5 Foods You Must AVOID While on Steroids (+ Best Foods To Eat)

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What are the best foods to eat while on steroids?

Which foods should you avoid while on steroids?

If you’re taking performance-enhancing drugs to help you bulk or cut as part of your bodybuilding routine, there are a few things you should know about your diet.

Steroids can kick start your metabolism, giving you more energy to take your workouts to the next level. But they can also stimulate your appetite.

Without the proper nutrients in your diet you could be packing on additional pounds that quickly turn to fat or fail to feed your body when it needs extra fuel.

We’ll review what kinds of quality proteins should be part of your meal plan while on steroids, as well as the good and bad carbs.

Foods To Eat While On Steroids

Lean animal proteins such as skinless chicken breast, turkey and eggs are some of the best foods to eat while on steroids.

Specifically those that are high in Omega 3 fatty acids such as fish.

Unsalted nuts are another solid source of lean proteins that also support your immune system without added sugars and carbs.

Fresh is always better than processed. Your blood sugar levels can be affected by your steroid cycle, so sticking to fresh fruit instead of juice limits those simple sugars while supporting good intake of vitamin C, B, and potassium.

Complex carbs pack in the energy that your body needs for your crazy intense workouts. Look for whole grain breads, wheat pasta, rice, oats and lots of leafy greens.

If you are trying to bulk, you will need to increase your intake of calories, but doing so by eating pizzas, burgers, and chugging soda won’t translate into muscle growth.

If you want a lean, healthy body ripped with flexible and strong muscles, you have to eat lean, healthy meals but in greater quantity.

It’s important to realize that taking steroids is not the only way to getting the body you want.

There are natural, safe and legal dietary supplements out there like those made by CrazyBulk that can help you with your goals without putting your body at risk.

Foods to Avoid While On Steroids

Some of the most common side effects associated with steroid use are high blood pressure and the onset of diabetes.

While eating the right foods won’t stop those risks, it could prevent them from being worse.

So even if you are entering your next cycle with a healthy BP and no sign of fluctuating blood glucose levels, you will want to eat to protect your health.

Adrenal fatigue, roid rage, gynecomastia, water retention, heart disease, negative effects on cholesterol levels, allergic reactions, and inflammation, are all possible effects and symptoms of steroid medications and synthetic hormones, and what you digest may affect how your body handles any of them.

What not to eat while on steroids?

While on steroids you should avoid foods high in sodium such as soups, prepared sauces, stews and prepackaged or frozen meals.

Fast food joints and even many casual restaurants serve foods that have ridiculously high sodium levels. Prepare your own just to be safe.

On the sugar side, it’s obvious that cakes, cookies, ice cream and other sweets should be avoided. However, processed sugar also appears in many breads, flavored milk, vitamin waters, sports drinks and even greek yogurt.

You may also want to avoid green tea as it has been shown to lower testosterone levels.

When you take most steroids, your body’s natural testosterone production will drop, causing low testosterone levels.

That’s why people will stack with an exogenous form of the hormone such as Testosterone Cypionate.

Foods high in cholesterol are particularly bad because of the negative effect steroids have on healthy cholesterol levels.

You’ll want to read the labels to find out where the carbs come from. Processed sugar provides a fast release of carbs into your system which may struggle to process it.

Fruit juice is a surprising suspect in the bad sugar world. It can take four or five oranges to make one 8 oz glass of OJ.

You can knock that back in a few seconds. That’s right, you just sucked down all the sugar in four oranges in fifteen seconds. Stick to water for hydration unless you’re using a protein shake to replace a meal or add calories.

It is essential to avoid drinking alcohol while on steroids, especially with oral steroids, because they are hard enough on your liver as it is, you don’t want further strain on the liver.

Steroid Diet Plan For Bulking & Mass

Now that you know what foods you should be eating while on steroids, you’ll also need to know how much.

For your bulking cycle you need to step up your calorie intake to support your workout routine.

The 2,500 calories a day recommended by the government applies to people who go out for a nice jog along the river once a day.

Depending on how intense your sessions are, you may need anywhere from 3,500 to 5,000 calories per day.

Your metabolism needs a steady supply of fuel, so make sure to schedule five to six smaller meals all day long to avoid the down time a huge Sunday-type supper can generate. Set your watch and stop to eat when it goes off.

Your body will constantly be in the process of digesting, which raises your overall energy level. Make sure that you are eating enough lean protein and complex carbs for to meet your calorie intake goal.

How Much Protein & Carbs?

It’s a fairly straightforward equation when you’re trying to figure out how much you should be eating. While bulking you will want to eat 1 to 1.5 grams of lean protein for each pound you weigh.

It’s a lot of protein, so you’ll want to seek out low-calorie/high protein foods such as fish, chicken, and turkey.

Your carbs, even whole grain carbs, will fill your calorie count pretty quickly. Speaking of carbs, you’ll need 700 to 900 grams in your diet depending on your weight, with 85% being from complex carbs.

Diet Plan To Follow While on a Cutting Cycle

Why do you put on weight while taking steroids?

Steroids can adversely influence your metabolism, altering the way your body stores fat.

This can lead to unwanted weight gain. Anabolic androgenic steroids can certainly cause increased muscle growth, but they have a lesser known capacity to increase body fat mass.

With these possible changes to your metabolism, you may find that your body begins stockpiling excess  fat in the back of the neck, face and even the stomach area.

Some steroids are better than others for avoiding the puffy, bloated look that can occur with steroid use, but the best way to avoid it is to avoid taking them in the first place?

Can you lose weight while on steroids?

When you’re looking to lose fat for weight loss while on steroids, you’ll need to support your existing muscle mass with a proper steroid diet for cutting and lean mass.

Keep the proteins in your diet and reduce your carb intake in order reduce calories. Slow is always better than trying to drop fast. When you starve your body with a very low caloric intake, your body will start breaking down muscle tissue to feed itself.

Make sure to supplement your lean, protein-rich diet with vitamin supplements to help your body maintain its metabolism, allowing you to continue with your bodybuilding routine.

In the end, a healthy diet recommended for anybody to enjoy a lean and muscular body will apply to the bodybuilder who is using steroids.

You simply need to upscale the calorie intake to match your activity level while avoiding foods high in sodium and processed or simple sugars.

Knowing which foods to eat and which foods to avoid while on steroids like Testosterone Enanthate, Testosterone Propionate or Prednisone, is critical for your health and accomplishing your fitness goals.

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