A-PCYP short review

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So I tried this chem three times this weekend. Twice on Saturday and once today (Sunday). Apologies in advance if Im not following a proper review format. I am writing this in a rush.

Please note that I dont have prior Cathinone experience but have experience with almost all other drug classes.

First time I tried 15mg orally. Effects were noticeable in 45 mins. Kind of like speed but not as powerful. Maybe dose was too low. Reminded me of the ecstasy pills that were going around in early 2000 a bit but not as strong. Maybe felt like half a pill or even less. I would say this first try reminded me of a light dose of speed. Effects started to wear off in two hours at which point I took another 15mg this time nasally. Effects came on in 30 mins and were similar. Felt a bit speedy but again not as present and very subtle. About an hour after this dose i took a 75mg dose of O-DSMT. It felt like the O-DSMT high and euphoria was magnified and certainly lasted longer. I enjoyed combining A-PCYP with this dose of opiod on the way down and I found them synergic. At night I did notice slight visuals on the ceiling!

Overall I wasnt that impressed with this chem. It could be that I didnt take enough or did not use the most optimal ROA but in general im not a fan of speedy chemicals. If i take this again it will only be to potentiate the opiod euphoria.

I keep having night mares about my family finding me overdosed on this SPECIFIC chem despite having never used it.

I’m definitely gonna pick up a g of this from what I’ve read and figured how it would be if could be a nice stim since I don’t prefer hard pushy stims nearly as much sounds a bit more relaxed

That’s… Weird and not correct.

MDPV was hella strong in low oral doses.

Slightly too large a dose or too much on a redose (even 3-4 hours after the initial) could easily leave you feeling cracked out.

I think the thing is that most people don’t bother with oral, because most people interested in pyros are looking for Meth 2.0

Whether the newer gen pyros have limited oral activity I can’t say… But I can tell you the first couple generations could be eaten with strong effect.

Man I’ve been doing this stim IV and in high doses it’s comparable to a shot of adrenaline imo. But after 24h I feel really broken took some bup to calm me down but I’ll be on that syringe in 1h as soon as I’ve calmed down believe me.. I have a habit to be obsessed to finish everything I got (3g). My shots have been 0.2-0.5 and I can tell you please don’t take this much, it’s fucking dangerous.. I can feel the pressure on my chest and my back muscles just getting fucking tense..

And if you IV, the rush comes after 1.5-2 mins so don’t do like me and push an beginning shot of 0.4 straight in the fucking bloodstream.

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