7 Ways HGH Stimulators SPEED Up Muscle Growth

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Have you been hearing that your friends at the gym have added HGH stimulators to their bulking routine with fabulous results?

It very well could be true.

As with any hormone, steroid, or supplement that you add to your diet and workout routine, there are bonuses and risks involved with this strategy.

We’ve collected some quick FAQs to help you decide if HGH stimulators are right for you.

What are HGH Stimulators?

HGH stimulators are amino acids and are often found in supplements designed to assist your pituitary glands in the production of HGH.

They are a great way how to increase human growth hormone naturally.

Those that use them can often see an increase in lean muscle mass, renewed energy, and improved muscle elasticity.

You may even experience a sense of wellness you haven’t felt in years.

Popular amino acids lifters use to help boost their HGH levels are Arginine, Lysine, and Valine. Some products can be injected, but many come in pill form and should be taken on an empty stomach for the best results.

Side Effects

HGH stimulators are for the most part safe, but with extended use you can experience side effects such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloating and even develop gout.

Those with respiratory ailments and asthma may see an increase of those symptoms while taking these supplements.

It is recommended that you only take them for up to six weeks and then go off for at least three weeks to allow your system to recover and minimize the effects.

What is HGH?

Human growth hormone is produced by your body at the highest levels prior to the age of 22.

It supports bone growth and is known as the hormone for height, which is why people are often trying to figure out how to increase growth hormone naturally for height.

Children born with a pituitary gland disorder may be given HGH to encourage more natural development. Your body slows its production after you’ve achieved adulthood.

Maintaining healthy HGH levels supports your efforts to build lean, strong muscles and high energy.

How to Increase HGH with Supplements

One of the most popular HGH stimulator supplements is known as GABA, or gamma-Aminobutyric acid.

It can be found in most stores that stock supplements for athletes.

It works with neurotransmitters to provide a sense of relaxation, while supporting HGH production in your body.

Another one that can be used on a fairly regular basis is melatonin, which can support increased production of HGH by 150%.

They both provide key parts of the amino acid string that goes into building the entire HGH protein.

Make sure that your Vitamin D levels are at a decent level. Your doctor can do a blood level for that and give you suggestions on how to raise your vitamin D levels.

Strong vitamin D allows your body to take advantage of HGH to the greatest effect.

How to Increase HGH Naturally

Of course, letting your body be its very best without chemical interference is often the best option. HGH is more actively produced when you stress your body into releasing it.

High-intensity burst workouts that surpass your anaerobic threshold encourage your glands to go into overdrive as your body begins to anticipate a higher demand on its systems.

Getting your eight hours of sleep allows your body to put energy into producing the replenishing HGH. That high-protein/low-carb diet isn’t a joke either.

But you should especially avoid sugary drinks right after working out, that includes Gatorade – even diet Gatorade.

The sugar ingested while your energy levels are up results in a release of somatostatin which works to suppress your pituitary gland.

If you’re looking for natural HGH foods to support higher HGH levels, nothing beats leafy greens like kale, broccoli, cabbage and spinach.

They are naturally rich in Vitamin D, fiber, and have almost no sugars to disrupt your glands from doing their magic.

Look up some smoothie and juicing recipes to create a healthy fluid that helps support your active lifestyle instead of buying cans of garbage at the corner store that contain who-knows-what.

If you’re part of an active gym, talk to the resident nutritionist for more ideas on how eating right can boost your performance at the gym and how to support your body through cutting cycles.

Can You Buy Natural HGH Supplements at GNC?

Yes, GNC has some supplements that can help, including SeroVital HGH and Growth Factor 9.

While HGH stimulators can generally be found at your local vitamin shop and come in a variety of products. A bottle of GABA will run you anywhere from $12 to $30, depending on the manufacturer.

NOW-Triamino is another popular version featuring arginine and lysine. The month’s supply runs for about $15.

Check with your friends for tips on which brand they rely on, as some brands won’t deliver the same quality ingredients as others. Internet reviews are not always reliable. Talk to people you know who actually use the stuff.

HGH stimulators work well to help you build more lean muscle mass, put on those extra pounds you desire, and support your high energy levels needed for your wild workouts.

Longstanding practice among bodybuilders supports their use as an effective means to achieve your goals.

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