A note about clonazolam

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I got 5mg of clonazolam last week, and for the whole time I was using them I was mad that they weren’t doing anything and I even emailed the vendor asking why they ripped me off…

and that’s all I remember doing. I have no memory of last week after I found my package in the mail, up until my very last dose of .125mg, at least I had the sense to taper.

Don’t fuck with this drug, the delusion of sobriety is insanely real, I told my friend not to buy it and some random people on this site that the vendor was shit, which I don’t remember doing.

There’s a video of me dancing at a club and another hanging out in my dorm acting completely normal apart from the fact that I was dancing at the club.

Respect this substance man it’s strong as hell, I’m just glad I didn’t do anything crazy. I know this has been said before but I didn’t listen to it so make sure you do

God being a benzo vendor must suck. Just bar fiends who are convinced their sober sending you incoherent and furious emails all the time.

I took around .08 one morning before breakfast along with a near threshold dose of 2FDCK. Only remember a vague flash of me arguing with my dad about something.

Apparently I was taking my clothes off and using the coffee maker until it overflowed and spilled everywhere while I stood there and blankly stared at it.

I got mine and ended up flushing it down the toilet two days later after arguing with my wife about how not fucked up I was. I don’t remember any of this after about 30 minutes after I got the bottle.

For fucking real.

When I was engaged, I ordered a bag of 60 flualp pellets from a certain big name vendor who got busted by the feds. In one night I took half the bag after she went to bed (classic blackout redosing) and then drank a ton of booze, the bottles of which were scattered around the apartment in the morning. She thought I went on an insane drinking bender and almost gave me an ultimatum.

In retrospect I’m lucky I didn’t stop breathing.

With all the awful shit people post about clonazolam on here I’m surprised anyone still fucks with it. Even the name should be an indicator that it isn’t to be taken lightly – clonazepam is already an incredibly powerful benzo (I would argue one of the strongest non-RC benzos), and adding a triazole ring (making it into clonazolam) is known to make benzodiazepines more potent and faster acting.

My vendor of choice sells it in 500ug doses. Like what the actual fuck is up with high dosage benzo pills. Some kid is gonna get those and pop one or two because they assume one pill is an average dose and they ‘have a pretty high tolerance for drugs anyways’.

An unnamed popular tablet vender sells clam in 1.1mg pills. Even if a kid took one (at least one pill being a dose is pretty common) would black the fuck out for a day and god forbid he gets behind the wheel of a car.

This is why sourcing should be challenging.

I have 0 tolerance and got 1mg pellets, I plan on cutting it into fourths and then cutting a fourth in half to start off but I’m worried because it for sure won’t be accurate as I’m eyeballing a pill size

Insane that I have to cut the pill up that much but then again it’s a little insane to make 1mg instead of .5mg Pellets

I have really bad anxiety when it comes to getting “too high” so I’m exceptionally worried even though I’m going to be taking half of a quarter of a pill (.125) mg

I should probably just crush up the pill and try to volumetrically dose but idk how that would work out since there’s also binding agent and stuff in the mix

Clonazolam was such a poor choice of mine but it was recommended by too many to walk past. Looking forward with apprehension to research it yikes

Eh I’ve dabbled with worse and arguably more addictive substances with few problems

I’m generally responsible when it comes to dosing, I don’t think I’ve ever used any benzo more than once in a week

I really do appreciate that advice though, an when I’m eating my words you can tell me “I told you so” lmao

I hope your taper plan goes well and you get clean friend

After growing up a bit and respecting benzos from all the punishments they’ve dished out to me, I actually use clonazolam pretty responsibly now. I wouldn’t recommend it to people but I like it and I think it has it’s place the same way etizolam and diclazepam do.

I use it all day everyday. About 3 drops of 5mg/ml solution every 3 or 4 hours and function better throughout the day. First thing in the morning I drop a few and continue till bedtime when I take a couple drops of Diclaz for bed. The dilussion of sobriety can be real tho if I deviate even a couple drops more or less. I go to work and pay my bills and am nice to my girlfriend and everything.

