Anyone tried the “Calvin Klein” combo? (Or with Rc-substitutes)

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I got both a-PiHP and ketamine and was wondering if it’s even worth trying a stim/disso combo?

I feel like it’s not a very good idea with a PCx analog (even if I imagen 3-Meo-PCE + amphetamine would feel amazing but probably wouldn’t end well. lol)

Stims and dissos are a fast track to psychosis. Tread lightly.

I’ve done mxe and coke, was a good time apart from the comedown of the coke kind of left me very drained while the mxe was still in effect

Yeah it’s a blessed combo mine was with MDPV sprinkled with MXM or MXE. The ratio of stim to disso is gonna be the key here. I’d say you’d want 75-90% apihp and 25-10% ketamine. No joke it’s one of the few combos where I would be sure to have to be sitting when the rush hit.

Can confirm, these combos are dope:

30 mg 3-MeO-PCP + 5-10 mg amphetamine sulphate

30 mg DCK + 5-10 mg amphetamine sulphate

100 mg racemic ketamine + 5-10 mg amphetamine sulphate

A-PHP is completely different as I’m pretty sure it’s a NDRI, so tread with caution.

These doses are reverse-sided for me, but confirming combos

10mg 3-meo-pcp + 30mg amphetamine 10mg 3-meo-pcp + 30mg 3-fpm

to be nice.

I hope to do similar with 2FDCK, but this and ketamine are pretty short lasting compared to amp. Do you keep redosing ket, or do you save it for amp comedown?

Yeah I would usually redose the ketamine after like an hour. I only take amp for a couple weeks and then I take a few months break to prevent withdrawals from getting unmanageable. Now I combine 5 mg 3-MeO-PCP and 5-12.5 mg amphetamine sulphate for very good mental clarity.

Right now I’m doing the same just with 3-fpm and 3-meo-pcp because I can’t get good amphetamine atm. But it really works nice. No complaints. Clearheaded, open, creative.

I’d love to try it with 3-meo-pce, too, becaue -pce on it’s own wasn’t either stimmy enough, not anxiolytic enough on it’s own, but I respect it for it’s brand of psychedelia and the way it unlocked some of my distant memories and feelings. With a bit of upper, it might be very interesting.

Ketamine and 2FDCK are just too expensive for me now to redose like that, do you think it would be worth it with just 10-20mg of ket each redose? I loved doing little bumps of ket / 2f like that, but never combined it with a stimulant before.

Disso + amphetamine sulphate makes me feel invincible. I’d say it’s worth trying. I don’t touch methylphenidate and friends because Concerta gives me extreme dysphoria. I have ADHD but I need dextro+levo amp to function properly.

I’ve done aphp and DCK. I think I was hallucinating already from the aphp but when I started vaping DCK too I lost it.

Over all enjoyable if you don’t mind the headfuck that follows

Definitly not the same, but I snorted 70mg 3-MMC right before a 100mg DCK hole and it was amazing. Blasted “The Algorithm – Brute Force” and holed into another dimension. First time I ever saw light flashing in the DCK hole and the music transferred much better into the other realm, actually I felt the music as the only real feeling that was still there at all considering the dissolved ego. Amazing shit. 10/10

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