7 Awesome Tricks For Making Deer Antler Liquid Work

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Deer antler liquid has been making news, at least in the Western world, following a number of controversies surrounding athletes using it.

What should you know about components in the liquid or other forms of the nutrient supplement? How is it made? How is it used?

These are just a few questions anyone considering taking these products due to their main component, IGF-1, should ask.

Is Deer Antler Liquid a Reliable Source of IGF-1?

The main and most beneficial component of deer antler liquid, in molecular structure at least, is the presence of IGF-1 or Insulin-like Growth Factor-1.

Its structure is similar to that of insulin. Insulin is a hormone produced in the pancreas, and more specifically the Islets of Langerhans.

Insulin is responsible for regulating the transportation and storage of glucose in the body. The pancreas also produces glucagon, which increases blood sugar levels through conversion of glycogen into glucose.

What does all this have to do with IGF-1? Glucose is an energy source for the body. It stands to reason that insulin-like growth factor will also contribute to energy metabolism processes.

Energy metabolism is responsible for all cellular growth and development, including muscle cells. In fact, IGF-1 is responsible for the regulation of key signal pathways in bone growth.

It’s a peptide hormone mainly produced in the liver but it’s also synthesized in a number of body tissues with capabilities of functioning in a manner of ways.

Deer antler liquid is one of the best ways to take any antler velvet product. Spray and drops are taken under the tongue (sublingual) or into the mouth, resulting in faster and more effective absorption by the bloodstream.

The linings (mucosa) of the inside of the mouth offer a rich blood supply, enabling the medicine to absorb quickly and in its most potent form.

How Does Deer Antler Spray Work?

When looking at numerous liquid products, you’ll find different ingredients depending on manufacturer.

Some come in pure forms while others are combined with a number of vitamins and minerals as well as herbal ingredients that also promote benefits.

Benefits and results have been touted to improve sexual performance, libido, and muscle building capabilities, energy enhancement, and immune system function.

Popular and lesser-known brands manufacture deer antler liquid with vitamins and minerals that enhance absorption and effectiveness such as vitamin B1 (Thiamine) and zinc.

Other supplements include herbal ingredients like Tribulus terrestris for pituitary gland support in the maintenance and function as well as synthesis of testosterone and other hormones.

Deer antler spray and liquid supplements came to the controversial attention of the American public around 2013 in connection with athletes. What’s the big deal?

The liquid contains IGF-1, which is considered a banned substance by most sporting organizations because it is, at its most basic definition, a growth hormone.

Use of performance enhancers of any kind is frowned upon in most sporting circles.

What Does Deer Antler Velvet Spray Do?

Scientific studies that provide verified results in regard to human use are still lacking, although some research has been done regarding benefits of IGF-1 and deer velvet in small animals such as rats and mice.

As an herbal supplement, deer antler liquid is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, though use of the product has been supported scientifically and in compliance with FDA regulations , mainly in treating arthritis.

Other benefits of use include potential for its:

Anti-aging effects

Rejuvenation effects on bone, cartilage, and collagen tissues

Ability to boost immune system function

Potential to aid in circulation

A number of factors when it comes to growth our studies of the have shown deer antler velvet contain numerous cellular structures responsible for growth processes including chondrocytes, chondroblasts, and fibroblasts.

It’s been shown to stimulate cellular growth and growth of body tissues, to enhance metabolism and even sexual performance, although a larger number of placebo-controlled and double-blind studies will need to be conducted to scientifically verify actual results.

Does Deer Antler Work? At what Dosage?

Dosage recommendations for the best deer antler liquid sprays are not yet consistent due to lack of studies. Until then, always follow label instructions in regard to usage.

Protein-based growth hormone is extremely sensitive so be aware that when taken in pill form the product is rendered just about useless because stomach acids involved in digestive processes destroy IGF-1 before it even reaches the muscles.

The velvet patch is more effective than taking the powder or the pills.

While animal studies have shown positive results in the ability of deer antler velvet and IGF-1 to improve restorative processes, and has been used to treat arthritis in animals and some small human studies, more research is required.

There are few deer antler velvet side effects associated with use when used appropriately. However, it is possible for components to interact with morphine and morphine derived drugs, at least in small animals.

Use with caution if you have been diagnosed with a medical condition. Avoid use of deer antler liquid or any form of velvet antler products if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

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