accidently wrote a trip report on adderall. here’s what happened when i took 230 ish milligrams of 4-ho-mipt while on 3 meo pcp

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i had been doing 3 meo pcp for the past few days leading up to it so my decision making process was a bit impaired though. i had a 250mg bag that i dipped into earlier with disappointing results so i took significantly more, didn’t feel anything, and basically said fuck it and swallowed the rest of the powder.

i was tripping good around then and tried to watch cheers on netflix but i kept losing the plot and restarting it so i could understand it better. it was near the end of the show, i think some kind of thanksgiving special or something, and i remember watching this part over and over again where they had these shitty cheap decorations up at the bar. eventually my phone ran out of power and i had that idea of the place being dirty and cheap in my head, and i started wandering around my house. there was dirt all over my bed and my room was messy so i cleaned up a bit, while i was getting these weird non visual hallucinations. over the course of the night i understood what was being said better and came to different conclusions, the first being that i needed to speak out loud. it’s hard to explain but it was like there was this invisible barrier between my thoughts and audible words that i couldn’t quite comprehend, and that soon i would need to be able to actually say something. there was this idea of getting a message out and accepting my true potential, but not in the human sense. like becoming an individual of great fictional power was entirely achievable, if i had the willpower. it wasn’t this exactly but for some reason i imagined this to be something like buzz lightyear from toy story.

this started when i saw this old painting of a dragonfly my sister made in elementary school, i became mesmerized by it and the visuals (some kind of black wispy smoke or something?) coming from it. my memory is very selective from here on out and there’s a lot i don’t remember (like taking off my clothes, apparently they were in the ditch outside), the progression of time was non linear which is why i’m describing it like this rather than a series of events. so i went back to my room, i guess after ripping some paintings off the walls and throwing pillows everywhere, and the 4 corners caused another weird semi visual semi audible hallucination. i was thinking about this idea of being this higher being, not god at that point but the buzz lightyear thing, and i realized that i had been insecure about my own voice for as long as i remember, and i needed to speak out loud. that’s not what i was actually thinking, normal thoughts were subconscious and all i could hear to myself was the pcp narration. i was being exposed to some really weird, not fucked up but just plain weird part of my psyche showing me that i wanted to be some powerful edgy superhero or something. it’s on the tip of my tongue but all i can transcribe is the word ‘spooky.’

around then i went outside, at this point i think i took my shirt off. there was this theme of mystery and understanding, i wish i could say more but it really wouldn’t make any sense. from this point on i was basically in a trance, i attached meaning to random objects and words that i had come to understand as i guess the password to become god. i can actually remember some of it, i think it started with 4 7 0 0 1 squidward and then cat box or litter or something. at some point my sister and mom were there (like actually there, i thought i was hallucinating them though) and were understandably freaked out. some of the password/mantra i was repeating to myself was what my mother said as she was calling the police, she was saying i was naked and on drugs and one of the phrases was something along those lines and ‘crack cocaine.’ i was back inside and going through my house where i was seeing my hallucinations in reality (like not squidward but i looked at the catbox and dragonfly and stuff). then the cops were there and one of the words was 3 meo pcp (the cop reading the label on my baggie). suddenly it became clear and i had memorized the sequence, if i said it i would ascend to a higher plane and be god. the events repeated themselves until i got near the end of it and was about to break through as the cops were trying to calm me down. at the end i knew i would have to say one word out loud so i yelled pcp over and over as the cops tased me. then i got shot with ketamine and was taken to the hospital, where i looked over what i was doing and slowly came back into my body. i think they put me on anti psychotics or something to bring me down when i was in the hospital, they asked me a bunch of questions but i was way too fucked to think fast enough to answer anything.

yeah i guess that’s it, i guess this isn’t nearly as entertaining of a story from my point of view than what actually happened (i ran around outside naked, started screaming gibberish and did all kinds of weird shit like randomly making my body go limp or dancing, violently resisted arrest, and was tased repeatedly while yelling the word ‘pcp’ over and over)

In my understanding, up to 5mg/kg of ketamine intravenously is used for anesthetic purposes. For the average 175lb/80kg male you’re looking at a maximum of ~400mg of IV ketamine. Bioavailability of intranasal (snorted) ketamine is between 25-50% compared to ~100% bioavailability when administered intravenously, 93% when administered intramuscularly. I’d assume (not a medical professional nor am I in the field whatsoever) that they’d choose IM over IV if you’re thrashing about for fear of missing a vein.

Therefore some anesthetic doses could be similar to a 1000mg+ intranasal ketamine experience.

The original news article I had marked is no longer a valid url, but yes its a k-hole+ dose to fully anesthesitize and restrain the person from hurting themselves or others. In the heat of the moment, they have no idea how much you weigh so I think they go heavy. I would not be suprised if its enough to cause some serious amnesia and only remember being high AF and come to strapped down and disassociated.

3 meo and all the other pcp derivatives scare the shit out of me now.

I had a similarish scenerio where I overdosed on 3meopcp while being drunk, on a plethora of benzos, some dope and some tryptamines.

Obviously that’s not a good combo for anyone, but I just started the night off with a slightly higher dose than normal of the 3 meo. I’d been taking it once of twice a week for months. IDK if it wasn’t dissolved all the way and maybe I got a clump or something, but I went full on manic and went off the rails. Did all the other drugs I listed, idk why. I was blacked out for the half of it. Woke up in the hospital.

I don’t fuck around with pcp anymore. It can be fun as shit but the line between fun and manic is thin as fuck.

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