I don’t say this to brag or seem badass or stroke my ego or anything just like to say that if you use it responsibly, it can really improve your quality of life, especially if you have anxiety. You just need to find the sweet spot. Also don’t mix with alcohol. Also, I know withdrawal is gonna suck hard but I have reserve diclaz to help taper when my supply dries up. Probably will use until my supplier stops supplying. That will be a sad day.

Tldr: Just highjacking the top comment to give the flip side of the coin. Not looking for a fight cus I don’t care enough to argue but if you have questions about my routine or anything, feel free to ask.

As another has said, that is faaaar from responsible use. You’re going to have wicked withdrawal if you ever run out. I used benzos on and off for 3 years(more on the last year). Withdrawal was worst than heavy opium use.

I barely slept at all the first week and the second week I barely got 3-4 hours of sleep a night. The next two months it was about 5 hours a night(I went to bed early too). Worst hot cold sweats and RLS. My depression and anxiety were through the roof for the next year.

It took a full year before I felt somewhat normal again. Benzos are just a bandaid that makes the wound worse over time. It’s quite easy to convince yourself that your use responsible(especially on benzos).

Anxiety is a normal part of life and it’s a proven fact that benzos make anxiety worst over time(and depression). Good luck(please get off that shit for your own health)! You are loved(and people don’t want you to suffer)!

I disagree in the fact that benzos only make anxiety worse when you stop using them. If you use them for life or taper properly, problems wont be there or will be minor.

Ive been thru CLAM and ETIZ tapers many times before. Done cold turkeys due to doctors being retarded. And done my own taper downs and theres a good smooth way and bad way to getting off benzos.

Me personally id rather be on benzos for life. But if i need to taper i can always do that. Its all about planning your taper schedule and writing down when you take your doses and drop doses and how fast. A journal of some sorts.

How long have you used them? Benzos permanently alter your GABA receptor density and their locations. Like I said, it took a year to feel normal again but now panic attacks are fairly common for me(never had them before).

YMMV but you can’t get out of chronic heavy benzo use without some negative consequences like disruption of the PFC to limbic brain connections. They can disrupt functioning of the PFC which leads to impulsive behavior like drug taking and other risky endeavors(the PFC relies heavily on GABA transmission to inhibit lower brain functions).

This can inadvertently make you want to be on them for life and not see the consequences of ones actions. I used to think just like you.

3 years.

I feel you.

I’m diagnosed with the highest level of anxiety disorder, PTSD, and OCD.

Benzos are the only thing that helps me.

Kratom can help very little but not enough.

Cannabis exacerbates issues

Thanks for the concern buddy. I’ve been using benzos for much longer than that and been thru cold turkey withdrawals and tapers. I made it a priority to prep for the inevitable withdrawal.. I enjoy the person I am when I’m using and people seem to find me more enjoyable to be around too so I’m gonna stick with it. Youre loved too! Keep it real

No, I did a long taper. I would never go cold turkey off of benzos. Nice confirmation bias though! I guess talking bad about benzos rubbed you the wrong way….

I’m curious if you’ve done research into the negatives of a dysfunctional PFC or a GABA system with serious down regulation(which then causes an overactive limbic system)? I won’t make that judgement though because I don’t know you.

Have you heard about the link between benzos, dementia, and alzheimer’s with chronic use? Here’s a link to the dementia study: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5118753/ Research shows that coming off of benzos is more than just “tapering”. Tapering won’t really save your ass if you’ve used benzos long enough. My doctor fucked me over but I still took the “medicine” and made the choice to use.

Even a long taper will leave you with long term negative consequences and a dysfunctional mood(with chronic use). You reap what you sow in the end.

People will defend their benzo use to the death but never want to face the consequences of chronic use (so many take them for life and fail to read research that goes against their beliefs).

My old roommate worked in a benzo lab that used rodents for research. Benzos do serious changes to the brain. These are changes that are not something you can take back after stopping (after chronic use).

A serious look at the neuropharmacology of benzos would scare most people straight. My old roommate used to do opiate research before benzo research. According him, benzos cause way worst changes to the brain than opiates(and I don’t doubt that).

