ALD 52 on plain blotter

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Today I received my 75ug blotters of ALD 52 (1A LSD) from a northern purveyor of various indoles. Oddly enough, they are on plain white perforated blotter.

I’m going to test them of course and I’m sure they will be what they were advertised as, but its the first time I’ve seen RC lysergamides from a reputable vendor that weren’t on blotter with at least the chemical name on it.

It’s already weird that these blotters were discounted 75ug hits (tho this ended up being perfect for me and my sensitivity to psychs).

Anyway, have any of the rest of you ever gotten plain tabs like this, or have you tried this latest batch from these folks?

I don’t know about ALD-52 but my EiPLA tabs are white. Pretty sure MiPLA is white too but I’d have to check

Yeah that’s what I was trying to say kinda, that I will test it because I always test my drugs, but that it won’t tell me much of anything. And like you said, this vendor is reliable in my experience.

Now with all the people talking about the eipla and mipla coming on that I have a worry in the back of ny head I got one of those, but it’s more likely they just have been laying lots of stuff on plain blotter lately I suppose? Do companies like this lay their own blotter or get it prelaid from

I got 100ug of ALD on a plain blotter from a vendor. It was ALD, not EiPLA or MiPLA.

75ug? Those bastards better not be charging the same as they were for 100ug and 125ug back a few years ago. I’d have to take at least 4 of those at 75ug lol

While I feel that my message won’t be of much service, here we go anyway

I do believe we received very similar products, the paper sounds to have the same appearance.

Never taken this chemical before, and had been looking forward to the trip for a very, very long time.

Long story short, I received my mail containing one dose, double the strength of yours, on the same paper. I was aware that my daily meds could dull my experience, but they really killed it, and I was left holding my bags without a trip. Definitely not implying that it was the product, 2CB, MDMA, SHROOMS, and DMT all duds. I am mostly sharing that it didn’t kill me.

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