4-HO-MPT + Meth Trip Report

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So I started this thing where I’ll abstain from masturbation and drugs except caffeine and nicotine all week and then every Friday (I get weekends off) I come home from work, do a moderate line of meth, drop my daily shit, hop in the hot shower, sit down and bust a fat nut, (it’s legendary and keeps me striving through the week lmfao) then continue to stay up late and do 10-20mg of meth every 2 or so hours with some 5-10mg bumps sprinkled in and clean/organize the fuck out of the place and do things I needed to do throughout the week but didn’t.

Today was like that except I got the calling to do a psychedelic. Without going into detail I’ve been struggling with some personal stuff about myself and thought that this would be a good opportunity to sort through that and face things and hopefully come to some sort of conclusion. I got this 4-HO-MPT a few weeks back and have been eager to try it but was waiting for the right time. Today was surprisingly a good day for me in contrast to the rest of the week. I was in a good mood and had a good day at work, I cleaned my room, patched some things up with a couple people, visited with some buddies earlier, I’m the only one awake and I thinking I’m starting to see a light at the end of my tunnel and I wrote down my intentions for the trip. Got xans on deck just in case. Awesome.


– 300mg Alpha-Lipoic Acid

– 500mg ALCAR

– 1g Vitamin C

– 2 tbsp Omega-3 Fish Oil

[ ^ the above are for oxidation protection from the meth]

– ~3/4 tsp L-Theanine

– Chamomile Tea

– 1 tsp Ionic Magnesium Citrate powder

[to smooth the waters/ ease anxiety]

– 1.2g Ginger Root Extract [for nausea]

I fan sage around my room and on myself before the trip. Traditionally used to ward off negative spirits. Even though I’m not fully convinced of things like that, I still do it because what the fuck do I know? Plus, it smells nice.

1:21AM: ~9mg meth snorted and 25mg 4-HO-MPT swallowed in capsule.

1:37AM: First signs of the 4-HO-MPT? Feels like generic psychedelic come-up. Not strong enough yet to give the substance character. I have my trip playlist going with lights on the ceiling and a comfortable dim yellow lighting in the room. Feeling nice. Sipping chamomile tea.

1:43AM: Definitely feeling it come on. A bit antsy. Going to go listen to music and do my own thing and report back later. Starting to get visuals as I type this as well.

1:53AM: Psychedelic in swing now. Everything is wavy. Visuals with eyes open more impressive than closed eye. Almost feel like I’m rolling right now. Going to lay down.

2:46AM: Peak has already past and I’m gliding the come down. I love this part. That was quicker than I expected though woah. Wow. But a very satisfying psychedelic. I feel I got what I needed straight and to the point. I wrote this note to myself in my phone:

What someone else has in relation to you does not matter. This life of yours is your locus of consciousness and your individual story. This path was paved specifically for you. What truly matters in life is how you make people feel in your presence and your rippling effect on the world around you. Be a pillar of strength. Aim to be all that you can be and the rest will fall into place. Trust your path. Gratitude for what you have in front of you is infinitely more important than what you don’t have. And only by that recognition and embrace can you spread that positivity to every other aspect of life and be the embodiment of it.You’re looking for something you never lost. Everything you need is right here at the center of you. All you have to do is trust, nurture, and allow it to burst forth. Everything, truly, is okay , even when it seems like it isn’t. Even when the ego is thrashing about, there is always a stillness and an understanding underneath it patiently waiting to be recognized like a brilliant punchline to a joke. This is it.

Sweet. I think I need to take it easy for the night now. That was a little hard on the body and I can feel a slight headache creeping in. Might smoke some weed, not sure yet. going to ride the comedown and take a xanax.

Final notes on 4-HO-MPT: Perfect balance between mind-fuck and recreation although I feel it leans on the deeper side, although that could’ve easily been my mindset going into it. The whole thing happened really fast. I guess it’s important to note that I took on almost empty stomach. This substance made me feel that same deep understanding and love and conscious connection as the classics. Only downsides was the intense waviness. Don’t get me wrong I like a little waviness but I thought for a moment there that I was going to get motion sick, but I pulled it through just lying still on my couch. Visuals were about what you would expect of a psilocin analogue. More impressive eyes open than closed. Even though psychedelics classically dissolve the ego, I felt instead on this trip like I was making amends with my ego. Like the spiritual half of me and my ego talked it out and understand each other and I just feel generally more centered, grounded in myself and confident on my path and trusting my intuition.

