Alpha Tren HONEST Review [Legal Alternative to Trenbolone]

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What is Alpha Tren and why do bodybuilders want to use it?

It is a natural sports nutrition supplement that is inspired by the steroid Trenbolone.

Bodybuilders who use real Trenbolone to get gains in muscle mass often make the same complaint:

Trenbolone can deplete the body of its natural Testosterone levels.

As such, many of those individuals turn to natural dietary supplements in the hopes that it can boost their natural Testosterone levels and ultimately their performance at the gym.

Note, however, that supplements cannot and do not provide the same dramatic results as steroids.

Despite that, bodybuilders who choose to use dietary supplements such as Alpha Tren find that the supplements are a safe and legal solution with moderate results.

So are dietary supplements like Alpha Tren a good backup plan to Trenbolone?

While the forums are filled with mixed reviews of Alpha Tren, perhaps other natural supplements can provide better results.

Alpha Tren Supplement Reviews

Natural supplements inspired by real steroids are a fast-growing market.

Due to the potential legal and health risks of using Trenbolone, as well as the reported effect it has on Testosterone, bodybuilders have begun to search for safe and legal Testosterone boosters.

Alpha Tren is one of those products that has been gaining popularity in the supplement world.

Alpha Tren, a purported muscle promoting formula commonly sold in a bundle with Power Boost X, is taken by bodybuilders in the hopes of gaining lean muscle mass.

While some Trenbolone users have reported a loss of libido, those who have used Alpha Tren report that it boosts the libido and improves performance in the gym.

Alpha Tren Ingredients

Alpha Tren is a natural supplement comprised of the following ingredients:

Horny Goat Weed: Horny Goat Weed is said to support the purported libido boosting effect of Alpha Tren.

It is an herb reputed for its ability to improve sexual performance by boosting libido while providing a boost of energy.

Tribulus Terrestris: Tribulus Terrestris is included in Alpha Tren as the main ingredient to promote endurance and muscle building.

Tribulus Terrestri is believed to be a natural testosterone booster, and is taken to improve circulatory conditions and support the flow of blood throughout the body.

Improved blood flow is linked to better workouts with improved endurance.

Where to Buy Alpha Tren

Purchasing Alpha Tren isn’t the easiest task.

Alpha Tren isn’t available for sale in retail stores like GNC or Amazon, and the bulk of the information about this supplement comes from “review” websites. There does not appear to be an Alpha Tren website.

Among the vast majority of reviews, reviewers comment on the risk-free trial and the authenticity of the natural ingredients used.

One reviewer explained their experience with how the trial actually worked.

According to this person, the product ships after only the shipping and handling ($5) is paid. However, merely two weeks after the initial purchase, a bill of $89.95 will be sent out to the customer.

Some buyers felt that the terms of the trial were misleading. There is also an observed lack of disclosure about the ingredients or research backing up the claims of the product. Some buyers have also reported mediocre results.

These are the main disadvantages of purchasing Alpha Tren that athletes and bodybuilders discuss online.

What Is Trenbolone?

To understand the need for Testosterone-boosting dietary supplements inspired by the anabolic steroid Trenbolone, having a background on Trenbolone is helpful.

Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate (Tren hex) is more recognized by the brand name Parabolan. The most common form of Trenbolone used today is Trenbolone Acetate.

Why do bodybuilders use Trenbolone?

Performance users inject Trenbolone in the hopes of improving muscle mass.

Additionally, individuals who use Trenbolone believe that it improves the effectiveness of workout sessions through:

Increasing nitrogen retention, allowing for muscle building

Improving stamina through increasing red blood cell count

Possible adverse side effects of using Trenbolone may include:

Cholesterol changes

Acne and hair loss

Insomnia and night sweats

Rapid heart rate

Erectile dysfunction and loss of libido due to the increased likelihood of natural testosterone production slowing down


Natural testosterone levels are reported to be lowered through the usage of Trenbolone, which accounts for some of the possible side effects of Trenbolone usage.

Because of the risk it poses to the body’s natural endocrine system, combined with the other dangers of Trenbolone, experienced bodybuilders consider it an anabolic steroid for advanced users only.

Although Trenbolone was once used as a prescription drug in France, the drug is no longer even prescribed for human use.

Despite that, Trenbolone is still purchased by bodybuilders —on the black market.

Note that any and all purchases of illegal anabolic steroids on the black market come with the risk of counterfeit products, dirty and contaminated gear, and legal penalties.

Other Alternatives to Alpha Tren

What Is Yohimbe Bark?

Yohimbe bark, Pausinystalia yohimbe, is the bark of an African tree which is believed to be a both an aphrodisiac and an ancient treatment for erectile dysfunction.

However, bodybuilders warn that Yohimbe should be avoided by anyone with a liver or kidney condition.

As a positive, this supplement is easily found in retail stores such as GNC or Walmart, as well as online.

What About Trenerol?

Trenorol, sold through Crazy Bulk, is a natural alternative to Trenbolone.

According to Crazy Bulk, Trenerol may be used in both cutting and bulking cycles.

Bodybuilders use Trenerol to help them with mass muscle gains.

As a natural supplement, Crazy Bulk is upfront about its active ingredients, which include nettle leaf and samento inner bark.

The reviews listed on Crazy Bulk’s site indicate that many users are happy with this product, and claim it has few (if any) harmful side effects.

Purchasing through Crazy Bulk is convenient for shoppers. Shipping is free worldwide, and the site contains secure billing processes.

Regardless of which Testosterone booster an individual opts for, note that dietary supplements (even the boosters) are not steroids themselves, do not contain steroids, nor do they deliver the same dramatic results as anabolic steroids.

While these products can provide significant results, the most important aspect of using natural supplements is that dietary supplements like Alpha Tren and Trenorol are legal and regulated.

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