4-ho-met – Just hold on and ride

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What a crazy night! Took about 15mg of 4-ho-met for the 1st time. Phew. What a crazy fun weird scary beautiful ride it was. So different from all my other trippy experiences, but so much the same when all said and done.

It took only 20 min or so to hit, orally dosed. Started nice and easy, felt a bit tired and went to lay down. After all of 5 minutes my mind was in total oblivion. I tried to open my eyes and everything was outlined in geometric patterns, alternating shapes and sizes, and vibrational force. Crazy shit. I could barely keep my eyes open. As soon as I closed my eyes, my subconscious came out to play, and that bitch is madly insane! Totally sucked me in to an adventure like I was fucking Alice in Wonderland. I was, at times, a badass black widow spider with razor blades and barbs on my massive legs ready to attack. Then, everything turned into a geometrical jungle circus, with flipping tiles of all kinds of magnificent colors and shapes. There were cities of beings living in my body that controlled all of my muscles and appendages. This made me think that we are all just bags of flesh, clumsy and encumbered, without our minds/conciousness. I also saw my family as beings of earth and water. My hubs was a massive tree, rooted deep into the ground, standing tall and proud. Our guardian watching over as we played in the shallows of a beautiful sandy beach. We, too, were smaller trees, sort of weaved together through our roots, our branches swaying in the breeze and through the water. Very vivid, beautiful imagery and colors. Music totally changed your mood/experience, like the usual on mind altering substances. But, for me, seemed way more intense with this chemical. After the first wave of pure insanity, an hour or so, I was able to break out of the circus and be normal, for just a few minutes, only to be ripped back into the vast abyss of my mind again. This went on for a quite a few waves, maybe 5 big ones, lasting 30-45 minutes each. Slowly it faded enough for me to speak and actually not sound like a goob. My stomach was a little nauseous but faded quickly. Come down was a bit rocky. You know, the wet, soggy grocery bag that’s been ran over by morning traffic, feeling. I was quite wired for a couple hours after the comedown, but did end up sleeping for a few hours. 4-ho-met almost reminded me of a looooong DMT trip. Although, as weird as this sounds, I felt like I was in more control while on DMT than this chem. And without the harsh come down. Yes, I will do it again in the future. 😉 Long trippy story short – DMT is for me. Because I like to sleep, too

How does everyone have so brutally visual trips?

My hubs took a little more than I did, and he had no visuals or mind fuckery whatsoever. He was wired and tingly but nothing at all of what I experienced. I swear his heartburn meds are interfering with the experience.

Even looking at objects or nature? I’ve always tripped pretty well off 15-20 mg, the trees just go wild dancing around and extending their branches out for my eyes to enjoy.

it was still pretty cold out when I did I first trial so no I didnt get out, I watched netflix and chilled. I would love to get effects like you mentioned, I find I get less visuals than many people do. 🙁

Next trial will be 20mg or 25mg, but I really want it to be nicer out as I found it to give me a fair amount of energy thru my leg muscles so I think being outside take the dogs for a run in the yard and maybe have a camp fire.

4-HO-MET had much stronger visuals for me than 4-ACO-MET.

do you mean you felt a difference between aco and ho substitutions? Did you dose them about the same? Because the ho will be slightly stronger by weight. The feeling they both give should be pretty much the same as the aco turns into ho after ingested.

I just got great visuals from the 4-HO version and so so visuals from the 4-ACO. 20mg 4-HO and 25mg 4-ACO. I feel like the time and energy it takes your body to convert it takes away from the desired effects. 4-HO-MET kicks in super fast and you are full on tripping in 20-30 min which seems to make it more intense.

Bodyweight is a big factor I’ve found. My friend weighs twice as much as me, needs twice as much metocin

I too get intense visuals and trip hard from 15-20mg metocin, my friend needs way more. I suspect it is because I only weigh around 55kg whereas he is twice that.

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