6-APB odd reagent reaction

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Hello all. I recently used the froehde reagent on my 6-APB from the NL, and instead of purple, it went yellow to black. I saw the posted describing the 2-APB/6-APB switch up, and I was wondering if this was what this was. I am waiting on other reagents to check with. If anyone has any clues please let me know. Thanks in advance!

Well yellow indicates methylone and black indicates mdxx. You need other tests to narrow down your results. There’s a subreddit for testing you might have better luck there.

Not super familiar with the froehde reagent but I know that some of them are yellowish naturally from aging over time. Maybe check out other peoples tests results on the reagent test sub

My concern stems from the fact that using the same reagent on a different batch from the same vendor yielded the expected purple result. I will check on the reagent testing sub

That seems like a very important point, it may be a good idea to edit the OP and add that.

I’ve never used that reagent but it should have come with a book that displays results. I test every single batch of 6-APB I get from the same country as yours and it always tests dark purple to black very, very quickly using a marquis. Best of luck! Post what it is if you do further testing I’m a bit curious

Will do, I should have marquis, mecke, and mandelin coming in soon

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