A Psychedelic Cocktail (Trip Report)

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I had this experience months ago and wrote the report on Discord then. This is a slightly edited copy paste from there.

Did the biggest psych cocktail of my life last week.

200ug LSD

25mg 2cb

10mg 4-aco-dmt

20mg 4-ho-met


It was very interesting to say the least. I started with acid, after about 30 minutes I snorted 4-ho-met and ate the rest. Hopped into the shower and stayed there until I was coming up hard. There are a lot of gaps that I don’t recall properly, but my wife says I spoke to myself -full on conversations- a couple times in combination of languages, starting with English and ending it with my native one… I was mostly in bed enjoying both OEVs and CEVs. At one point I got really spaced out looking at a purple box in a transparent plastic drawer. It got me in it really hard and the whole room turned into a chamber with dark purple neon lights flashing all around. I normally do whippets on almost all psychedelic trip, but something in me told me not to this time and even though I know it would be real crazy, surprisingly I followed that instinct and didn’t balloon it.

Never had that level of visuals before. It felt like there was a whole curtain, or a layer of visuals placed on my eyes. Not only what I was looking, but also my peripheral vision had full-on vibrations, traces, and color explosions for hours and hours.

Normally, LSD = sex for me and I love it on any psych, but this time it was really distracting and confusing, but hey doesn’t matter had sex. 😀 After about 10 hours I got mentally exhausted and took 1.5mg of Xanax. Visuals awfully dulled, head space cleared, but I turned into a massive dumb ass. I could see my wife talking to me, I could hear the words, but was not able to comprehend anything. She was understanding, and after some ”F is For Family” (funny Netflix show, recommended) we went to bed. I thought I’d be able to sleep, but that didn’t happen. Being in a dark room for couple hours tossing and turning, feeling the experience’s toll on me already. Got up to the bathroom, and turned on the lights to wash up. It was really interesting because I believe Xanax affects were worn off (lasts 4 hours AFAIK, time frame checks out) and looking at myself for 5 seconds in the mirror, pulled me into this unexpected visual feast, and thick head space again.

In bed, headphones on, watching trippy videos on and off. At one point, I got so fucking lost in it, I caught myself talking to myself with a confused expression, my hand on my chin literally like Rodin’s Thinker sculpture not knowing what I was even thinking about.

I was able to fall asleep around 6am, but woke up with something I experienced for the first time and want to call a psychedelic hangover. Dealt with that for couple days, but I’m fine now. It was really interesting, but I’m not planning it on doing something like that again any time soon. Sorry for the messy trip report and wall of text.

Really interesting read, which tells me what it would be like to do that in the future. Your brain must have made some pretty exotic connections.

How was the ego dissolution on it? Did your sense of self change much during the experience or was it mostly visual? Any euphoria? I kind of imagine you’re probably going to say yes to all these things, just that it was moving extremely fast, haha.

Also, what did you mean by a ‘thick head-space’? That was a very interesting way to describe things, and it was cool how you said that staring at yourself in the mirror pulled you back into noticing the effects full on again, almost like identifying with yourself grounded you to how you’re still not yourself.

And you were awake until 6am! Must have been exhausted, haha. What were the cognitive effects to your recovery like afterward?

You must be a fun dude. Safe psych travels, brother. I’ll probably megadose multiple RC’s too at some point. I wish you luck, and hopefully we can take back more of its insights every day.

I rarely read entire trip reports but after I took one look at that cocktail I had to know more lol. I felt like I was there with you, I like your writing…mfw THICK HEADSPACE

My question is why didn’t you take more xan when it was apparent sleep wasn’t happening? Still trippin too hard and lost track of time?

A few weeks back I took 10 tabs of 1plsd, 120mg of 4homet, and 80 mg of 4acodmt.

Went through the stages of evolution lol, music and sound was warbled and I felt it physically but couldnt hear it and I felt deflated. Saw fields of 10ft tall grass and I was seeing constellations all in my room. I was moving through the imaginary grass and then I thought I was a monkey. Then I started seeing ancient scriptures on my wall and felt like I could almost read it but once I thought that they were gone. Watched a Spanish movie called Tic Toc and after it I felt like I could speak spanish for a bit haha.

Don’t be like me, was totally a good experience but mixing at those doses is stupid and dangerous.

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