7 Reasons EXPERTS Prefer Deer Antler Spray For Bodybuilding

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Deer antler spray for bodybuilding is getting a lot of attention these days.

It’s supposedly packed with components that are full of health benefits.

These include boosting the immune system, providing effective muscle growth and development, enhancing sexual libido, and treating a number of issues when it comes to health and wellness.

What is it about the product that makes it so effective, and does science back up the claims?

When it comes to muscle gains, does deer antler spray for bodybuilding really work, or is it just more hype promising miracles?

Does Deer Antler Spray for Bodybuilding Really Work?

Deer antler velvet, which is the main component of a variety of deer extract products is harvested annually from male deer.

The animals are not harmed in this process, and they’re not hunted down in the wild either.

One of the major exporters of the velvet in the world is New Zealand, where farmers raise upward of 2,000 native Red deer for this very purpose.

Antler velvet harvesting is not limited to Red deer of New Zealand, but also grows on elk, moose, and caribou.

The velvet contains a huge number of nutrients that promote growth and development at an accelerated rate.

In fact, the velvet is so rich in nutrients that it enables a young male deer to grow a rack that weighs 30 kg in as little as three months. It’s this rejuvenation process that captured the attention of researchers in the first place.

Molecular components that promote rapid multiplication and differentiation of cellular structures that promote the acceleration of growth year after year is something that medical researchers want to know more about.

Antler velvet contains a number of nutrients including but not limited to:

Minerals – iron, sulfur, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc

Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids

Chondroitin sulfate

Amino acids

Growth factors (including IGF-I or insulin-like growth factor-1)

Such elements found in the velvet work together to provide all-around support for growth of antlers.

The chemical composition may contain hundreds of active ingredients and dozens of major, key growth compounds. According to one farm, the velvet, from the base to the tip, is comprised of:

Proteins (53%)

Minerals (34%)

Lipids (3%)

Water (10%)

In addition to roughly 13 growth factors, the amino acids, and 20 glycosaminoglycans, all segments of the deer antler (bottom, middle, upper, and tip) are extremely rich in protein.

The tips of the antlers are where most of the sources of growth factors are found, including IGF-I.

Common Uses Of Deer Antler Spray For Sale

Does deer antler spray work? What ingredients make it so attractive to bodybuilders?

In addition to the above list of nutritional components, a number of spray products also contain herbal ingredients.

These ingredients are designed to enhance the efficacy in boosting libido, sexual performance, to stimulate energy, to protect and improve function of the immune system, and more.

Deer antler spray for bodybuilding is not the only use of this product. It has been studied in regard to its chemistry, uses in pharmacology, and most specifically in its ability to promote cell growth, repair, and rejuvenation.

It should be noted that many studies in regard to potential physiological benefits of deer and other antler velvet have been engaged in cellular functions in a laboratory and some animal studies, although widespread, double-blind and placebo-controlled studies on humans is still lacking.

At any rate, some of the most common uses of antler extract supplements in addition to its use by bodybuilders for physical enhancement include:

Accelerating natural restorative processes of the body

Improving the synthesis of red blood cells

Enhancing circulation (accelerated growth of fibroblasts)

Potential treatment for arthritis (glycosaminoglycan or GAGRA may be beneficial in treating various forms of arthritis). Chondroitin sulfate is the main glycosaminoglycan in velvet important in the synthesis, proliferation, and development of chondrocytes in the production of collagen, connective tissue, and in turn, cartilage.

Clinical data in regard to the benefits for bodybuilding are also under review, but bodybuilders and athletes are especially interested in the product’s ability to accelerate muscle growth, muscle tone, and repair musculoskeletal injury.

Dosage Recommendations, Side Effects, & Possible Interactions With Medications?

Different brands recommend differing dosage information.

Common brands include Lurong and AntlerX. Some products recommend two sprays (in the mouth) while others recommend five per day.

Always be aware that effectiveness of any supplement also relies on a number of factors including age, weight, exercise level and intensity, diet, and lifestyle.

To date, few side effects or adverse reactions are associated with deer antler spray for bodybuilders or others, as long as usage recommendations are followed and with short-term use.

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