5 meo mipt (moxy), kratom, and cheese – MAOI

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Hello, so there seems to be a fair bit of evidence that moxy is an MAOI to some extent or another.

With this is in mind, is it safe to mix with kratom? Mitragynine is apparently a serotonin receptor antagonist. I see conflicting opinions on the matter with some cautioning against combining the two but others saying these concerns are invalid and that the combo is fine.

Also, does this mean moxy will have the same interactions with many cheeses and fermented foods as other MAOIs?

I just received my moxy and was excited to try it, but decided to do a little bit of additional research before I did, fortunately. I consume kratom, cheese, and various cured and fermented foods daily though I could obviously hold off on the food for a couple days. Kratom might be a little harder, but I often only consume it at night.

Anyway if anyone has experiences with this or can point me in the direction of solid sources that would be great!

Thank you

You need a pretty STRONG MAOI (like Nardil) before you have to worry about serotonin syndrome.

I take Nardil (a very powerful irreversible prescription MAOI) and I have/do eat anything I want ( cheeses and fermented foods, etc) … never had a problem.

But, that is just me .. my body.

(in my experience) The MAOI has not interfered with my life at all. Except it made my depression a LOT easier to handle. And, OF COURSE, would make any LSD/Mushroom trip 1000x stronger. If I was going to do either of those .. I would keep the MAOI in mind .. and try to dose accordingly.

(in my experience)(my best guess for you) would be that you do NOT have to worry about mixing Moly with Moxi (or Kratom .. which works on opioid receptors?). But, your body may be different.

Yeah from what I’ve read so far it seems like moxy is a relatively weak maoi and the only things likely to cause real problems with it are powerful serotonin releasers and such. People can’t agree whether kratom even causes problems with strong MAOIs, so I think it should be fine but figured I’d ask.

Thanks for the response!

Oh and btw mitragynine is primarily an opiod agonist, but is also seemingly 5ht2a antagonist (and also happens to be an indole with a tryptamine-esque structure).

I’m not as worried about SS with kratom tho, rather some other possible reaction. But it seems fine tbh.

Would you know about Prozac and moxy? You seem knowledgeable. I am on 10mg of Prozac a day, down from 40 and probably gonna stay here for 6 months or so before tapering off completely. Do you know if Prozac and moxy are dangerous to take together?

I’ve done shrooms, acid and 2c-c on Prozac and it was fine.

I consume kratom & cheese daily and moxy weekly to monthly.

I dont consider 5-MeO-MiPT a true MAOI; kinda of like how passionflower is a very weak MAOI, 5-MeO-MiPT is even weaker.

Nice, thanks for the response! Do kratom and moxy mix well, particularly on the come down? I love to take some kratom around hour 5 of most 4 sub trips cuz it just synergizes real nice.

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