Any good euphoric (stim?) RC? (Explanation below)

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looking for an euphoric RC, just list some of what you think are the most euphoric ones if you don’t wanna read all this

So, I’m looking for something euphoric but there are a few problems

I’m prescribed 5mg Diazepam at night and currently slowly tapering it off (might as well stop for a bit the taper if I find something good) so GABAergics in general are forbidden for me, as well as of course opioids

Psychedelics are just not for me at the moment since I’m probably at risk of bad tripping

So I thought of stims, but most do seem kinda sketchy for me (maybe because I’ve never been really into them besides caffeine) but the fact that most of them do accelerate significantly the heart rate for a rather long period of time scares me for possible anxiety, is there even anything that meets my requirements? I just want something to be euphoric, no real need for others effects but I don’t mind if there’s something else and it’s pleasing

Sorry but what are you requirements besides “euphoric” and non anxiety inducing ? Also yeah every cns stimulate will do that long term I’m pretty sure it’s really bad but occasionally shouldn’t be a problem.

There lots of post already on this sub of people asking “best stimulant” and other similar questions like this so trying searching. It’s most likely you’ll read something that sounds good to you research it a lot you’ll find out if it’s worthwhile or has bad effects/causes cancer of some shit.

Also everyone’s countries have different laws so any chemisticals I recommend may not mean anything to you if their unavailable.

What country? Do you need them to not show on drug tests? What kind of euphoria are you looking for? Serotonin dominant, dopamine dominant?

1,4-BDO & 6-APB are very euphoric & anxiolytic.

(Not really RCs, but Kratom & Phenibut are pretty euphoric too. Also easy to buy Gabapentin, in the US at least, & it’s pretty euphoric.)

NEP and apihp. Best ones to research imo.

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