Any tips to making a line of 3cmc less painful?

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I love 3cmc its got a great buzz, really cheap and relatively no comedown. Honestly its one of my favorite substances! However its one drawback is a quite a big one for me, snorting a line of this RC has the pain equivalent of snorting a line of gravel. I crush the rock into powder by using a credit card and paper then pour onto a mirror, after chop the powder with a razor blade to get it as fine as i can but no matter how hard i try my line will always bring an involuntary tear to my eye from basically sand papering my nasal cavity’s with how rough this stuff is. Now i know the obvious route is just to take orally in a bomb and i’m fine with that, but for some reason i’ve always preferred to snort my stimulants and would love to know if any of you beautiful people have any tips for how to achieve this with out it hurting so much

Be high already. Dissos especially will numb a lot of the pain from insufflating.

In all seriousness though, I’m not sure there’s much you can do. I’ve heard wetting your nose beforehand with saline helps, but I’ve never tried it. Rinsing afterwards (10-15min) might help if the pain persists for a while, if not it’ll at least still be good for your nose.

If it’s uncomfortable to the point where you’re seeking out advice on how to relieve the pain, it’s probably not a drug you should be exposing your mucosa membranes nor your septum to. I’d suggest definitely going the route of oral administrative, my friend.

Its not insanely bad. But the doses on this drug is pretty high. So if you do this drug nasaly you will snort quite abit off powder. like 150-200+. Some people even take more than that lol.

I only tried it out like once, and Went with oral instead.

It is insanely bad. Worse than 2cb, 4fa etc.

What a friend of mine did with ethylphenidate was empty and wash out a nasal spray bottle and made a concentrated solution and put it in the bottle. Few pumps in each nostril to get a buzz and didn’t hurt too bad. Definitely hurt less than powder.

Buy some Lidocaine HCl powder and crush that up into the material. That will resolve a lot of the pain Then you could further chase it with saline solution if you wanted. Lido is also completely water soluble, so you could use add that to the chaser solution. Or if your material is water soluble as well, add your line’s worth to a cap of the lido solution, and all at once

Boof it, not a joke, it’s a seriously good RoA

Yeah it’s really nasty, worst I’ve tried.

I switched to IV, get about 150mg in there and have a cocaine like rush that lasts longer.

Boofing is always an option.

I’ve used a shit ton of 3cmc

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