4-HO-MET Experience Poll

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I want to test something and if everyone would participate that can, i and everyone will appreciate it.

So, I want to know how many of you have had a negative, or heavy experience headspace wise with Metocin. Additionally, if you have had a negative experience even though you believed Metocin to be easy going, how much psychedelic experience did you have at the time of consumption? How long have you been using, how often, and which specific chemicals you use would be incredibly useful tidbits.

I just want to see, in actual numbers, how many naive users had a bad experience vs avid users and compile some sort of chart to post for everyone.

Thanks for reading everyone and i hope you take the time to participate!!

Nothing but positive experiences with metocin at doses up to 40mg. Definitely the friendliest psych I’ve tried, it’s like the golden retriever of psychedelics.

I did have a bad time when I combined it with aniracetam and ETH-LAD but that was my fault.

3gs of syrian rue and 60 4-HO-MET (split in 3 doses over an hour) to see what the MAOI would do. Overall, quite nice. Pretty mild, super clear headspace though. None of the mental fog or “retard” feeling or confusion of other tryptamines. I never found it even close to overpowering, but it also wasn’t as crazily colorful as the other time I took 50mg

I legitimately felt like I could double it and still function. Not that I would though, because that’d be absurd.

Edit. This is a high dose without the MAOI, and I have a tolerance. Don’t do what I do without prior experience working your way up.

My friend who I gave 20mg 4-AcO-MET as his first psychedelic had a few somewhat difficult introspective moments during his trip, but it was overall positive. Ed: I should mention that in my own limited experience 4-AcO-MET definitely has a headspace – especially in the come-up. It’s less strong than LSD for sure but it’s not “a bowl or two of weed plus visuals” as I’ve seen it described.

I had a really rough come up the first time i took metocin orally, wanted it to end, was like “fuck why did i do this”, started getting too intense CEVs, my arm felt so weird and i kept getting in weird thought loops. Then I changed the song at the hour point, took a balloon of nitrous, and things got reeeeaaal chill 🙂

This was only off 15mg, tho after things got chill i did another 10mg which kicked things up a notch. No more anxiety tho, in fact it was almost anxiolytic. I was tripping so hard just saying “how??” over and over, staring at the ceiling. My friend was concerned due to this, but when he asked “are you ok?” it was the strangest question to me, i was just thinking “of course I’m fine, how could I not be”

My friend describes the notoriously rough metocin come up as the euphoria taking a while to catch up with the psychedelic effects, which start in like 5 minutes.

In my lifetime I’ve done a lot of psychs, tho metocin was what I broke a 10 year long break with. Oddly enough I had no anxiety at all that time, when I snorted. I chose metocin for its easy headspace, and overall i think this is accurate, to the point it can be a tab boring if you’re not taking the time to coax out its more introspective bits.

I know it is a huge fan favourite but ime 4-HO-MET was fairly pedestrian, safe and almost a tad boring. But I can agree that it may be one of the easiest tryptamines to take in social settings.

How much experience did you have under your belt your first time trying it? I agree with you though. Strictly eye candy for me which is a bit annoying. It literally blinds me with fractals at 40mg.

After finding that the headspace is not there on normal doses. I tried a dose of 100mg and the headspace was pretty bad. I was in public and that didnt help the experience at all. This was kind of stupid but I didnt know that I would have to go out. On the other hand the visuals were great. Also I had a lot of experiencis with psychedelics and 0 tolerance.

4HOMET is one of my top 3 tryptamines. Always wonderful, euphoric, colorful & visually amazing experiences.

You can find my 4HOMET/4ACODMT IV report on here, heh.

I had a really bad headspace when I took 4 ho met around November december last year, so much so that I started bawling mid trip. I dont fully attribute that to the drug or strength of the trip though – I was in an awful depressed state. That doesnt mean the substance is blameless, though. People who think this drug has no headspace at all might be in for a surprise

Edit: I had done 4homet previously and had a great time. Other hallucinogens I’ve taken include 4-aco-dmt, lsd, LSA, MDA, 5-meo-mipt, amongst others

Opposite for me. Lysergamides have much more body load and headspace for me. 60mg of 4-HO-MET and unknown amounts of piperine and circumin (MAOI effects when combined) gave me the best trip I’ve ever had besides the fact that I had to introduce myself to my friend’s step-dad mid-trip (I have social anxiety so you can imagine how bad I was freaking out). Other than that, it was the most intense entactogenic and visual trip I’ve ever had with barely any headspace. BTW, I don’t even take LSD anymore because it’s painful and dysphoric for me.

15 years experience with psychs and some dissos (mushrooms, lsd, mdxx, 2c-x, dxm, salvia, probably others I’m forgetting), and tried 4-HO-MET this past weekend. After an allergy test, I took 20mg on an empty stomach. I thought that the majority of the trip reports I’ve read we’re spot on, and the headspace was extremely clear and easy going. I still had some less than positive thoughts, but that’s usually a part of any trip I embark on when I’m not interacting with other people. It was such a light experience, I’m probably going to start using it as an intro for friends that want to try psychedelics but are unsure.

I’ve taken 4-HO-MET three times, the first time I had a panic attack, chest pains, and a body load from hell. It was an extremely dysphoric experience. Time number two also had a terrible body load. Time number three was alright. Great visuals but the bullshit isn’t worth it imo

No, I’ve been a heavy lsd user for years, and I also have experience with shrooms, dmt, 2cb, 2ce, 25i, and 4acodmt. I’ve done 37 different drugs total and personally rank 4homet to be near the top of my shit list, for what it’s worth. Also gave some to a friend, who passed out on my stairs (I had to catch him while I was tripping, not fun). Got it from a respectable Canadian, so I doubt it was a bad batch either

Metocin, LSD and its various analogues are the only psychedelics that I’ve tried. Never had a hard time with metocin except on the come up or if I smoke too much weed. It’s always been purely fun and visual, like the tryptamine version of AL-LAD

Have a moderate amount of psych’s experience, 15ish trips on shrooms, lsd, 2-cb combined. Took my first 4-ho-met this past Sunday with my partner.

Been going through some very heavt shit with work lately (work in mental health) and it led to an intense cathartic cry but certainly not a negative experience in the least. Once the cry was out spent the next 5 hours connecting, giggling, listening to music, walking around and just generally having fun with my sweetie. Will def do again.

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