4-HO-MET experience after a year long break from psychedelics. Feels good to be back

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on the come down of ketamine and just smoked a couple bowls of cannabis. I’m with my girlfriend whom I love greatly and I’m very comfortable. I had an extremely positive ketamine experience and swimming so I’m in a positive headspace. Mild to severe anxiety with dosing however as I haven’t tripped in well over a year and my last trip was so challenging it took me weeks to get back to feeling normal.

My expectations are not set too high, I’m expecting a mildly relaxed psychedelic experience when compared to LSD, I am planning on dosing roughly 10-15mg and probably more if I get comfortable.

But due to my extremely rushed process and non suitable environment for volumetric dosing it is not exactly precise.

T-00:00 swallowed the 10-15 mg capsule with a lot of anxiety

T-00:15 feeling some body tingles, currently at a plus minus, (ingested on a full stomach) reminds me of the come up of some phenethylmines (2C-B)

T-01:00 holy fuck I feel like I’m rolling on MDMA tbfh, colors are very bright, no really noticeable visuals but I spent like 5 minutes staring and laughing at a color changing diffuser.

T-01:06 I’m continuing to climb, I feel amsingly comfortable and soft, some light shifting in my view. My girlfriend has a sort of “divine” aura around her it’s really cool. I love life right now

T-01:55 I finished showering which was an amazing experience and I just redosed on an unknown amount of more Metocin (nothing over 6mg for sure though) feeling amazing with very little in the way of visuals hallucinations. Brighter colors and changing of saturation out the whazoo though woweee. About to smoke some cannabis along with a rello to see what happens.

T-02:25 using a phone is hard and colors are still extremely vivid but no real visuals, normally I would be disappointed but this is an amazing experience and I am on only 20mg if not less and dosed on a full stomach. This has been An amazing step back into the research game, I almost want to dose another 10mg cap but am debating it.

T-04:30 I got way too comfortable with the substance and insufflated I believe too much for my current mental state to handle. Quickly became dysphoric out of nowhere, visuals still weren’t powerful at this point but they did become very apparent if I stared for long at something in particular. Colors were even more vivid and bright somehow and it was almost overwhelming. I remember wishing the trip would just end and that I could go to sleep, this drug coming in waves also made it harder to ground myself as I’d randomly get swept up in psychedelic feelings and thoughts

Often times even I would randomly feel an almost DMT like body high that made things worse for my mental state. I eventually showered calmed down and caught a lot of sleep after watching some proteus no commentary.

All in all this was a great experience even though I fucked up and was irresponsible especially near the end. The next day I had an amazing afterglow and better attitude in general towards life

It’s helped build a lot of confidence in myself as far as psychedelics go which is big for me.

(This experience was 2 weeks ago and I had this saved into my notes, I figured I’d post it here)

Redosing works great with metocin, but you gotta weigh out your doses and use less than you might think you’ll need. I’ve found that unlike many other psychs, even small redoses can drastically boost the experience instead of just prolonging it

This is really important to keep in mind with metic on. I’ve made the mistake of overdoing it with a redose sending me into a chaos of visuals and sweatiness.

Yeah I’ve been pleasantly surprised how well my overly cautious bumps have boosted it, I can see it getting too intense too quick if you overdo it. It’s really interesting how well redoses work on it, one of the main reasons I wish real research could be done into the various 4 subs to study their pharmacological differences.

I love that stuff, I’m about to post new reports and migrate my old ones to this new name

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