aMT, an experience so wonderful it blew my mind

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I managed to find aMT freebase from a trusted vendor. This was checked using 11 different reagents to confirm it is the right substance.

Similar substances I have tried are MDMA and 6APB, as well as many different lysergamides, phenenthylamines, and tryptamines.

The experiment used 40mgs in a gel cap. This substance truly is stinky, for those of you wondering. I was able to smell it through the box when it arrived, and through the plastic baggies it came in. I repackaged it in an amber vial to not stink up my place. It smells like DMT that went off. Not very pleasant, and I don’t know what the taste is, I didn’t dare try.

+00:20 I start to notice some weird visuals. It feels like everything is moving but if I stare at something it doesn’t move. It’s like all the movement takes place in my perifery. This phenomenon increases in intensity over time, and I can recall discussing with my friend that I felt I was tripping balls, though I could read and see clearly. It was very weird.

Another thing to note, contrary to what I was expecting, this was the easiest drug to consume I have ever tried. Any other drug I have ever used orally has brought me some discomfort in the core of my body. Coming up is usually accompanied with nausea and occasional vomiting with all substances I have tried. In this case the comeup was so fast that I didn’t feel discomfort during the whole experience at any point, which is still hard for me to believe. Maybe it’s because I took 4 grams of L-arginine that day as well…

+00:45 There was a noticeable psychedelic headspace, with the first hour being rather confusing, but definetly something manageable, and I would feel comfortable taking it in a club, per sé. At this point it really started to feel closer to 6APB, as the rolling started. It’s not a very intense roll, but it is constant and very pleasurable.

This all continued for a couple hours. During that time I watched some amazing shows and time really flew by having conversations with my GF.

+04:30 the psychedelic headspace starts to diminish greatly. I caught myself thinking that it was gone, but it would then return for a few minutes. It kept returning in waves until about +06:00.

From hour 6 to 10 there was no headspace at all, just a very light euphoric feeling in my body and increased mood and music appreciation remained. It was not very stimulating, but it was definetly not sedating. After hour 10 there were no very noticeable effects, but sleep wasn’t possible till at least hour 13. I spent a long time in bed trying to fall asleep, since I had shit to do today, I skipped melatonine or benzos, but I’m sure they would help greatly.

Weed was amazing during the whole experience, but then again, when isn’t it?

This is now one of my favorite compounds, and I really hope it becomes available to the rest of you outside NL soon. I will be ordering more to last my a long long time. As always before trying a new compound, please read up on it fellow researchers. aMT could be very dangerous and deadly when mixed with certain substances, so make informed decisions when choosing combinations, don’t go for a high dose your first time, and don’t use too often, it is an S releaser. Next time I will combine it with shrooms or a tryptamine for increased visuals.

Let me know if you have questions or if there is anything I can clarify.

Stay safe and happy researching!

Story time: back in the day I ordered some ethylphenidate from a vendor to help get through some tiring shifts at work. Get the mail, it’s an unlabelled baggie, it looks way more than the 100 mg or so that I ordered and it stunk heavily. By looking at what the vendor had for sale and the smell as a clue I was able to hypothesize I had gotten a half gram of AMT by accident. I wait for a weekend until the roomates are gone and measure out ~15mg, take it on a Saturday morning and sure enough things start getting trippy. It really is a nice one eh? Lush body sensations and towards the end I had visuals similar to MDMA. Day long duration. That was mightily needed too, I had been abusing codeine and I sat down with myself, forgave myself, and ended up really turning things around from there. Getting that AMT by mistake was a blessing and I put it to work far greater than if I had gotten some short lived kicks from the ethylphenidate. It’s not what I ordered, but it was what I needed.

Tried this a few months ago (still have a 40mg capsule in my cupboard for a rainy day lol). Definitly a cool high. I am unsure how much I took, just dumped a tiny bit onto toilet paper, balled it up and swallowed it. I didnt feel it after and hour or so, so I took a little bit more. It still took a while, like a few (2-4) hours, for me to feel anything. I dont have exact time line since it’s been a while. But visuals were first. I could see every blade of grass. Then started to feel it in my body. I can only describe it as feeling like cocaine on the inside but a muscle relaxer on the outside. Wanted to move and do things but my body was heavy and relaxed. My mood was euphoric and talkative. I wanted to be outside, in nature. The stimulant part lasted about 36 hours for me. Wouldnt mind doing it again but only when I would have the time for the high to come down then 2 days to sleep it off. The easiest come down I have ever had from any drug though.

αMT was a weird one for me, I took quite a high dose (60mg) and at the time it was great – it reminded me more of amphetamine than a psychedelic, even though I did have slight visuals. In fact, I say amphetamine but it actually was more like mephedrone, a definite serotonergic effect. But yeah, it lasted a bit too long and I couldn’t sleep (I took it at like midnight, bad mistake) – the next day of the festival was pretty shitty, a lack of energy and enthusiasm, only combated by large amounts of strong cider.

By the evening I was feeling OK, probably because I was drunk. Took some MXE and some speed, had a great night!

But most of that day was not fun, I just felt apathetic and drained. To be honest I would have preferred some 2C-B or ketamine x cocaine on the previous night, would have felt better and probably been able to sleep more easily.

I think it’s a worthwhile compound, but if you take it late you should have benzos on hand unless you wanna go all night and next day. Probably a good drug to take early on in a party situation, but I still prefer 2C-B or even acid when dosing early at festivals. In fact, I had another great festival time with multiple small bumps (probably 4x~5mg) of 3-MeO-PCP early on (2-8pm), with 2mg of etizolam spaced out. Then about 9pm 200ug of 1P-ETH-LAD (when the main acts were starting to play, (Deathmachine and Hellfish were sick, and some US mentalist called Drumcorps), then more bumps of 3-MeO and ketamine later on. With some coke and speed. Probably the best combo of my life, music was sick and I felt like a god

how does it hold up to 2c-b? I always wanted to try it but couldn’t justify its releasing agent properties, when I could get already something more intense with both mdma and the bees.

It’s a bit different. Not a replacement for a nexus flip IMO. It’s a lot more relaxed than mdma, but also an MAOI as I understand, so it has the potential to become a very profound psychedelic experience if you mix it with the correct substance.

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