Peace and love all

It’s because of the meth. Stims speed up the digestive process/metabolism in my experience, one time I ate shrooms and was peaking in 15-20 mins when it normally takes 40 mins to start getting trails and another 30 or so to peak. The peak only lasted two hours and it was all over in 5.

Stimulants also make you feel more sober and clear headed, pushing through any other intoxicants so you feel like it’s completely over a lot faster.

Yeah anecdotally i used to get weird synergy from vyvanse and lsd when I was a kid, I’d take like 2 or 3 tabs (probably only like 150ug tbh) and a couple vyvanse (don’t remember the dosage) and be tripping balls for like 16 hours. It did kind of “tame” the acid in a way tho, where it was less mind fucky, deep or confusing and more hypomanic and analytical. Maybe slightly less visual?

Used to be one of my favorite combos, second to only dxm and acid, but then I got into heroin and stopped doing fun drugs for a long while.

Methamphetamine and LSD have a really nice synergy to them, too.

The nickname in the 70s was “blue cheer”

450 ug and a couple vyvanse? Even with a tolerance to both that seems a lot, to me at least. And i get vyvanse prescribed daily

Absolutely love the little phone note you wrote! I wish you the best of luck on your bright path 🙂 Keep rippling the water of our consciousness

I’m glad it was a positive experience. Every time I’ve mixed stims with psyches it gets really really weird. Especially if I’ve been in public, megalomania/paranoia and trippy thoughts can make things strange. It always made me feel like a kamakazi pilot in candy land. I never really got anything meaningful from any of those trips as the stims would outweigh the psyches.

I love stimulants with psychedelics. Not too much, just to help me a bit with focus and confidence – especially in public, because without them I tended to get too paranoid or asocial to just enjoy the walk and sights.

It seems I managed to overcome this, because the last few trips in public were fine without stims too, but I wouldn’t get there if not for doing them in combination a few times.

For club situations I love to do the reverse, adding just a bit of a psychedelic (maybe 50ug, def not more than 100ug LSD or equivalent dose of some other psych) to a stimulant.

I thought it was a well written report and, you know, it sounds like he didn’t go too hard on the meth. Weird combination nonetheless. It’s like what if someone were to mix a-pvp and a 5-meo-dmt and smoke that? Don’t wanna give anyone any ideas here y’all are crazy as fuck sometimes

I’ve noticed the same ego centric thing when I’ve taken this substance before, I’m glad you had a great time! I’m planning on taking some today as well, with some 3-fpm later on so i still get most of the trip out of it

Thinking about picking up some 4 ho mpt, already have some 4 ho mipt. Been reading about it but not sure if it’s unique enough to justify getting a bit. Have you tried both?

Tangental but I’m thinking about adding 4 ho dpt and 4 ho ept cuz they just seem so unique.

I’ve tried 4-AcO-MiPT and personally I would take the 4-HO-MPT over it but that could just be me and there are many factors that play into trips. They are fairly similar though. That’s just my opinion as of now but I’ll still have to give them more trials

Its definitely unique enough to order some man do it. I love it more than 4-HO-MiPT. I would argue that its the best 4 sub out there.

4-HO-EPT is worthwhile to snag as well. A little less potent but super chill and relaxing.

Currently im working with 4-HO-DPT and its hard to get the dose right. Im not really sure what to make of it. The main thing that sucks with it is that you have to dose so high and it gets expensive.

Cool report, i just tried 4-ACO-MPT last week and found it to be similar to you – a good balance of effects but leaning more introspective/deep.

Methamphetamine totally destroys the best qualities of a trip. I’ve tripped on mescaline acetate and was high on meth and it just made it such a bland experience. I’ve had a couple of other experiences where I believe amphetamines dampened the trip.

That’s awesome man. People can have completely different experiences on the same thing. I read your report and thought it was awesome. I still had an awesome experience when I did it but it was entirely recreational which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I just wasn’t looking for that at that given time but I still have fond memories of the experiences.

Probably depends on what you’re looking for as well….some people want to trip super hard while others may want a lighter version of tripping but feeling a certain way.

You hit the nail on the head with calling 4-HO-MPT “satisfying”. Its my favorite 4 sub by far. It makes me feel like im relaxing on a beach with a cold beer.

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