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Just tried it for the first time. Split 250 mg with my gf. It was very similar to mdma/mda. Honestly a lot cleaner than some of the rollls I took back in the day with god knows what in em. Anyone else experiences. It did seem to make me not be able to keep an erection fully. But it still made sex very enjoyable and all the lovey/empathy that mdma gives. Looking to hear others experiences. Wondering if this is a good replacement for mdma.

Way better than MDMA. Longer lasting, more euphoric, and less anxiety. Only difference that some may not like is I felt way more couch locked and lazy, but this might have been my setting, which was complete solitude. I feel a harder comparison to LSD than any other entactogen with 6-APB. Still think 1p-LSD (or just LSD for that matter) and psilocybin are my favs.

I mean it’s way more similar to LSD than any MDMA experience I’ve had.

I don’t think that the “salt form” has any affect on the experience, but I will reveal that I’ve only taken it orally in the powder form, (I believe it’s a hydro-chloride powder?)

One thing I should also say is that I hated the comedown. I took from 100mg with a mild comedown that was a little annoying, but the trip was very good, to about 300mg (my highest) which was absolutely amazing! Until it was over…. I remember the absolute immersion, like some sort of waking dream that reads like a linear novel, whose overall theme is to teach you to accept humanity. I felt like I could cross any social barrier and be anybodies friend. However, it should be noted that I only ever did this drug by myself, so it was mostly just daydreaming, and I could see doing or saying some really embarrassing gushy stuff to people and overall looking obviously high if you were on more than 200mg in public non-party scenarios.

The feeling leaves me entirely but also in a worse state. A general sense of apathy and an outlook that the experience was a lie and a cheap high. Not as bad as my MDMA comedowns though but very similar. I’d just tell myself what was going on: I’d probably depleted my pleasure receptors for a good while and just needed to relax and let my body return to normal. It wouldn’t last longer than just the next day.

Anyways that’s why I don’t “usually take” 6-APB but I totally will again! I just think it’ll be one of those annual/ blue moon drugs whereas LSD and plilocybin can be more of a monthly thing for me because I get a positive comedown that leaves me feeling better and more optimistic towards life, with many more lessons to hold into my sobriety than I ever get from entactogens personally.

I’ve still kept a lot of the feeling of empathy with me, but not without a good bit of conscious effort. I prefer the challenge that psilocybin gives me because I can’t just get high for fun, I have to accept that difficult thoughts and feelings could arrive. You?

Just to clarify a little salt form is pretty important when it comes to 6apb cause the hydro-chloride is a lot more potent than the succinate. I’ve heard that 100mg of hcl is enough to floor people whereas 150-200 is considered a high dose for the succinate

Cool ! Thanks for your in depth response. I was asking about the salt because succinate vs hydrochloride vs fumarate all have different potencies. So I think it’s more useful for potential readers and lurkers if we specify which salt we took when we talk about our dosages.

I’ve read a lot of people saying how this one is more psychedelic than the other empathogens, allthough I honestly noticed no psychedelia at all. It felt like a normal serotonin releaser to me.

I’ve actually only taken it once, at 140 mg of the recent succinate from NL. I found it plenty strong, rolled fairly hard. I took it on a completely empty stomach, which probably enhanced the high and definitely shortened come-up time.

I agree again about the come-down. I didn’t get anxious thoughts or instant depression, but it made me fiendish. Once the high began to fade I started craving for a redose. I think if I had smoked some weed or something it would have helped but I was (and still am) on a break from weed. It’s so euphoric that the difference between the peak and the comedown was pretty brutal. It made me feel funny, not in a good way. Then for the next ten days after taking it I was very emotionally labile, with a couple of depressive episodes.

Yeah, I don’t really understand how people can manage taking empathogens often. I mean I love them, but they really leave me burnt out for at least a weak afterwards.

A week is rough, even if those effects are mild. Is it empathogen, or entactogen? I feel like I’ve heard both…. Anyways, anybody reading I’d advice keeping the doses very infrequent for this type of drug mainly because of the intense burnout feeling that gives strong desire to redose impulsively.

Both are accepted and synonymous. I think entactogen was coined later by Dave Nichols to avoid the term being associated with pathogenicity (emPATHGOEN).

But both terms are used interchangeably in practice.

Weird. I’d have trouble distinguishing between 6-APB and MDMA. They feel nearly identical to me and 6-APB had almost 0 similarity to LSD

I find that all stimulants and empathogens feel this way for me, and in a sense it’s quite true. I think they make amazing teachers, and can show you great possibilities, but the message they often tell you is “you’re okay you’re amazing you can do anything you want go do it!” when in reality we all have a lot of baggage and negative patterns that we must overcome if we want to truly be the person that empathogens tell us we CAN be. The comedown is a sobering slap in the face with the reality of what must be done in our lives to become who we want to be.

I would not say it’s better than mdma. Although, I took a pretty low dose compared to my mdma doses I’ve taken. I didn’t experience any of the “trippyness” people talk about. It basically felt like rolling, but I did have some anxiety during the comedown. I’m also dependent on benzos and Kratom… so I don’t know how that interaction effected my experience. Definitely felt my heart racing and it was difficult to sleep.

I would like to try it again maybe at 200 mg and see how it compares.

5ht2b agonism has been linked to valvulopathy (specifically, thickening of the heart valves)

most psychedelics also show 5ht2b agonism but their half life tends to be much lower than 6-apb’s and they’re usually partial agonists whereas 6-apb is a damn strong full agonist. It shouldn’t be THAT big of an issue unless you’re taking 6-apb very often for long periods of time, or if you already have some sort of heart disease (or have a history of heart diseases in the family obviously). Still though, it’s technically more cardiotoxic

The problem with MDMA and MDA is when the methylene-oxygen bond is cleaved, and you get phenolic amphetamines in the 3 and 4 position.

Since 6-APB is a fused aromatic bicyclic ring, those bonds are significantly harder to break and probably pass through mostly unchanged – leading to them being less toxic.

You might get oxidation on the furan side next to the furanyl O, in which case the oxygen will likely leave *with* the ring opening, instead of staying attached to the benzene ring in the system, like the MDxx guys.

I like it, maybe even prefer it to mdma, lasts just long enough for a night clubing or/and socializing, i also experiece no major bad comedown, although blue tuesday is common, i get same after efects from mdma. Only downside for me it is not too stimy, especially in the second part, like 4 hours after the redose. Maybe a bit long comeup too.

I have succinate. My usual dosing regime is taking a initial dose of cca 110mg, split in two doses spaced 15 minutes apart (this makes the comeup smoother, i sometimes have to purge coming up on serotogenic drugs) and a 60mg redose roughly 3 h after peaking. A lot of times i take stims like 2-fma or hexen with it to add lacking stimulation. Works and feels fine, only negative effect i get is overheating but is manageable with some freash air breaks and hydration. Toxicity worries me a bit so i take it only a couple times a year, spaced at least one month, idealy 3.

taking 180mg succinate at EDC for the first time in a little over a week i cant wait i hope its amazing for dancing the night away and making friends with strangers

Appreciate everyone giving their experience and knowledge of the substance. I will try it again, but in comparison to mdma, I would still choose mdma over 6apb.

6 APB felt a lot more speedy than mdma (that rush was insane)

It was not as warm and not as rolly as mdma tho.

But i used to do 600-850mg of mdma and only did like max 200 6apb.

Its NOT like mdma, more like MDA, less serotonin, more dopamine, more trippy, less emphatic/ lovely and holy shit that teeth grinding is some uber level shit.

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