4-Hydroxytestosterone For Sale From TRUSTED Sources

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In chemical-speak, 4-hydroxy testosterone is actually testosterone that has been modified or substituted at the fourth carbon atom with a hydroxy group.

What does that mean for bodybuilders?

Basically, it’s a designer anabolic androgenic steroid that has no function in medical scenarios as a therapeutic form of testosterone.

If you’re an athlete or bodybuilder who has heard of 4-hydroxytestosterone and is curious about using it, what to expect from it, actual results, or side effects; you should first become familiar with the compound.

About 4-hydroxytestosterone

The compound 4-hydroxytestosterone was developed (and patented) in the mid-1950s by G.D. Searle & Company. [1]

The steroid, based on chemical analysis, is a by-product of the metabolism of formestane.

Formestane is a synthetic substance (steroid) that exhibits antineoplastic activity, binding to and blocking the aromatase enzyme.

This enzyme plays a role in the conversion of testosterone into estrogen in the male body known as aromatization; one of the undesired side effects of anabolic androgenic steroids.

Aromatization promotes conversion of testosterone into estrogens in the male body, leading to undesired effects such as gynecomastia, water retention, and bloating.

While some bodybuilders don’t mind the weight gain caused by water retention, others do.

Legal Status

Neither 4-hydroxytestosterone nor formestane are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. Both are also banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Any competitive bodybuilder or athlete should also be aware that testing methods have advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years

They are even developed now to the point of being able to identify designer steroids and other performance enhancers despite efforts to ‘hide’ their presence in the blood.

Advanced technologies in gas chromatography, mass spectrometry and drug other testing techniques have made it increasingly viable to detect not only “traditional” and well-known anabolic androgenic steroids, but designer steroids.

What Does 4-hydroxytestosterone Do?

When it comes to function, 4-hydroxytestosterone is an extremely mild anabolic androgenic steroid that rates at about one half of the anabolic properties of testosterone (rated by bodybuilders at 100/100), and about one-quarter of its androgenic potential.

That means a mild anabolic compound that promotes slight androgenic or male sex characteristic development.

Because of its low androgenic properties while still offering anabolic benefits, it is considered a good steroid.

To boost its anabolic potential, bodybuilders often take much higher than recommended dosages.

Stacking & Dosage with 4-hydroxytestosterone

Depending on how it’s taken, 4-hydroxytestosterone can promote some anabolic or tissue building potential.

Depending on origin, it can also be found in oral or powdered form which can be converted into an injectable solution.

Most commonly, it’s stacked with other forms of testosterone to accelerate results and potential. Some of the most common:





It can also be stacked with steroids typically effective during a cutting or dieting cycle. Some common substances that stack well with 4-hydroxytestosterone include but are not limited to:



Oral Turinabol



Note – It is not recommended that bodybuilders combine two forms of oral anabolic androgenic steroid due to the potential for increased liver stress and/or toxicity.

When it comes to dosage, men have been known to average 300 mg a week and up to 2,000 mg a week. Of course, the higher the dosage, the increased risk of side effects.

Even a mild steroid like 4-hydroxytestosterone can trigger androgenic side effects when the dosage is high enough.

In general, it has the reputation of a moderate half-life of two to three days, although detection time can exceed 21 days.

Women are cautioned to avoid use of 4-hydroxytestosterone/Hydroxytest due to potential for virilism.

4-hydroxytestosterone For Sale

The compound 4-hydroxytestosterone today is also commonly known as 4AD, and it can be found on the black market, manufactured by some underground labs around the world.

It’s identifiable by its chemical formula: C19H28O3, perhaps more commonly known in bodybuilding circles as Hydroxytest.

The compound is not a particularly common or popular one, but it can be found online by some steroid manufacturers. As always, prices vary depending on supply and demand.

Bodybuilders should be aware that because 4-hydroxytestosterone is basically a designer steroid, its manufacture and quality, ingredients, and actual results, plus side effects may depend on who made it.

Does 4-hydroxytestosterone Cause Side effects?

Any anabolic androgenic steroid, even mild ones, can contribute to a number of unexpected and undesired side effects.

A number of factors can influence side effects including but not limited to:



Frequency of use

Additional compounds/substances combined with it

Body composition (height versus weight)

While some benefits of increased protein synthesis in skeletal muscle cells are possible, side effects and adverse reactions are also likely.

Some studies have been conducted on formestane (mainly in animals), and in the horse racing industry where the animals are given formestane to enhance their performance.

Before opting for a product such as 4-hydroxytestosterone, be aware that it is metabolized by the liver and could cause liver damage.

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