4-ho-mipt is fantastic

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WOW… A little report since i didn’t exept really much from a 20 mg dose.

0:00 : lets’go, i jsut boofed it, had already past expt on hit and 20 mg will be boring/borderline interessing imo.

0:20 : WOA lets go visual all settle in, strange bodyload, gerneally more euphoric via oral ingestion.

0:40 after that feeling cold/hot shit, and finally getting in the mood, putting just some pink floyd (marooned and then echoes). A MA ZING. I feel totally sonned, i had really much difficult or need to move, it was incredible, i was in total harmony with the song

1 : 40 Just still listening to Pink Floyd… Just totally mind-fucked atm, closed-eyes dreaming with the song, fantastic feeling.

2:00 Effect diminushing, then A song by bowie: Maroonage daydream woke me the FUCK UP : i was dancing my hell the fucking out; i discovered this song on this exp and it was fantastic, i NEVER DANCE, and holly shit did i just fucking dance on that,

2 : 30 Comedown ( already yeah….) now was jujst talking on ppl on tripsichat and just feeling so good and happier with life in general.

Even if it was just an oferall very fun experience indeed, i’m now happy with a project of life i was making, to discover the world soon. i’m feeling like i have all of the energy of this world right now. Truelly incredible trip.

Good deal buddy! Im an avid shiller of miprocin. Just did 37mg up the snoot on friday evening. Its by far my favorite tryptamine other than DMT.

Can you comment on ROA and dosage for 4-ho-mipt please? OP boofed it, you snuffed it, and many take it orally… what is the concensus on dosage, effects, and duration for those ROAs?

Orally I would normally dose 30mg. At that dose the experience was light overall and lasted 8hrs before I could sleep. Nasally I dose 35mg-45mg. This roa and dosage was very intense overall, lasting around 6hrs. Rectally is almost the same as nasally other than the come up being shorter in duration for nasal.

Bodyload was a little more uncomfortable the first on the peak, nothing that bad of course. Duration was shorter, so to say for 20 mg :

Oral : Little bodyload, 4 hours effect, cool euphoria, very clear headspace, no vasoconstriction.

Boof: Little Bodyload on the peak, 3 hours, totally more stonned with really much more euphoria, a little less clear-headed (i can hide i’m on it with oral but can’t do this when boofed) and some vasoconstriction, but here again nothing incredible too.

In my exp with drugs in general, boofing is just more intense and shorter duration in general, it can avoid nausea for people too, but i never got any on any drugs.

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