AMAZING Testenat Cycle Results & User Reviews

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Testenat is a powerful anabolic steroid that is composed of testosterone enanthate.

It is often prescribed for testosterone replacement therapies in males who may experience lower testosterone during adolescence.

It is also popular in the bodybuilding community due to its muscle building benefits as well as its ability to show significant and immediate effects while lasting for a few days.

It is an intramuscular steroid that has a strong androgen effect and is utilized by bodybuilders to build muscle mass.

It is also becoming increasingly popular among female bodybuilders who use steroids to increase muscle mass.

Testenat Review

Testenat is an actual steroid product and not a supplement.

It is injected into the muscle to produce the intended effects of increasing testosterone in the body to gain lean muscle mass.

Testenat is available in a liquid form and is delivered via intramuscular injection.

Some users may experience more pain with these particular injections, so if you react to injectable steroids, this may not be your best option.

Users say that the initial injections are the most painful and the pain becomes less after repeated use.

Testenat Landerlan

Some of the manufacturers of Testenat include Empils, Landerlan, and Genesis, although there are other manufacturers or the product out there.

While there are multiple brands available some of the most widely sold are the brand names Testenat Amp, Testenat-50, and Testoviron.

While the highest fat loss and muscular increase were detected with adults who utilized a Testenat dosage of 600 mg per week, it is recommended that beginners start with 200 to 300 mg per week and build up the amount with each additional cycle.

Injections can be done once or twice a week by breaking the milligrams in half for each dose.

The number of injections per week is often dependent on the user’s ability to tolerate the repeated injections as well as how they react to the dosage.

Testenat Results

With proper nutrition and a diet high in protein, users can expect to see an increase in weight of 15 to 30 lbs after a seven-week cycle.

If done with a proper weightlifting and exercise routine, most of this gain will be muscle mass with a few pounds accounted for water gain.

But results will be different for everyone, and they don’t come without a high risk of side effects.

Testenat Side Effects

There can be a broad range of side effects depending on how high you are dosing and how long you use the product.

Some users may experience few to none.

Side effects of Testenat can be more extreme if you have a pre-existing condition or other health problems before starting a cycle.

Side effects can affect different body systems and include:

Myocardial Infarction – Users with pre-existing heart complications are at a higher risk for a myocardial infarction.

Stroke – Using too much of the steroids can lead to stroke and other cardiovascular conditions.

Fluid Imbalances – Your body can retain to much water, sodium, chloride, and potassium, which lead to fluid imbalances in the body.

Gastrointestinal Problems – Users have reported nausea and in some severe cases liver disorders, hepatocellular neoplasms, and peliosis hepatitis.

Blood Disorders – Excessive bleeding and problems with blood clotting have been reported with extended use.

Metabolic Problems – Overuse can cause metabolic issues such as an increase in serum cholesterol.

Vascular Disorders – There have been reported cases of blood clots.

Inflammation – Some users may experience significant pain at the site of injection as well as swelling and inflammation.

Skin Conditions – Skin problems that can occur include acne, increase in oil production, and baldness.

Gynecomastia – Gynecomastia is a noncancerous increase in male breast tissue that sometimes requires surgery to correct.

Nervous System Conditions – Prolonged use has been linked to anxiety, nervousness, headaches, increased of decreased libido, and paresthesia.

Birth Defects – Taking Testenat during pregnancy can result in significant birth defects. Therefore female bodybuilders should exercise caution when taken during childbearing years.

Where To Buy Testenat

Testenat is available by prescription for conditions such as low testosterone and hypogonadism but is most easily purchased at one of the many online pharmacies.

You can find this product for sale for a price from $25 to $20 for 4 ml.

For bodybuilders looking to increase muscle mass, Testenat may be an option for you, but understand the risks before taking.

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