5 Best Deer Antler Spray Brands [Buy Online For BIG Savings]

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If you haven’t been to a vitamin store or bought nutritional supplements online lately, you might be surprised at the thousands of products available.

The best deer antler velvet products are gaining a lot of attention these days.

They are marketed in a variety of forms such as liquid sprays and powders.

How do you know which to choose? What kind of benefits does deer velvet antler provide, and is it safe?

Looking for the best deer antler spray requires a little bit of research in regard to ingredients and how they’re used.

Best Deer Antler Spray To Buy

Today, the best deer antler spray bodybuilding products market themselves as a safe and effective way to not only boost muscle growth and development, but to increase stamina and endurance, improve sexual function, and as a panacea for a number of health woes.

But is it effective? What is it about deer antler velvet that some find so compelling?

Most importantly, can you believe what you read or is it hype caused by marketing strategies?

The best spray contains a number of components from the harvesting of deer antler velvet.

The industry has grown in recent years, mainly due to the fact that male deer grow and then shed their antlers on a yearly basis. If something can grow that fast, it’s got to have some beneficial components and properties in it, doesn’t it?

That accelerated growth has garnered the notice of nutritionists and medical communities around the world.

The velvet is a component of the construction of antlers before they harden and calcify into bone.

The ability for them to rejuvenate and grow at an accelerated rate (a deer can grow antlers that weigh as much as 30 kg (66 pounds) in three months) is the result of rapid differentiation and multiplication of molecular components of the deer antler velvet.

They contain valuable nutrients including:

IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor-1)

Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids

Dozens of amino acids

Chondroitin sulfate

Numerous minerals including magnesium, sulfur, iron, phosphorus, calcium, zinc, and potassium

All of these components, even taken by themselves, promote health and wellness in numerous organ and body system functions from the immune system to the endocrine to the musculoskeletal.

The best deer antler spray products are coveted by bodybuilders because of the component that makes them so effective. The IGF-1 ingredient.

IGF-1 or insulin-like growth factor, is similar in molecular structure and chemical composition to insulin.

Insulin is the major form of transportation of energy (glucose) to the body’s cells. IGF-1 acts much the same way.

The best sprays, at least in regard to bodybuilders, is perceived to accelerate restorative processes, improve red blood cell production, improve circulation, and accelerate healing of injuries caused by muscle, tendon, or cartilage tears or damage.

Products marketed as the best sprays also promote a number of other benefits for use, including its ability to:

Reduce inflammation and pain caused by injury or musculoskeletal conditions such as arthritis

Enhances immune system function

Improve strength and endurance

Promotes cellular synthesis and as a building block for the formation of protein

Deer antler velvet has been used for thousands of years throughout the world, not only for its libido boosting properties through increases in hormone (testosterone) production, but also as a natural aphrodisiac that is long been used to treat erectile dysfunction and improve fertility.

It has also been used to treat stress, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and migraine headaches.

Deer Antler Spray Side Effects Reviews

The best deer antler spray on the market contains natural ingredients and may or may not be combined with other herbal components, vitamins, and minerals to enhance not only effectiveness of the spray, but overall health and wellness.

Two of the most popular brands include Lurong, Jacked Antler, Deer Antler Plus and DVX Pro.

To date, long-term human studies using large groups of individuals in double-blind studies are lacking, but no severe side effects, interactions, or contraindications in usage have been reported.

In spite of that, remember that the spray contains IGF-1, a type of growth hormone. One should always use hormone products carefully and with discretion, regardless of milligram strength.

Hormones have a huge impact on whole body health and wellness and can affect mood, emotions, and physical aspects of life.

Use products according to the label instructions. These instructions may differ between brands. To be on the safe side, consult with your physician or pharmacist.

It’s those ingredients and the milligram strength of those ingredients that will help you find the best deer antler velvet spray product.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions before finding it for sale. While many users claim it provides amazing and sometimes miraculous results, it’s often better to judge for yourself.

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