. I tried doses up to 30mg. The chem was worthy for a purchase and try but I’ve never bought it again.

Disclaimer: different compounds affect different people differently. Hell, even the same compound can affect the same person differently on different days.

Anyway, 4-aco-det was the first triptamine I tried, after having done a variety of LSD analogues in varying doses. I ramped up: 5mg, 10mg, 18mg, 30mg (all +/- a few mg). Even at 30mg, I felt almost zero headspace, no OEVs, but decent CEVs. In fact, when I tried 10mg I sat around browsing the web waiting for it to kick in and thought, shit, it didn’t do anything, so I went to bed. That is when I closed my eyes and realized, aha, for me, it only gives CEVs.

The next tryptamine I tried was 4-aco-dmt. Based on my weak reaction to 4-aco-det, I started at 20mg instead of ramping up. oops. 18 months ago, I had never done any drugs ever. LSD has been interesting, but wasn’t really at all what I thought psychedelics would be like. 4-aco-dmt is what I thought psychedelics would be like. I’ve done it at 20mg twice, and the effect (on me) is to make me yawn a lot and just feel like nodding out. The first 30 minutes I don’t feel much, then the next half hour can be pretty strong, but an hour into it things settle down. When I close my eyes I feel dreamy and somewhat confused and stoned. Others report increased color saturation and visual warping, but at 20mg I didn’t experience much of any OEVs. The CEVs are strong initially, but when I let myself drift off, I’m mentally teleported into a dreamland state.

Whereas 4-aco-det visuals were somewhat gossamer, the 4-aco-dmt visuals (initially) are bright, saturated, and solid.

Personally, I have some issues with thermoregulation (feeling hot and cold) on 4-aco-dmt. There is magic in the compound, but I found 4-aco-det to be boring. The visuals are cool at first, but they get boring pretty quick.

BTW, I forgot to mention: when I said I ramped up 5mg, 10mg, 18mg, 30mg, there was at least two weeks between each of those doses. I’m a strong believer in deciding on a dose, taking it, and letting whatever happens happens. I want to accept a trip for what it is and not second guess it. I’ve also read too many reports of people who tripped, decided to add a bit more, but in their addled state fucked up and took more than was wise.

Anyway, happy tripping! Be safe.

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