4F ADB Reboot

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So here´s a little backstory, i have been using drugs for about a year and becouse of testing i have been clean for about 2 months. Bought some 3 HO PCE that turned out to be bunk, so the vendor asked me what i wanted instead. Dont like trashinones so i said 4F ADB.

Its probably important to say that i NEVER get anxious. Like ever. Don´t know why i just don´t so handeling psychedelics and similar is very easy for me. Sadly i never get anything spiritual either and the experience is mostly just being confused and having visuals. I like it tho.

Made a 20 mg/ml vape juice and this is how i would explain the effects in the beggining.

Opiate like bodyhigh

Lasts for maybe 30 mins but feels like 120

Very strong cannabinoid mentality (Munchies, laughing and all that good stuff)

Strangely it wakes you up so that while high and after you dont feel tired at the slightest.

My first hit was 1/4 lungcapacity, and it made me ungoodly high.

Maybe 6 hours later i was no longer getting the high in the same way, kind of the same thing as with cathinone redosing not yielding anything.

Day after my tollerance was so high that i litterally could not get high from vaping the juice so i relluctantly gave up. Keep in mind that i could take 10 full lungs and only feel a small buzz.

So the genius that i am, i decide to vape it of foil.

I take maybe 1 ml (20 mg) and vape away, and the effects are quite different.

The music becomes incomprehensible.

I loose all memory of everything. Who i am, what humans are. Everything.

It took me maybe 3 minutes before i realized that what i was looking at was not a still image, but the world.

Took me 10 minutes before i got the concept of walls back and started to understand what i was looking at.

Took me nearly 30 minutes before i realized that i was a human and that what i was seeing was the world.

I still feel confused by the world, but it also seems so easy to deal with.

I feel absolutly no connection with my previous self, and i feel very little connection to the real world. It feels like i´m piloting a huge meat monster. While i have some cravings, i´ve decided to stop using the drug as i feel it´s kinda fucked me a bit.

I am also able to just ignore stuff in a new way now. I can just shut out physical pain and stuff. Other people however make me really angry for some reason. Idk why.

Will this pass, or am i fucked? I dont really know if i want it to pass as this feels like im divine

Thanks for comming to my ted talk sorry if its incoherrent.

Feeling like he’s divine could also be an indicator of mania from bipolar disorder. And a noid triggering a manic episode wouldn’t surprise me. You’re probably more correc than I am however

I’m not gonna act like I read this post in its entirety I honestly just saw 20mg/ml and started typing… wtf I made my own 4f cliquid and it was definitely around 4-5mg/ml and I’m a pretty heavy user. But from what I did read we had similar experiences, I built up a tolerance to 4f like no other noid I’ve had and the high is sub par compared to the other noids out there.

your mixes are way to strong. Try around 2-5mg per ml.

For somebody without a tolerance that’s still very high

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