Am I correct in assuming that 4F-MPH usage would cause a positive test for Ritalin?

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I know that 4F-MPH is a close analog of Ritalin, and from the name (4-flouromethylphenidate) I’m just guessing that it’s Ritalin (methylphenidate) with 4 fluorine atoms included. Seems like it would cause a positive result for Ritalin but I don’t know much about how that works; anyone have experience with this? And if it does, would anybody know if it would take longer to leave my body due to the significantly longer half life and duration of effects?

4F means that the fluorine position is in the 4 position, not that there are 4 of them.

It shouldn’t test positive. If it got an initial positive for ritalin (like with a strip at the testing site), the confirmation at the lab would not be positive, as 4 fluoro methylphenidate has a different molecular weight and behaves differently than plain methylphenidate spectroscopically

Thank you! You sound like you know what you are talking about. I don’t suppose you happen to know if the presence of this similar molecule would raise suspicion? Are the testers able to tell exactly what it is?

The testers could technically perform other tests to figure out the exact identity of the compound, but that isn’t their job. They simply screen against the drugs specified in the panel and verify any initial positive results. It would be prohibitively expensive to look into all of the compounds found in a urine or blood sample simply to see if they’re druglike. When they want to do more rigorous testing, they add more compounds to compare against (this happens a lot in the military, as people use synthetic cannabinoids to evade testing), but an employment or probation test will simply be a standard 5 or 10 panel screen

Do you know if this would be the same but 4-fa and 4-fea would test positive with a test strip for amphetamine but when sent to a lab would not be confirmed for amp/methamp? I am assuming it would not be positive in the lab test but prefer info from people like you who have physically tested the idea.

Yes it’d be the same case for 4-FA/4-FMA/4-FEA. If the molecular mass is off, then they’ll know it was another compound and thus a false positive

“Would anybody know if it would take longer to leave my body due to the significantly longer half life?”

That is literally the definition of significantly longer half life.

Wait, so you tested positive for cocaine after not using cocaine, just alcohol and 4F-MPH? Are you certain there was no cocaine in the 4F-MPH? Lol

I think the alcohol made the MPH react to EPH (ethylphenidate) which might share some metabolites with ethylcocaine, which is cocaine + ethanol. Who knows what reagent samples the urine testing lab looks for…

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