Anyone ever candyflip with ETH-LAD? Planning on 100ug eth-lad and 90-100mg MDMA

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I’ve never had eth lad before but it’s always been on my list. My main concern was nausea but I’m getting some zofran soon (same reason I still haven’t candyflipped or done eth-lad). I’m thinking of doing 100ug of eth-lad with some phenibut (pheni for body load/ anxiety, I’ll have etizolam on hand in case it goes south) and plan on taking 90-100mg of mdma 3-4 hours in. I think it’ll be much easier to handle without the nausea. What do you guys think? Would this be a good idea to candyflip using eth-lad for the first time? I don’t roll often and I’ll have a buddy on discord candyflipping with me. I’ll be chillin in my room. Thanks! Any advice is appreciated.

It’s generally a bad idea to combine drugs when you don’t already have prior experience with each. ETH-LAD in particular has a steeply non-linear dose curve and is very sensitive to individual differences in natural tolerance. Small changes in dose can provide very different experiences and it is also easily potentiated by other drugs. I’ve personally had this bite me in the ass a couple times now with ETH. The safest course of action is to try ETH-LAD by itself first to find your ideal dose, and then candyflip with it later. There have been multiple reports posted here of people losing their shit on even just 100-125ug of ETH-LAD alone. It’s a beautiful psychedelic (my favorite psychedelic actually) but deserves respect.

All that said, if you’re prepared for the chance of having an intense experience and will be in a safe and comfortable environment, those doses sound fairly safe. Remember to stay cool and hydrated.

ETH-lad is probably my favorite rc psych in all honesty. It’s headspace is super light, so candyflipping should be okay with the dose you’re doing.

Another factor is I feel the euphoria and “oneness” from Eth is just out of this world man, so I can’t imagine combining that with MDMA. It should definitely be a blast.

Please please pleaseeee have a trip report after.

Happy tripping!

I haven’t done that so I can’t really speak of the experience with Eth, but as a rule of thumb you should rather combine drugs you are familiar with, so I assume in this case the classic LSD would do the job. Candyflipping if done correctly is one of the most beautiful experiences one can have on drugs and it’s good to make sure it won’t be different.

Indeed. I read reports of 150ug being quite spectacular. I did it but found the visuals and enjoyment to be relatively mild, to be frank, but there was a very uncomfortable body load and nausea which wasn’t super awesome.

I have no real intentions of doing it again

I ended up taking the eth lad by itself just chillin with discord folks. Took some zofran with it. My god it is amazing. Perfect psychedelic for me. Super visual, awesome headspace, no body load. Acid always gives me this gross body high that becomes unbearable at certain points. Anyways the day after I was just super irritated and ended up taking 85ug of lsd and there was no difference. It felt exactly like 85ug of lsd (acid tolerance myth?? lol) and I took MDMA 3.5 hours in. It was wonderful. Once I get more eth lad in a few months I’m going to candyflip with it. ETH-LAD was the best psychedelic experience I’ve ever had, perfect psychedelic for me.

My friend said he loved it when I gave him a tan but when I tried a tab of it all I got was uncomfortable bodyload and minimal lysergamide feeling

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