Anything that comes close to 3-FPM?

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I used 3-FPM for almost 6 months with over 1G/day, then I started getting destroyed by this chemical. Catching a cold every 2 weeks, minor scratches that would never heal, toe infection, etc…I dropped this chemical after the toe infection, it’s been a month and I promised I would never touch this thing again and felt better almost right away. Almost completely healed after 1 month, except I think this does some perm damage, it’s very strong. Damn I remember I couldn’t breath, while my toe was infected and couldn’t walk, what a bizarre chemical. I have so much work to do, last week almost started back, then I found this article:

After a week and seeing that article, I’m still thinking of restarting this nightmare, or maybe flush down 30G of 3-FPM and move on? I’m not sure what 3-FPM does but I need something similar without the physical destruction. I would go for 14 hours work without eating, where as normally I starve after 4-5 hours. Dexedrine would almost work, except it would cost so much. I’ll probably flush it now that I think and write this post, but what comes close? 3-FPM is on its own league with its own side effects.

Did you think you wouldn’t have issues taking 25 times the active dose every day? Even taking normal doses of any psychoactive every day isn’t a good idea

An alternative might be 2-fma, but that has unknown risks as well just as any RC

I tried 2-FMA and 2-FA and they were great, but 3-FPM has that something else for productivity. It ends up killing you but what’s it doing when it’s working? Besides the usual dopamine/norepinephrine/serotonin explanation? 3-FPM cranks you up to the next gear without great seeming side effects at first. I never got so much bad physical weird shit happen as 3-FPM. There’s gotta be something about the immune system. Who knows, I don’t wanna catch another cold already got 6 this year it was nuts.

Can you not do it daily at massive doses? A gram a day is an insanely large amount. I can understand the urge to redose but it’s no wonder you were getting bad side effects, there are reports of vasculitus from doses smaller than that. Regardless, you’re going to royally fuck yourself up no matter what stimulant you choose to replace it with if you can’t combat the urge to redose and use it daily.

Also, don’t flush drugs. That’s one of the main reasons rivers in the UK tested positive for Ketamine, MDMA, Cocaine, etc. Find another way to dispose of it.

You shouldn’t flush it for a variety of reasons like drugs in the water is bad but also someone would kill for that much 3-fpm man lol. Lots of people say 3-fpm is meth lite but honestly it sounds like you may just need to reduce usage as as said then done though

It doesn’t help that it suppresses appetite and vasoconstricts vessels, adequate blood flow and enough nutrients is vital for tissue healing. Sleep is also incredibly important and I’m guessing you got less of it than you regularly would due to the long half-life of the active metabolites remaining in the blood.

Is 3-fpm that really bad for you? I was not aware of this. I’m a fan of 2fma and can’t see that getting old to research anyway.

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