4-HO-DPT (Procin) dosage/experiences

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I have ~250mg of procin and was wondering which ROA is best. I’m especially interested in plugged or oral experiences and dosages

I’m wondering too! I’ve heard that oral requires an exceptionally high dosage to be viable in comparison to other four subs, but plugged or nasally its supposedly more potent. I haven’t heard dosages for either, so I’d love to hear some feedback from others.

I believe it’s called Deprocin, with the 4-AcO substituent referred to as Depracetin.

I only have experience with Depracetin, but from what I can gather, they have relatively similar characteristics (low water solubility, relatively large oral dosages required, short duration relative to other substituted tryptamines, similar subjective effects).

I would avoid oral, because it’s relatively inefficient and unpredictable. My suggestion would be either nasal or rectal administration. They require less material, and because the onset of action is more immediate, you can more accurately titrate your dosages.

The downside of nasal administration is the post-nasal drip. The taste is particularly bitter and unpleasant, but you may consider that a worthwhile trade off.

The downside of rectal administration is the low water solubility. I had some success with using a flame to boil it with water in a spoon to increase solubility, as well as with adding propylene glycol, which seems to increase solubility as well as the viscosity of the mixture, enabling the undissolved portion to form a more uniform suspension.

I’d estimate a safe but satisfactory trial dose at around 20-30mg, depending on your experience level and tolerance. Maybe err on the lower end if you go the rectal route. IME, the main effects end at around the 2-hour mark, with a lingering of residual effects for a few hours afterward.

Again, these experiences and suggestions are based on experience with 4-AcO-DPT, and reading of others experiences with 4-HO-DPT, so take that into consideration and judge accordingly.

As always, it’s a good idea to do an allergy test first … maybe 1-2mg to see if any adverse reactions occur. If you’re the prudent type, you might then consider trialling at 10-20mg to mitigate against unexpected potency or personal reaction.

I’ve tried it twice, at 28 and 35mg, both nasally.

Both experiences were underwhelming, similar to maybe 15mg 4-HO-MET but with more geometric visuals and a slightly more emotional headspace. Smoking weed on the comedown of 35mg kicked it up to an interesting space for a bit but then I was back down to baseline less than an hour later.

The drip is absolutely foul, like a dead fish took a shit inside your face. I usually have an iron stomach but trying to redose another 10mg during the 28mg trip ended up making me gag so hard I puked for the first time in literally years.

Next time I try it I’ll probably go for 45-50mg plugged and have some weed ready to go.

Nasal or boofed for ROA to get the most bang for your buck. Last week i did 30mg nasal then bumped another 20mg about an hour later – still underwhelming. Im thinking ill start with 50mg next time then add another 20mg an hour later if im still wanting more. Its a weird one, not really similar to any other 4 sub ive tried. Didnt get any visuals with that experience i posted above, maybe some light CEVs.

I couldnt really put my finger on the character of this psych, its definitely lucid, hints towards introspection but not in a brutal way. It definitely had some music appreciation qualities! I mainly just folded clothes while listening to lamb of god haha.

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