Opiates aren’t good either don’t get me wrong. Though, opiate withdrawal rarely kills people but benzo withdrawal can(without a long taper). Plus there are the negatives of how people act on them… Benzo users do some of the most fucked up things out of any one drug group… Bartard blackout story’s are my favorite though haha.

Yea I’m aware of the links between chronic benzo use and the permanent effects it can have on the brain.

I was merely commenting on how your withdrawal sides sound way closer to what is to be expected from either a cold turkey or rushed taper. I’ve been through several painless tapers but I suppose everyone reacts differently. I suppose you could call that confirmation bias, I apologize.

And no, talking shit on benzodiazepines doesn’t “rub me wrong”. You just made no description of a taper and all the hallmarks of spmeone cold turkeying a benzo habit.

Just because you have an axe to grind against benzodiazepines doesn’t mean I’m getting butthurt.

Yep everyone is different for sure. I did a month and half long taper but honestly I should have used a benzo with a long half life to come off at the tail end(such as Valium). I’m sorry I shouldn’t have been so antagonistic.

One of the reasons why I warn people over and over again about the dangers of benzos is because I’ve lost two friends (opiate combo). I also know two others that seriously went off the deep end and ruined their lives(YMMV).

The one I’m still in contact with has permanent problems because of it(depression, impulse control, terrible short term memory (she used to be sharp), etc.

Before I got off of them completely I danced the withdrawal dance multiple times. I could always handle it but it eventually got worst and worst till my final trip to hell and back. I always managed to trick myself into reasons for using until I had enough negatives. Don’t get me wrong, I think benzos definitely have their uses if used responsibly.

They’re great trip killers and are a godsend for panic attacks/similar situations. They just shouldn’t be taken long term and daily though (except for super severe cases where the person literally has no hope at life without them(PTSD, terminal patients, etc. ).

Even though I lean libertarian, I believe they shouldn’t be schedule 4 imo because the analog law makes it too easy for irresponsible use(if you’re in the USA). Some people just can’t control themselves (although I’m not a fan of the nanny state).

Benzos have a very high chance of abuse compared to most drugs(which doesn’t make sense under current scheduling). Even meth/cocaine is schedule 2 while Cannabis is schedule 1. My opinion is definitely not fair to the responsible users but I’ve seen way too much bad come from benzo use with an infinite supply(I guess that’s a confirmation bias in a sense).

Anyways, sorry again for coming off negative! I don’t want anyone to go through a living hell if it’s avoidable. It comes from love but I could have come across in a better manner. I hope you have a great rest of your weekend!

I’m sorry for your losses. I fully understand why you would want to prevent others from going through what you and your friends have.

If it makes you feel any better, I’ve been using benzodiazepines daily for a couple months after my latest break with the mental gymnastics of “well my last tapers were a cake walk so I’ll just enjoy myself for a bit and then just gracefully exit”. I’m now second guessing that because of our conversation. I was planning on getting some diclazepam in the next few months but I’ll probably get on that sooner now.

Good chat, I hope you have a great weekend as well!

No fucking doubt. It’s the only drug that is about 40% likely to give me a blackout before I (hopefully?) go to sleep, that number drastically increases the more nights in a row I used it to try. Was told on many occasions that I went to bed, then came back up and walk smoking cigs and talking to people just something crazy…. part of the issue, ok; a HUGE part is that my vendors pill press musta been like a steel stamper because I just could not cut these slightly rounded pills without the ultra high chance that it’ll prob just pop out from under the knife; etx, and I was PRETTY CONVINCED that this guy didn’t have his shit together in dosing those m, given the crazy difference id get from pill to pill: I’ve got a crazy tolerance and was using it to ween off dope, one day I took two pills like I always had, hadn’t done dope in weeks, but this time; one or more of the pills was HOT AS FUCK, put me in the hospital. Also like 30% of my vision turned into an “inner eye” type movie protector,Iike whatever I was thinking of or picturing would show up on that “screen” usually all fractaled up/ fun times. Not. Shit permanently messed up my eye muscles and now I need glasses all the time now. TLDR: make SURE you know your dose: and remember that multiple days can stack up on you!

