4-HO-DiPT: A mild first attempt

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So this is my first TR so apologies for anything unclear. Chemical is 4-HO-DiPT fumarate. Male 73kg. Wanted to make a post since there isn’t much info on this sub about this chemical and it seems pretty unique among the 4 subs so I figured I’d contribute my first experience. Last meal was 4hrs before dose (moderately empty stomach). This is a mix of notes I took during and reflection on it after.

+00:00 10mg fumarate in a capsule

+00:22 slight psychedelic “come up” effects (that gurgling psychedelic nausea in the stomach

+00:28 slight visual delay usually the first sign of psychedelic drugs for me. What I mean is as I was browsing on reddit, going from a picture back to home had a slight delay where the image almost looked burned on the phone and faded away quickly.

+00:42 nice body high. Reminds me of sub-breakthrough DMT where my body is super relaxed and heavy. Slight music enhancement listening to music with psychedelia. Not as much as LSD or an empathogen but more than the average sober music listening.

+01:07 effects seem to have plateaued. Still physically relaxed and no desire to move off the couch. Still enjoying just music and browsing online reading about 4-ho-dipt

+02:00? I stopped recording around here. Effects gradually faded out to the point of being barely noticeable. I ate some food around here and didn’t notice anything beyond baseline after that. Cognitive function seems to be completely normal after some basic tests (playing competitive FPS’s)

All in all I was really disappointed. I decided to play it safe in case the vendor sent the wrong tryptamine by mistake and I didn’t want to dive head first into a 6hr trip without being prepared. I did my usual routine of cleaning the house thoroughly, showering, lighting candles, etc to put myself in a mental state ready for a full trip and instead had a stoning buzz that hinted at psychedelia but never took me there. In the future, I would think 15mg would be a better starting dose and look forward to this chems potential, as the biggest hang up for psychedelics for me is their duration.

10mg 4-HO-DiPT was disappointing and never broke into a full trip. Was fun for chilling during an afternoon but I likely would never take this low of a dose again. Don’t bother PMing for sources

Agreed. Some of us enjoy certain drugs in the low end.

Got opioids? I’ll take as many as I can.

Got psychs? I’ll take 0.5g of mushrooms at home thanks.

Got stims? Gimme a bit but I still wanna sleep tonight.

To me it sounded like a nice night.

This one has a really steep dose response curve so you were right to start low. Everywhere I’ve read it’s nonlinear so go up slow on this one. 20mg gave me tremors but otherwise a nice buzz. The come down was as short as the comeup. 15mg is a good next step, I’m very experienced with tryptamines and I’d only go up 5mg at a time with this one myself.

Yeah I read the TIHKAL entry and it seemed to imply threshold was around 10mg with 20mg flirting with a ++++ experience and was specifically noted as having a very steep dose response curve. That plus using a gemini was why I stuck with 10mg, as I figured it was anywhere from 7mg-12mg (I did make sure to calibrate and use a 10g weight to minimize error)

Thanks for posting bud! I feel you man i hate trying out a chem for the first time. You want to have fun and feel its full effects but you also dont want to take a full dose only to find out they sent you a 5 sub tryptamine on accident or something. Im currently waiting on my 4-HO-DiPT to get here and im super excited about it. Please post another report when you up the dose again. It seemed like most reports on bluelight found it to start getting intense around 20mg, so the dose response curve is steep once you get to a certain point. This one is like a unicorn eight now since theres barely any info on it. Did you find it similar to any of the other 4 subs?

sorry i should have clarified in my post that i have pretty limited experience with psychedelics (don’t find the desire to do them very often despite my fascination with them). I’ve only done 4-aco-met of the 4-subs, DMT, and 1P-LSD (plus a handful of 2c-x’s). The effects were too mild to really make a good comparison. The best I could describe it would be like the body high of a sub-breakthrough dose of DMT.

I find it weird how little reports are out there on this since it seems to be the most unique of the 4-subs, which allegedly are pretty similar to each other. I will definitely post a report of my next dose when I get around to it. Most likely will shoot for 13mg (or 15 if i’m feeling courageous)

Thanks. Well its a pretty rare one that I believe hasnt been available for quite a little while so thats why their arent many reports on it. Thats also why I snagged some. I think im going to go for 15mg next time myself. So far I found it very unique compared to the others with quite a bit of “assertiveness” to it. Felt very calculated and deterministic.

This is one of the more potent 4-subs. If you look at PW they list threshold as like 3mg and according to Shulgin, 20mg was very strong. It has one of the steepest dose response curves of the 4-subs.

At 10mg, I probably could have ignored it and functioned relatively normal but I was intentionally listening to music to lean into the experience so there were some effects felt. Next test will likely be 12-15mg. When it comes to bang for the buck, short duration aside this one is pretty cheap per dose thanks to it’s potency

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