Anavar in Italy—Is Oxandrolone Steroid Legal to Buy?

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Is usage of Anavar in Italy different than its use in other countries around the world?

Not really. Anavar, more commonly known as oxandrolone, is a relatively popular anabolic androgenic steroid available in tablet, injection and powder form.

It’s sold in a number of milligram strengths and can provide a number of benefits for users.

Before purchasing, selling, or importing or exporting anabolic androgenic steroids into or out of Italy, be aware of the potential legal ramifications for doing so.

Anavar In Italy Legal Status

Laws are changing around the world in regard to use of anabolic androgenic steroids.

Local Italian provinces, customs officials, and joint efforts between Italy and other European countries are cracking down on non-prescription steroid use.

Be very careful about purchasing Anavar in Italy without a prescription.

How is Anavar used in medical scenarios? Anavar is an oral anabolic androgenic steroid most commonly available in tablet form.

Some people choose to inject the liquid form drug, but this is not as common as oral administration when it comes to Anavar.

The milligram strength of the tablets range from 2.5 mg to 50 mg depending on country of origin.

The drug was once used to aid weight gain for individuals suffering from a long-term or chronic illness, dealing with a long recovery caused by injury or a surgical procedure with extended periods of inactivity, and conditions that caused muscle wasting or cachexia.

Because of the side effects associated with it, the drug has fallen out of favor for a number of medical treatments, although it continues to be popular among bodybuilders and athletes.

Anavar Bodybuilding

Anavar/oxandrolone is known as a relatively potent anabolic androgenic steroid.

The steroid is no longer manufactured in the United States, but can be found for sale by underground labs and black-market resources around the world.

The same holds true if you want to buy Anavar in Italy.

The primary mechanism of action of Anavar (oxandrolone) is to promote interaction of androgen receptors that influence cellular growth.

Anavar is also known to:

Enhance muscle or tissue building potential due to its anabolic properties

Aid in the retention of muscle tissues (for this reason it was often given to HIV/AIDS patients in order to prevent muscle wasting)

Improve production of red blood cells – red blood cells transport oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, promoting growth, development, and overall health.

Anavar is typically used in bulking cycles by bodybuilders, but athletes not necessarily looking for impressive muscle bulk, but rather lean muscle mass development also use it in a cutting phase.

Even taken in oral tablet form, it is not known to trigger liver toxicity, as is common with other oral anabolic androgenic tablets.

Using Anavar in Italy

Italian bodybuilders need to be as cautious when purchasing an anabolic androgenic steroid without a prescription as anyone else.

Italy and surrounding countries have initiated new legislation cracking down on the transport of anabolic androgenic steroids across borders. Doing so can trigger fines, criminal charges, and potential jail time.

The promotion and sale of Anavar in Italy is not much different than the sale of the steroid around the world.

Underground Steroid Labs

The black market is a primary source for illegal drugs.

This is true whether it be street drugs or anabolic androgenic steroids, growth hormone, or other performance-enhancing substances.

Use of anabolic androgenic steroids is considered legal in Italy, but only if that use is personal and based on medical need.

While authorities from one province or another may tend to ignore illegal usage, depending on volume and whether that person is manufacturing with an intent to sell, a blind eye may often be turned.

Customs and postal officials are confiscating increasing numbers of packages entering or exiting the country containing illicit substances, and that seems to be the major problem when it comes to using products like Anavar in Italy.

Buying Steroids Online

Online steroid shops are as prevalent in Italy as other countries, and finding a website that claims that you can buy their steroids online legally without a prescription should be viewed with a grain of salt.

In Italy, it is illegal to manufacture anabolic androgenic steroids.

In Italy, it is illegal to possess or sell them without a prescription.

Bottom line: while Anavar in Italy is available, how you get the substance is the tricky part.

In addition to the potential legal ramifications of Anavar usage in Italy, a bodybuilder athlete should also be aware of the potential for side effects.

Oxandrolone/Anavar Side Effects

Before purchasing, selling, or using Anavar in Italy, be aware of the potential for side effects.

The most common include the development of acne and the potential for male pattern baldness. These negative side effects are not just limited to an individual that has a genetic predisposition for hair loss.

Women may experience virilism or the development of male type characteristics. A deeper voice, menstrual irregularities, thicker or rougher skin, and growth of hair on the face or body is possible.

Before using Anavar in Italy, know the law. More importantly, know how a particular steroid works in the body, what it can do, and what it can’t.

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