Ald-52 dose?

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I know (my) very high, yet still fun and manageable dose of lsd at somewhere between 400-450ug.

I have come across a batch of ald52 and am questionable as to what dose to try. From what I understand, I may have been mistakenly underdosed for years on my blotters so I dont actually know my numbers. And now this stuff, it’s said to more “accurately dosed” because of lab.

What are your opinions on this?

Update: I took a few weekends to try some. Last weekend doing 200, was a very slow 3 hour come up, but was a solid trip.

Yesterday I tried 4 and it was out of this world. I peaked within half hour, fastest I ever have.

Clearly all previous lsd I’ve had was very weak blotted. I love how predictable these squares are. I know where I will be at for every additional one, every time.

But the total trip seems to be longer than I’ve been used to. Couldnt sleep for 24 hours after drop lol.

I spent the last 4 hours just “rolling” on my bed staring at the ceiling feeling the most amazing bodily sensations ever. Just tripping out deep, beautifully.

I love this more than any lsd(s) I’ve tried so far. It’s that new life changing trip all over again like my first time. Top stuff

Hey I can help with this! I coasted on a ten pack of ald from the lizards for a while. If you seriously think there’s a chance you haven’t been getting the strongest tabs, go for 2 to 2.5 in a comfortable setting if you want it stronger. I would compare 2 ALD tabs to like 3 or 3.5 of the “decent” street acid that’s been around my area at least. It lasts a while, and the come up for me takes a little longer. That said it has more of a comfortable vibe than l25 and a lil less speedy.

I always start with two as a baseline of any lysergamide. Ive done pretty much every one over the years though so I know how they affect me on a whole.

I find ald slightly less potent than 1p and lsd. It also takes a long ass time to kick in. Just don’t make the redose mistake.

If you are used to 400+ lsd and it WAS properly dosed 200-300 of ald will be a walk in the park.

Yeah it’s highly likely the “400-450ug” you think you’ve consumed was more like 200-300ug, most tabs are severly underdosed.

To be safe I’d start relatively low, like only 200ug since it seems like that’s a dose you’d be comfortable with. However if it was me I’d start even lower, at 100ug just to get a feel for the new substance

Always start a new substance low. You can’t gauge street tabs so who knows what dose you have been taking. I would recommend 150mcgs. That would definitely give you the feel for ald52 and then you can adjust accordingly for your next trip. You can always take more, you can’t take less.

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