5mg Anabol Reviews – Cycles, Side Effects & Tablet Prices

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When looking up Anabol reviews, you’ll notice that it’s a term used interchangeably with Dianabol.


Because Anabol is an underground brand name of Dianabol, an anabolic steroid also referred to by its chemical name Methandienone.

It is created by British Dispensary, a popular supplier of anabolic steroids.

But this is an often-counterfeited brand with a complex history. Not only that, but Dbol can be dangerous even when the product is completely pure.

We’re going to cover this brand of Methandienone below, as well as a natural alternative that is a much safer and healthier investment for your bodybuilding.

Anabol Reviews

When you take a look at Anabol reviews online, you’ll probably notice a lot of variation.

And there’s a reason for this—some people simply use this word interchangeably with Dianabol, which is sold under many brands.

Conversely, others use it to refer specifically to the product sold by British Dispensary.

And here’s the thing:

The quality of BD tabs is disputed.

BD is an underground steroid lab with a name that is purposefully similar to British Dragon, a brand that used to be highly revered in the world of bodybuilding. In fact, the brand is still sold online, although the quality is not the same as it used to be.

After a 2008 drug bust, the original Dragon brand disappeared and was replaced by new manufacturers that used the same name but a different logo.

While some people say that they have purchased quality steroids from this new incarnation, others say that they sell counterfeit products.

And British Dispensary is similar:

While some claim to have purchased quality Anabol 5 mg tablets, others have had less luck.

At the end of the day, you’re going to be taking a risk by purchasing any kind of Anabol tablets for sale online, as you never know the quality that you’re going to get.

Is there a solution?

Most definitely—invest in natural alternatives that are fully backed and supported by their manufacturers. But we’ll go more into that later.

Anabol Tablets for Sale

If you find any Anabol tablets for sale that aren’t from British Dispensary, they will likely be sold under the following brands:

Anabol 5


Atlas Pharma

British Dragon




Thaiger Pharma

But remember:

When it comes to Anabol vs Dianabol, the difference is just in the branding. In theory, any product bearing these names should be the same in terms of chemical composition.

Of course, as we said above, the shady nature of online steroids suppliers means that this often isn’t the case. So why do people take the risk?

For one primary reason:

Cheap prices.

Take a look at the price for Anabol tablets in India and Delhi and you’ll see that they’re very cheap. In fact, most online sources are cheaply priced. Take a look at the price ranges for Methandienone:

Underground brands: $50 to $75 per package of 100 5 mg tablets

Pharmaceutical brands: $100 to $150 per package of 100 5 mg tablets

With these kinds of prices, even long Anabol cycles can be very affordable.

But with these low prices comes the risk of counterfeit products. And even if you do end up with quality products, you still risk adverse effects.

Nutrex ANABOL 5

Note: It is important to distinguish between the anabolic steroid Anabol (which contains Methandrostenolone/Methandienone as the active ingredient) and the bodybuilding supplement Anabol-5, which is sold by Nutrex Research.

ANABOL-5 is a non-steroidal anabolic agent, which is designed as a legal alternative to Dianabol.

This supplement is purported to promote muscle protein synthesis, increase lean muscle mass and to improve muscle hardness and quality.

Users looking for real Anabol steroid tablets online can get confused and accidentally buy the product from Nutrex Research, which does not contain the same active ingredients and will not have the same observed effects.

Another commonly confused product is D-Anabol 25, which is a supplement sold on Anabolics.com and promoted by Steroid.com.

The list of ingredients is confidential, so it is unclear what is in this product. Some surmise that it contains M1, 4DD prohormone.

Regardless, it most likely does not contain real Dianabol.

Side Effects of Anabol Tablets

The side effects of Anabol tablets are similar to other anabolic steroids, although bloating and water retention are two that are known to be particularly problematic with this steroid.

Other adverse effects include:



High blood pressure

Inefficient cholesterol levels

Testosterone suppression

Liver disease



Kidney and heart damage


Mood swings

For someone investing a lot of time and energy to improve their physique, these damaging effects are no joke. It is for this reason that we recommend natural alternatives to anabolic steroids for those that want to improve their physique without risking long-term bodily harm.


D-Bal is created by a company called CrazyBulk, who advertise it as a legal alternative to Dianabol. Much like this synthetic steroid, it can help you increase muscle, mass, and strength.

So how does it work?

CrazyBulk claims that it increases your muscles’ ability to retain nitrogen. Since this element is one of their primary building blocks, more means an increased capacity for protein synthesis and muscle growth.

And CrazyBulk not only guarantees that you’ll see results within 30 days, they also make a guarantee of no side effects.

Here’s what it’s made of:

Whey protein concentrate




Tribulus terrestris

With this natural formula, you can expect quality results that don’t come at a cost.

Here’s what people are saying about this product:

“I wanted to improve the definition in my abs whilst also increasing the bulk and strength of my upper body—both of which I have done. I have increased my weight exercises by 10 kg and have also gained 8.5 kg of muscle in 8 weeks.”

“Big increase in all reps + higher weight. Bench pressing before 225 max — now 265lbs.”

“I used D-Bal for 8 weeks to bulk up. I went from 140 lbs to 153 lbs. My body fat percent went from 16 percent to 8 percent. My bench went from 195 to 225. My squat went from 285 to 315.”

Ultimately, no matter how many positive Anabol reviews that you see, remember that D-Bal can bring you great results as well.

And the best part?

You won’t have to worry about adverse effects. And given that you need to maintain your health to succeed at bodybuilding, side effects are something that you should be taking very seriously.

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