7 SURPRISING Natesto Results & Benefits For Bodybuilders

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The benefits of taking Natesto prove overwhelmingly positive according to consumer reports.

A man diagnosed with hypogonadism may need to obtain a doctor’s prescription for this hormone.

This hormone contributes to sexual and masculine characteristics.

This hormone helps a person maintain muscle mass and bone density. This drug is not recommended for use in women.

Natesto Reviews

Natesto is a testosterone nasal gel.

Testosterone is a male hormone but the female body also carries a much smaller amount of testosterone.

Testosterone is the hormone that helps to develop sexual characteristics in men.

It supports male traits such as voice tone, facial hair, and muscle growth. This hormone is produced in the testes of men, the ovaries in women, and in the adrenal cortex in both male and female.

The brand, Natesto is used for testosterone replacement therapy in men when with low testosterone levels.

Natesto is useful in conditions such as hypogonadism, but some athletes and bodybuilders also take it.

How Do You Take Natesto

You take this testosterone replacement therapy intranasal. It comes as a nasal gel in a metered-dose pump container.

Your doctor will explain how to take it and the best dosage for you.

But generally, the Natesto dosage is 11mg, three times a day.

Take two sprays with one spray in each nostril three times a day to equal 33 mg per day of this drug.

After taking this drug replacement for one-month testosterone levels consistently below 300 ng/dL, an alternative treatment needs to be considered.

If after one month of taking Natesto, if testosterone levels are consistently exceeding 1050 ng/dL, discontinue this testosterone supplement.

Your doctor will make these determinations though.

Side Effects

As with all medications, vitamins, minerals, and supplements, there are side effects to be aware of, Natesto is no different.

These side effects include PSA increased, rhinorrhea, epistaxis, headache, bronchitis, nasopharyngitis, and nasal discomfort.

You may experience an upper respiratory infection, nasal scabs, and sinusitis.


You should not take this testosterone drug if you are diagnosed with cancer.

It is recommended not to take Natesto if you are taking other nasal sprays.

Natesto is compatible with Oxymetazoline nasal sprays, a decongestant, but is often not compatible with other nasal sprays.

If you are a woman and are planning to become pregnant, pregnant, or breastfeeding you should not take Natesto as it can harm your baby.

Precautionary Warnings if you have the following issues,

Chronic nasal conditions

Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

Venous thromboembolism

Pulmonary embolism

Women and children should avoid this supplement


Congestive Heart Failure

Heart, renal, or hepatic disease

Sleep Apnea

The doctor must monitor laboratory values for those with heart, kidney, or liver disease.

Natesto may be discontinued at some point as there were talks about that happening, but to date it remains on the Market.

Natesto VS Androgel

Like Natesto, the active ingredient in Androgel is testosterone.

Androgel applied onto the skin can transfer to other people if they happen to touch the used area. Apply to parts of the body that remain covered.

Androgel was FDA approved in late February of 2000.

You can obtain Androgel throughout the United States, but you need a doctor’s prescription.

Androgel is a male drug used to treat decreased libido, weight gain, hypogonadism, and men who have low levels of testosterone due to medical conditions.

It is also used in the bodybuilding arena to help increase muscle mass.

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