7 DANGERS of Testocyp Alpha Pharma Injections [Bodybuilders Review]

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Testocyp is an underground version of testosterone cypionate, one of the more popular forms of synthetic testosterone used by bodybuilders today.

It was originally designed as a treatment for hypogonadism (low testosterone levels).

Testosterone cypionate is an injection form of the testosterone hormone commonly used in testosterone replacement therapy treatments.

But it is also used by bodybuilders and athletes for performance enhancement.

Alpha Pharma Testocyp Review

Testocyp is manufactured Alpha Pharma Healthcare.

They are a steroid lab based in India that manufacturers anabolic androgenic steroids for sale to athletes and bodybuilders without a prescription.

While they manufacture primarily for athletes and bodybuilders, pharmaceutical grade testosterone is manufactured in laboratories to replace testosterone that is not manufactured in adequate amounts by the male testes.

The endogenous manufacture and secretion of the hormone is the responsibility of the pituitary gland, located in the brain.

When the pituitary gland or the testes are not functioning properly, male hormone deficiencies of testosterone production can result in a number of undesired side effects.

Possible side effects include:

decreased libido

increased fat gains

reduced strength

potential impotence

Synthetic forms of testosterone are often modified with the attachment of an ester or a compound attached to a drug that affects its absorbency rate and length of efficacy.

The Cypionate Ester

The cypionate ester is long-acting, enabling users to achieve the benefits of testosterone over a longer length of time than other forms.

Other common forms of testosterone manufactured today also have esters attached, including:





Each of these esters provides slightly different absorption rates – slower or faster – as well as length of activity, known as the active and half-life of a drug’s mechanism of action.

As such, testosterone enanthate, because of its long half-life, is more commonly favored among bodybuilders and athletes over other forms of testosterone.

Nevertheless, testosterone cypionate has been around for decades, first introduced in the 1930s. The injection form of testosterone, among which Testocyp (testosterone cypionate) that is found is known as “depot“.

The cypionate ester peaks after one to two days following an injection, but the effects of the testosterone are absorbed and released for approximately 10 to 12 days. Some effects can last as long as three weeks.

Testosterone cypionate or the Testocyp product is favored by bodybuilders for its potential to pack on serious muscle, but it doesn’t come without certain risks or side effects.

Alpha Pharma Testocyp

Testocyp, manufactured by India-based Alpha Pharma, is an underground pharmaceutical manufacturer.

The Quality of its products can be on the erratic side, so bodybuilders looking for Testocyp should take the time to research what others have to say about it before purchasing.

Alpha Pharma supplies anabolic androgenic steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs to users around the world without a prescription.

This is a main indicator that it is neither a condoned nor a legitimate or government regulated pharmaceutical manufacturer.

As such, those purchasing Testocyp from Alpha Pharma or its products from other steroid shops around the world are taking a risk when it comes to quality, safety, and ingredients.

Testocyp Uses

Testocyp manufactured by Alpha Pharma is merely another name given to their product, which contains approximately 250 mg testosterone cypionate, typically sold in 1 mL ampoules.

For bodybuilders, the product is beneficial in both cutting as well as bulking cycles, although the drug is more favored for its mass building capabilities than for its cutting capability.

Depending on dosage and frequency of dosage, a number of side effects are not only possible, but likely.

Testocyp does aromatize, meaning it converts from testosterone into estrogen in the male body.

This can produce female-type side effects including:


Water retention


Testocyp can also trigger adverse effects for women. In women, Testocyp has the potential to virilize, resulting in the development of male type characteristics.

Characteristics include but are  not limited to:

a deeper voice

enlarged clitoris

growth of hair on the face or body

smaller breasts

disruption of menstrual cycles

lack of menstruation

Side effects are not always associated with dosage. Women should know that some of the side effects of virilism are irreversible, even when spotted early and the drug is discontinued.

Testocyp 250 Cycle

Testocyp dosage recommendations start out at approximately 250 mg a week, which is quite a bit higher than the dosage recommended for medical treatment.

Some bodybuilders inject as much as 800 mg a week, which can also trigger a number of negative side effects in addition to those associated with aromatization.

Any form of exogenous testosterone can contribute to disruption of normal body functions and can negatively impact or influence:

Cardiovascular function [1] – including high blood pressure, heart rhythm disruption, and for some, cardiomyopathy or cardiac hypertrophy, atherosclerosis, and potential heart attack and/or stroke.

Potential liver damage

Cognition changes


Disrupted reproduction/fertility [2]

Testosterone cypionate (Testocyp) may be one of the more popular forms of injectable testosterone used by athletes and bodybuilders today, but in many cases, the potential for side effects or adverse reactions outweigh benefits.

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