4 Testosterone Steroid Injection DANGERS [Are the Benefits of This Invasive Method Worth It?]

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Testosterone steroid injections are becoming a last ditch attempt at better muscle gains by a heavy percentage of competing bodybuilders today.

Today’s bodybuilding culture and competitions (non-natural) are very unforgiving.

Athletes are realizing that old-fashioned hard work and dedication aren’t enough to help them achieve their potential goals.

Thus, they’re ramping up protein synthesis, allowing for faster recovery from workouts and more muscle being built when used properly.

But are illegal and risky testosterone injectables the answer?

The following article will touch base on important factors about these anabolic drugs.

Find out what most bodybuilders want and need to know about the safest way to use testosterone steroid pills or injections.

Testosterone Steroid Injections Review

Testosterone is the key factor in the activation of protein synthesis.

Protein synthesis refers to the process of muscle building within the body’s cells.

Injectable steroid based testosterone works by increasing levels of all testosterone/free testosterone and accelerating the process of protein synthesis.

It also keeps the body in protein synthesis for longer periods of time.

All of this amounts to more dense and higher quality muscle being built.

It also overrides myostatin, a protein responsible for keeping muscle growth in check.

How To Take Testosterone

There are two main methods of using steroids: either via intramuscular injection or oral ingestion.

Taking testosterone supplements or steroids in pill form is relatively safe as long as the proper dosing protocols are utilized.

The problem is that most bodybuilders take doses that are significantly higher than what is recommended for medical purposes.

Intramuscular injections are most definitely more on the dangerous side for a number of reasons which commonly are:

Different types and brands work better at different injection sites

The quality of the steroid (was it prescribed by a professional or did you buy it from a trainer at your gym)

Cleanliness of the needle being used

Skill and education level of the individual administering the drug.


The level of the dose being administered varies from person to person as no one is completely alike.

The advice of a health professional or doctor is always recommended before injecting or ingesting testosterone-based steroids.

However, the dosage recommended for you will factor in your current size (weight), level of exposure to the drug previously, and what kind of performance boost you are looking for dependent on the type of competition.

Bodybuilders may see great results with just 250mg per week, but some people go as high as 1000mg per week.

If you’re a beginner, it’s best to start low and see how it affects you. The higher the dosage, the higher the risk of side effects will be.

How To Inject

Typically, you want to inject the drug into a large working muscle with a clean needle and a clean sourced steroid.

Injecting into a large muscle group will ensure a fast metabolic turnover as large working muscles utilize the most blood and oxygen.

Always sterilize any injecting equipment you use with a disinfectant to stave off risk of infection.

It must be stated that the safest means of injecting testosterone-based steroids is and will always be with a medical professional who has extensive knowledge on the matter.

Prescribed testosterone from medical professionals will also be the safest type of steroid out there as it is a controlled substance.

The market is flooded with unregulated and fake products which pose additional risks to bodybuilders who are already engaging in the risky business of steroid use.


Taking steroids either by injectable or ingestible means will yield similar results in terms of relatively unchecked muscle growth in both size and density.

As long as the user eats a proper diet, stays hydrated regularly, and gets the amount of sleep necessary all the while not consuming any substances that may interfere with the pathology of the drug (alcohol), the results will be:

increased muscular strength

increased muscular endurance

improvement in body composition

more visible lean, dense muscles

improved blood circulation

improved oxygen uptake

shorter rest periods

quicker recovery

Note that injectable means will yield faster results as it is more invasive and acts immediately at a cellular level.

Testosterone Injections VS Pills

There are two main methods of using steroids: either via intramuscular injection or oral ingestion.

Taking testosterone supplements or steroids in pill form is relatively safe as long as the proper dosing protocols are utilized.

The problem is that most bodybuilders take doses that are significantly higher than what is recommended for medical purposes.

While the side effect profile of each type is similar, the oral testosterone steroids can cause damage to the liver, whereas injectable steroids can cause injection pain.

Injectable steroids can be dangerous however, due to the quality of the steroid or cleanliness of the needle being used.

Injectables also require some skill and education to be administrated safely. Air bubbles in the blood stream are no joke!

Oral/Ingestible steroids are dangerous for the following reasons:

Hepatoxic (liver damaging)

Decreased libido

Testosterone Steroid Injection Side Effects

Sometimes these agents can have very harmful effects to the human body.

Short-term side effects of testosterone steroids can include:


Rapid mood swings


Elevated blood pressure


Menstrual irregularities in women

In severe cases stroke and or heart attack

Long-term side effects of steroids can include:

Shrinking of the testes

Excessive hair growth in both men and women

Deepening of the voice in women

Gynecomastia or growth of breasts in men

Heightening of the voice in men

Heart problems

Fertility issues

Lack of free testosterone when in an off cycle

Safety & Alternatives

There are plenty of safe alternatives that mimic the results of anabolic steroids.

Although they may not get quite as good results, the risks are a lot lower.

One of the top safe alternative anabolic supplements to increase testosterone is TESTO-MAX by CrazyBulk. Through the tribulis terrestris plant which contains steroidal saponins, luteinizing hormone levels increase and thereby increase your testosterone levels.

It is always safer not to use steroids in any means.

But when the competition continues to use it and benefits from it, it is hard to say no to injectable or oral steroids.

In the sport of bodybuilding, there is extra pressure for these athletes to use steroids to bring out the potential in their physique.

It is always wise to use common safety practices when using or administering testosterone steroid injections or pills.

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