I did the exact same thing. Was emailing a vendor complaining they were bunk. They assured me they weren’t, and sent me another bottle for free. Fast forward a month later, out of Clam, wound up in the psych ward, had a seizure, and what do you know, I remember bits and pieces of the month. A couple snapshots if you will. To sum it up – THEY WERE NOT BUNK. I haven’t had a benzo or RC since. Yikes…..

Two years ago, after surviving horrible withdrawal for two weeks, I got clonazolam powder in the mail. I remember mixing the PG solution, dosing, laying in my bed to wait for it to kick in and…

Cut to the next morning, I came to and saw a vodka bottle nearby and I vaguely remember redosing clonazolam.

Cut to sometime that afternoon, I remember my parents splashing water on my face while I was on my bed.

Cut to the next day at an unknown time, I wake up in the ICU with a tube down my throat and a machine breathing for me. I am very confused and try to pull the tube out until a nurse notices, gets the doctor, and removes it.

Because of the clonazolam, and from deciding to drink vodka in a blackout, I had to be rushed to the ER and placed on a ventilator until it all left my system. I spent the next two or three weeks in the hospital being tapered using Librium.

Prior to that day, I had used RC benzos daily for two years with only one other blackout incident. These drugs are crazy potent and the potential hazards that can come about from a blackout are endless and potentially life threatening.

If you want to fuck with these drugs, take every precaution possible. They no doubt can be great when used responsibly. But even responsible use can have unforseen outcomes.

I’ve been using clam and diclazepam for over a year but pretty low doses I like to cycle one month or so on clam, usually no more that .5mg a day. Then a month tapering with diclazepam from 4mg down to about 1mg a day over some weeks, and repeat. I’ve come to know how I am on benzos, and yes that delusion of sobriety is no joke. I’ve don’t get it much anymore, I think cuz I’ve had time to recognize when I’m in that delusion. I test myself by trying to write a coherent thought and if at any point I forget my point or have to stop to remember what I was writing about. If it’s fluid thinking, I know I need to watch myself til it passes.

Lol reminds me of my only od ever on anything

Considering iv tried thousands of different things it was ativan of all things tooke about 80 mg remember only taking about 10 Then I was at a party and wondering why this guy was telling me to not leave a room. The party melted away into a hospital room I was in the loony bin for the weekend bahaha This was back I’m the day when I could eat sheets of acid and function just fine but this benzos trip where next level from that.

Iv been wanting to try Clam though

One time I had a scary ass black out. Order from my vendor (international) and she sent me a mislabeled bag. I was making solutions and licked my finger (thinking it was etiz no problem). Who knows how much. Luckily someone was there for me that night. Fucking vendor. I woke up the next day like what the fuck

And also another time had some DRC clam pellets stashed after the bust. And finally busted into them a year later no tolerance. Took half of a 1mg and browned out. Last thing I remember I was playing Xbox feeling real good. Then… All of a sudden I’m eating dinner from the local pizza place. I remember eating the frog legs and eating the bones like a dumbass. Said to my roommate damn those frog legs were good but fuck those bones we’re hard to swallow.

He said “… You’re not supposed to eat the bones” I said “Damn, I feel like I knew that”

Out again.

Next day he confronts me and says do you have my change?

I immediately know what happened. I was fucking driving around town in a blackout. My God. So thankful I didn’t ruin my life or anyone else’s.

Still my favorite RC besides 2f I am starting with .25 when my pack comes in. Been benZo free for 3 months now

I have no idea where everyone is getting such potent clonaz. I’ve taken it multiple times but it’s like clam lite. I actually prefer it because i like to function. It acts like pyrazolam for me with a bit more drowsiness so it’s prob weird that I’m not complaining about underdosed clam (I can take 2 mg no prob, just wanted a taste of what it’s like anyway). I’ve never been barred out or blacked out. Just enough to take the edge off of GAD.

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