7 Ways Sustanon Injections SPEED UP Muscle Growth

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Testosterone injections are often medically recommended as a treatment for chronically low testosterone levels.

Despite discouragement and warnings from the medical community at large and numerous athletic and global sport associations and organizations, Sustanon injection use and other forms are widely popular as an anabolic steroid for bodybuilding and athletic performance enhancement.

Can a Sustanon injection every once in a while really make a difference when it comes to athletic performance or bodybuilding endeavors?

Do the benefits outweigh the risks?

Sustanon Injection Sites

Sustanon testosterone has been used for decades in bodybuilding endeavors, though its primary purpose in development was to treat hypogonadism (low testosterone levels that negatively affect quality of life) in men.

Using any steroid product without a prescription (common among those who don’t use it to treat hypogonadism but for bodybuilding and performance enhancement) is discouraged by the medical community, the Food and Drug Administration, the Drug Enforcement Agency, and numerous sporting and athletic organizations.

Why? Not only because using performance enhancers are considered cheating, but also due to the potential for serious side effects, misuse, overuse, and abuse of this very potent form of testosterone.

It’s important to know what Sustanon is and what makes it so different from other forms of testosterone.

It comes in a variety of milligram strength (100, 250, and 300mg dosages), but all forms contain four different esters that effect half-life, efficacy, and duration of effects. Those forms are:

Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone Phenylpropionate

Testosterone Decanoate

Testosterone Isocaproate

What makes Sustanon injection more preferred than other forms of testosterone shots available today? Because of its potency, fewer injections are needed.

How is a Sustanon Injection Given?

Sustanon is designed to be given intramuscularly, preferably in deep muscle tissues such as those found in the upper leg, the buttocks, or the upper arm. Dosage recommendations differ for medical usage, as well as those offered by bodybuilders.

Do be aware that bodybuilders and athletes tend to use way more Sustanon injection or any form of steroid injectable than is medically recommended.

For example, medical recommendations for Sustanon 250 is a dosage of approximately one injection of 1 mL every three weeks.

However, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, use of anabolic steroids are taken in dosages that are 10 to 100 times higher than those recommended to treat a medical condition.

Also be aware that while muscle gains using Sustanon injection cycles (on-cycle, then off-cycle for specified time frames based on goals) wear off more slowly than other forms of testosterone, muscle gains will gradually decline when the dosages stop.

Nevertheless, all forms of testosterone injectable (prescription-only) were designed as a replacement testosterone therapy to treat male hypogonadism as well as in the treatment of clinical symptoms that include but are not limited to:

Fatigue (chronic sense of weariness)


Decreased or low sex drive


Bone loss (as a result of low hormone levels)


Because of its potency, Sustanon 250 injection and other forms of the testosterone such as implants must be carefully monitored to reduce the risk of estrogenic effects.

Using any form of Sustanon injection when levels of testosterone are already within normal range can contribute to a number of unexpected and rather alarming side effects.

Sustanon Injection Site Swelling

Men with adequate levels of endogenous testosterone but also increased exogenous testosterone injections may experience:

Loss of hair on the body and/or scalp

Testicular atrophy (shrinking testicles caused by the body’s shutdown of naturally produced testosterone to keep levels in check)

Mood swings

Estrogenic effects like enlarged breast tissues in men (gynecomastia)

Erectile dysfunction

Inadequate sperm formation

Decreased libido

High blood pressure

Muscle pain

Edema (fluid retention)

Prolonged (and painful) penile erection

Potential changes in blood cholesterol levels and liver function

More serious risks when taken with alcohol

When it comes to using a Sustanon injection schedule for bodybuilding or other athletic pursuits, be aware that you may also need to combine it with other drugs that reduce the risk of estrogenic effects.

Estrogen levels in men rise in turn with increased testosterone levels.

Use caution in regard to steroids in any milligram strength, especially if you have been diagnosed with a hormonal or metabolic condition.

Hormones must maintain as consistent as possible levels in the body for optimal function. Too much or too little of any hormone can cause a number of physical, mental, and emotional side effects.

The bottom line when it comes to considering taking a Winstrol or Sustanon injection for bodybuilding or enhancement of athletic performance including strength and stamina is to carefully weigh the risks against the benefits.

Other ways to increase testosterone levels, human growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor-1 levels in the body are possible through changes in diet, and exercise intensity.

While results may be slower, they’re safer and longer lasting.

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